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  1. S Novel Scheme for Distribution of Surplus Wealth. " In Chicago one newspaper, headline ,included" His Holiness Visits Us, Not Pius X but A. Baha," Back in Europe, he
  2. Recording, Parsons and Harris played a preliminary three show mini-tour as the, headline ,act in a Warner Brothers country-rock package. The backing band included
  3. There is a French newspaper clipping showing Scholz and Charlie Paddock with a, headline ,which states that the 200 meters was a triumph for the United States. In the
  4. Hinted that something was seriously wrong, and the next day newspapers ran the, headline ," Gary Cooper has cancer. " One month later, on May 13, 1961,six days after
  5. Lifted the term from the title of a book about the Arctic by Albert Paine. The, headline ," Found on the Great White Way" appeared in the February 3,1902,edition of
  6. His remixes of other artist’s work. Chris Cunningham Live debuted as one of the, headline ,attractions at Warp 20 in Paris on May 8,2009, with other performances
  7. Tour that featured Olympic-themed events at various stops. Colin James was a, headline ,entertainer. Several stops were met by protesters who argued that the games are
  8. Its highly-regarded team by a score of 36-0. The next day, the Chicago Tribunes, headline ,read" Struck by a Cyclone: It Comes from Iowa and Devastates Evanston Town. "
  9. The news of the victory The news of the Union victory electrified the North. A, headline ,in The Philadelphia Inquirer proclaimed" VICTORY! WATERLOO ECLIPSED! " New
  10. The 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia made the telephone the featured, headline ,worldwide. Influential visitors to the exhibition included Emperor Pedro II of
  11. Characters appear on the 'O' each week in a cleaner tidier embossed logo. New, headline ,fonts were introduced (CCZ oinks),the balloon font was also changed to
  12. Jerry Hayes was" outed" as a homosexual by the News of the World. With the, headline ," TORY MP 2-TIMED WIFE WITH UNDER-AGE GAY LOVER ". Hayes had met Young
  13. Thereafter. He explained his use in a February 18, 1924,column under the, headline ," Around the Big Apple ": The Big Apple. The dream of every lad that ever threw
  14. Near-identical covers of the Radio Times on 17 April with exactly the same, headline ,but with the newly redesigned Dales in their primary colors representing the
  15. The Theater District or the Great White Way, a nickname originating in the, headline ," Found on the Great White Way" in the February 3,1902, edition of the New
  16. Partner and sponsor of Major League Soccer and Los Angeles Galaxy and was the, headline ,sponsor of the British Basketball League in the 1990s,taking over from rival
  17. Enough five stories to fill an issue; the magazine came out with a big black, headline ,across its cover — Later Is Back! Fahd and the Gray Mouser His legacy
  18. Would begin spinning from where the main story was taking place, while the, headline ,scrolled around in a ribbon; this was occasionally replaced by the BBC News
  19. Charisma era Robert Calvert made a guest appearance with band for their, headline ,set at the Reading Festival in August 1975,after which he chose to rejoin the
  20. Clients also benefit through the domicile rules. Although the City of London’s, headline ,tax rate is the same as the rest of the UK, by influencing and using the legal
  21. And was favorably reviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine with the now-famous, headline ," Three Idiots Create a Masterpiece. " Licensed to Ill became the best-selling
  22. A collocation for identifiable English landscape or society. It appears as a, headline , title or subtitle in dozens of articles and books. Sometimes it refers
  23. Warehouse," supporting Bambi & The Dance. Paul Rutherford – a member of the, headline ,act who had also sung in seminal Liverpool punk band The Spitfire Boys –
  24. Advertiser announced the discovery of fossils found near Geelong, under the, headline ," Wonderful Discovery of a new Animal ". The newspaper continued" On the bone
  25. In 1916 Boas wrote a letter to The New York Times which was published under the, headline ," Why German-Americans Blame America. " Although Boas did begin the letter by
  26. Broadcast as it later was. The Daily Mirror review of the show in 1975 had the, headline ," Long John Short On Jokes ". Eventually though, as the series began to gain
  27. Its support for Redwood in the leadership election, running the front page, headline ," Redwood versus Deadwood ". 1997 general election defeat Major's re-election
  28. On 7 November 1919,the leading British newspaper The Times printed a banner, headline ,that read:" Revolution in Science – New Theory of the Universe – Newtonian
  29. Globe depicting Price posed next to a comatose, intubated Coleman, under the, headline ," It Was Murder! " The hospital later issued a statement confirming that
  30. Notorious for its jingoistic and xenophobic headline s, including 20 April, headline ," Stick It Up Your Junta! ", Cultural impact There were wide-ranging influences
  31. A 5-star review and proclaimed,'Easily the reformation of the year'. Their, headline ,slot at Beautiful Days' festival was favorably reviewed on the Louder Than War
  32. Curves, even below the short-term rate. Many central banks have one primary ", headline ," rate that is quoted as the" central bank rate ". In practice, they will have
  33. group's name derived from a page from The New Yorker magazine, featuring the, headline ," Frankie Goes Hollywood" and a picture of Frank Sinatra, although the
  34. For the reconstituted Byrd's. Midway through their set, Parsons joined the, headline ,act and fronted his former group on renditions of" Hickory Wind" and" You Do
  35. Including Porter Wagoner, George Jones and Linda Ronstadt. Parton toured as a, headline ,act in 1977 and 1978 for promoting her albums, Here You Come Again and
  36. Choosing Washington DC as the site of the ECSC's first external presence. The, headline ,of the delegation's first bulletin read" Towards a Federal Government of
  37. In a skin-tight white jumpsuit, causing one Australian newspaper to use the, headline ," Agnetha's bottom tops dull show ". When asked about this at a news
  38. With little apparent mourning and Communist state-run newspapers gave the brief, headline ," Chiang Kai-shek Has Died. " Chiang's body was put in a copper coffin and
  39. And internationally. Even if a political party maintains power, vociferous, headline , grabbing protests and harsh criticism from the mass media are often enough to
  40. As an album Live Chronicles and video The Chronicle of the Black Sword. A, headline ,appearance at the 1986 Reading Festival was followed by a UK tour to promote
  41. New York Times article written from London and dated 16 May 1953 with the, headline ," Form of ` Life Unit' in Cell Is Scanned. " The article ran in an early
  42. Inside HMP Bears. The line" bloody, but unbowed" was the Daily Mirror's, headline ,the day after the 7 July 2005 London bombings. The Burmese opposition leader
  43. Tarbox. It garnered Updike an appearance on the cover of Time magazine with the, headline ," The Adulterous Society. " Both the magazine article and, to an extent, the
  44. Independent and free) took it very personally and for the next month every, headline ,was about these events, and the participation of the ruling party in this day
  45. That the reason why gay MPs were included was because," it fits in with the, headline , the bugger part, I guess ", and stated that the BNP are" a family party with
  46. The Texas mother whose obsession with her daughter's cheerleading career made, headline ,news. In 2006,Hayden Panettiere, star of Bring It On: All or Nothing, took
  47. A shorthand for" and" in headline s. For example, the Washington Post had the, headline ," A TRUE CONSERVATIVE: For McCain, Bush Has Both Praise, Advice. " Keyboard
  48. Was attracting fans even where his music was not officially released. Under the, headline ," Presley Records a Craze in Soviet ", The New York Times reported that
  49. A graphics relaunch in January 2007 saw the channel updated, with redesigned, headline ,strap lines, a redesigned 'Digital on-screen graphic' and repositioned clock.
  50. Term mainland Europe is used. A famous, perhaps apocryphal, British newspaper, headline ,once read," Fog in Channel; Continent Cut Off ". Derivative, the adjective

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