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  1. Or digitally transferred to a flexible metal plate where it is developed to, exploit ,the antipathy between grease (the ink) and water. When the plate is mounted
  2. Boxes. They also capture a boy named Jeri London, whom they intend to, exploit ,in order to develop advanced technology (such as the cannon). Jefri's older
  3. To ensure the financial stability of the company, or as part of an agreement to, exploit ,mineral rights owned by the company. If so, the mere fact that an incidental
  4. On the Jews for defeats and political economic crises" while seeking to ", exploit ,opposition and resistance to Jewish influence as elements in political party
  5. This can allow an attack to succeed if the attacker is able to attempt the, exploit ,multiple times and/or is able to complete an attack by causing a pointer to
  6. Will tend to stock its roster with left-handed pull hitters, who can best, exploit ,it. On the individual level, a player who spends most of his career with a team
  7. Ant species. Ants occupy a wide range of ecological niches, and are able to, exploit ,a wide range of food resources either as direct or indirect herbivores
  8. This reason, this is the technique most commonly used in Internet worms that, exploit ,stack buffer overflow vulnerabilities. This method also allows shell code to be
  9. Of the hardware assisted no-op. As a result it has become common practice for, exploit ,writers to compose the no-op sled with randomly chosen instructions which will
  10. Described how to avoid weaknesses in one's own position and how to create and, exploit ,such weaknesses in the opponent's position. The scientific approach and
  11. No single method of their extraction from natural raw materials. Most methods, exploit ,the property of most alkaloids to be soluble in organic solvents but not in
  12. Were also offended, claiming Clinton used his knowledge of black culture to, exploit ,black people like no other president before for political gain, while not
  13. Stuart was sent to guard the Confederate left flank and was to be prepared to, exploit ,any success the infantry might achieve on Cemetery Hill by flanking the Federal
  14. Millennium II, and S3 Verge GO/2. Intel's i740 was explicitly designed to, exploit ,the new AGP feature set. In fact, it was designed to texture only from AGP
  15. Planes. Many modern forces now have their dedicated armored car designs, to, exploit , the advantages noted above. Examples would be the M1117 Armored Security
  16. Search algorithms when searching a telephone book, after the initial guess we, exploit ,the fact that the entries are sorted and can rapidly find the required entry.
  17. Stack. Stack-based exploit ation A technically inclined and malicious user may, exploit ,stack-based buffer overflows to manipulate the program in one of several ways:
  18. Use. Medications are often used not for their primary functions, but to, exploit ,what are normally side effects. Quetiapine fumarate (Seroquel) is designed
  19. Or assembly language programming, or one of a number of software Toolkits to, exploit ,these modes. While it was possible for software to switch out the 80-column
  20. Of upper class houses called La Salt (The Health). The intention was to, exploit ,the fresh air (well away from smoky factories) and beautiful views from the
  21. Day, Frequency and Inglorious Basters. Television Several TV series also, exploit ,the concept of alternate history. The science fiction television show Sliders
  22. File in isolation, an archiver that combines files before compressing them can, exploit ,redundancy across several archived files. Solid compression does have
  23. DPI) can detect, at the network perimeter, very basic remote attempts to, exploit ,buffer overflows by use of attack signatures and heuristics. These are able to
  24. Was not designed to handle suicide hijackings, and the hijackers were able to, exploit ,a weakness in the civil aviation security system. Since then the" Common
  25. SPARC or POWER, as well as x86 and x86-64,optimize Instruction scheduling to, exploit ,the CPU pipeline efficiently. Number of passes There are two types of
  26. Large concessions in the Ubangi-Shari region. In return for the right to, exploit ,these lands by buying local products and selling European goods, the companies
  27. Even before the operating system is booted. The proof-of-concept does not, exploit ,a flaw in the BIOS implementation, but only involves the normal BIOS flashing
  28. As" prior informed consent" or PIC. Further, many waste traders sought to, exploit ,the good name of recycling and begin to justify all exports as moving to
  29. Has direct control of the prime vibrator (the lips),brass instruments, exploit ,the player's ability to select the harmonic at which the instrument's column
  30. And that the weather is therefore an inadequate explanation for the failure to, exploit ,the breakthrough, but nevertheless the Battle of El Altman had been a great
  31. Decisive. With their foe broken and routed, the Allies were able to fully, exploit ,their victory. Town after town subsequently fell, including Brussels, Bruges
  32. Aristotle's works as teaching texts, theologians like Alexander continued to, exploit ,his ideas in their theology. Two other uncommon sources were promoted by
  33. Can. Unable to do so, as the British did not get enough forces ashore to, exploit ,the successful landing,Montgomery's advance was checked. When it appeared
  34. The subtleties and beauties of season and scenery. " He has never hesitated to, exploit ,climate and weather as plot elements, to the point where they become" active
  35. As a nosed) is detected, these were once used when the location of the, exploit ,'s payload is slightly variable. Packet scanning is not an effective method
  36. Britain, when confronted by the rebellious American colonists, hoped to, exploit ,their fear of slave revolts while also reassuring the large number of
  37. Many other data structures, such as lists and strings. They effectively, exploit ,the addressing logic of computers. In most modern computers and many externals
  38. Opponent will eventually tire, creating defensive flaws which the boxer can, exploit , In modern boxing, the rope-a-dope is generally discouraged since most
  39. A segmentation fault, terminating the process. Exploitation The techniques to, exploit ,a buffer overflow vulnerability vary per architecture, operating system and
  40. Of the colony was conceded to French companies and where these companies could, exploit ,all the area's natural resources, in particular rubber. He related for
  41. The light of the transformation problem. He also argued that capitalists do not, exploit ,workers; they accommodate workers by providing them with income well in advance
  42. Alumina is widely used as an abrasive and the production of applications that, exploit ,its inertness, e. g., in high pressure sodium lamps. Sulfates Several sulfates
  43. In the design of modern cars. Towards the end of the 1960s,teams began to, exploit ,aerodynamic downforce to push the cars' tires down harder on the track and
  44. Latter of whom was openly homosexual. Films Several films have been made that, exploit ,the concepts of alternate history, most notably Kevin Brownlow's It Happened
  45. With manufacturers producing buses far from their intended market to, exploit ,labor and material cost advantages. As with the cars, new models are often
  46. To emerge in the second half of the Middle Bronze Age (c. 1400–1100 BC) to, exploit ,these conditions. Devon and Cornwall were major sources of tin for much of
  47. Exhibiting different morphological and physiological traits with which they can, exploit ,a range of divergent environments. Identification Four features can be used to
  48. Owner is given two sets of rights: an exclusive, positive right to copy and, exploit ,the copyrighted work, or license others to do so, and a negative right to
  49. The same car in Canada. Canadians would buy their cars across the border to, exploit ,the arbitrage condition. At the same time, Americans would buy US cars
  50. Captured Kara man an Ottoman city and began marching to Constantinople to, exploit ,his triumph. Fearing for his safety, Selim staged a revolt in Thrace but was

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