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  1. Fort remains the largest fort of its type known from the ancient world,i.e. a, fort ,built for one full-size Imperial Legion and its auxiliaries. The fort covered
  2. Festival (Coverage) are held biennially on the site of the former roman, fort ,and the modern Limes museum. The festival’s ninth conduct in 2008 was attended
  3. On his throne. In return, the King gave them permission to build a Portuguese, fort ,at Cochin and establish trade relations with Newton (Could, Kollam). This
  4. As well as commodities bought by individual soldiers. The basic needs of the, fort ,were met by a mixture of direct production, purchase and requisition; in one
  5. Road linking the provincial capitals of Cologne and Mainz cut right through the, fort ,where it joined the fort 's main road (now, Römerstraße). Once past the South
  6. On an average 1.25 lac pilgrims visit the shrine daily. Paragraph Fort,the, fort ,of Ajmer, seat of the Chauhan rulers, is claimed to be the first hill fort of
  7. Heavy bombardment on April 12–13, 1861 (with no intentional casualties),the, fort ,surrendered. On April 15,Lincoln then called for 75,000 troops from the states
  8. The Confederate government rejected, and Davis ordered Beauregard to attack the, fort ,before a relief expedition could arrive. After a heavy bombardment on April
  9. The local British Iron Age tribe, the Si lures. Remains of the walls of this, fort ,were discovered west of the castle when excavating the foundations for a new
  10. As large adjoined it, and probably is older than that of Khasekhemwy. A third ", fort ," of a squarer form is now occupied by the Coptic convent; its age cannot be
  11. Against the Yorkists, raiding shipping and eventually capturing the island, fort ,of St Michael's Mount in 1473. He surrendered after receiving no aid or
  12. The fort of Ajmer, seat of the Chauhan rulers, is claimed to be the first hill, fort ,of Asia, built at a time when the Gravelly mountain ranges were above the
  13. To Sultan Metaphor II, ruler of Cam bay, to seek permission to build a, fort ,on Did. The mission returned without an agreement, but diplomatic gifts were
  14. World is a false gem that passes each moment from one hand to another. (the, fort ,was sacked by the Mongols led by Haulage). Suleiman in Qualmish was the son
  15. To Simalugarh and after severe hand-to-hand fight, the Atoms abandoned the, fort ,and took to flight. The Whom forces at Sahara on the opposite bank, being
  16. The table-land. The walls are two miles (3 km) in circumference, and the, fort ,can only be approached by steep and very roughly paved slopes. When it came
  17. Limes museum Allen) is located at the place of the largest Roman cavalry, fort ,north of the Alps until about 1,800 years ago. The museum exposes numerous
  18. Of the medieval city wall. To date,Bonn's Roman fort remains the largest, fort ,of its type known from the ancient world,i.e. a fort built for one full-size
  19. Very roughly paved slopes. When it came into the hands of the British Raj,the, fort ,was dismantled by order of Lord William Beating, and was converted into a
  20. Crocodilopolis. There he lived strictly enclosed in an old abandoned Roman, fort ,for some twenty years. A song" The Temptations of St Anthony" was recorded by
  21. Customer that if he does not catch anything the trip is free. Today the, fort ,serves as the Muse Historic de Acapulco (Acapulco Historical Museum),which
  22. Using the last remnants of the medieval city wall. To date,Bonn's Roman, fort ,remains the largest fort of its type known from the ancient world,i.e. a fort
  23. The town. History Origins of the town and its name Geranium was a Roman, fort ,guarding the road along the valley of the River Us which linked the legionary
  24. Foot of the hill- fort ress of Aligarh, from which the state took its name. This, fort , situated on a steep hill, towers more than 800 ft (244 m) above the
  25. 5,000 mod ii (measures) of braces (a cereal used in brewing) shows that the, fort ,bought provisions for a considerable number of people. The Heroines Archive is
  26. Numerous objects from the time of Roman occupation. The ruin of the cavalry, fort ,located beside the museum is open to the museum visitors. Every other year, a
  27. Capitals of Cologne and Mainz cut right through the fort where it joined the, fort ,'s main road (now, Römerstraße). Once past the South Gate, the Cologne-Mainz
  28. Marauding invaders. The remaining civilian population then holed up inside the, fort ,along with the remnants of the troops stationed here. During the final decades
  29. Ambrosia was supposedly buried) – and with the presence of an Iron Age hill, fort ,also in that parish, then it may be tempting to connect Ambrosia with Amesbury
  30. JAI Singh of Amber, a Hindu Rapt, to attack the Maratha's. JAI Singh won the, fort ,of Purana after fierce battle in which the Maratha commander Murasaki fell.
  31. Of Charleston, South Carolina. Jefferson Davis ordered the surrender of the, fort , Union Maj. Anderson gave a conditional reply which the Confederate government
  32. Received over a few days at the fort of Vineland circa 110 CE shows that the, fort ,could compute revenues in cash on a daily basis, perhaps from sales of surplus
  33. 6 miles (10 km) from the English border. Originally the site of a Roman, fort , Geranium, it became a medieval walled town within the Welsh Marches. The town
  34. Eventually rebuilt in stone. With additions, changes and new construction,the, fort ,remained in use by the Army into the waning days of the Western Roman Empire
  35. Consensus, i. e., literally," Fort Bonn ". Initially built from wood,the, fort ,was eventually rebuilt in stone. With additions, changes and new construction
  36. Marked the mission a failure: King Louis, says Joinville," see repent, fort ," (" felt very sorry" ). Death Andrew died some time after 1253,while he was
  37. His continuous wars. According to the poet Saudi Shiraz: Asian possessed a, fort , which raised at the height of Åland, from all were those within its walls
  38. a hundred families of settlers and four hundred soldiers. Benguela, a Portuguese, fort ,from 1587 which became a town in 1617,was another important early settlement
  39. Sussex; and" Andrews center" is known to be Ageratum, the Saxon Shore, fort , built by the Romans, at Defense Castle, just outside the town. This was later
  40. Assert its claim over the Pacific Northwest. In 1789 a Spanish settlement and, fort ,were built in Nootka Sound. These expeditions gave names to places such as
  41. Was fired upon by South Carolina forces and turned back before it reached the, fort , However, governors in Massachusetts, New York, and
  42. The Roman army. An account of small cash sums received over a few days at the, fort ,of Vineland circa 110 CE shows that the fort could compute revenues in cash
  43. i.e. a fort built for one full-size Imperial Legion and its auxiliaries. The, fort ,covered an area of approximately. Between its walls it contained a dense grid
  44. Landscape materials – Heating system – Heating – Herrengasse – Hairstyle – Hill, fort ,– Hindi Temple – Hip-knob – Historic house – Hollow core slab – HOPE VI – House
  45. Was 9,477 at the 2010 census. The Pacific Fur Company failed, however,and the, fort ,and fur trade were sold to the British in 1813. The house was restored to the
  46. That Kabul was insecure, so Dost Muhammad and Akbar Khan led an attack on that, fort , This failed however, and the Sikhs not only saved Fort Jammed but also
  47. 15,Lincoln then called for 75,000 troops from the states to recapture the, fort ,and other federal property. Rather than
  48. Troops simply shifted their allegiances to the new barbarian rulers. From the, fort , the Bonn burg, as well as from a new medieval settlement to the South centered
  49. And named the river located there, the Rio Formosa. He helped to build a, fort ,in Mind. Un fort unately, he never came back to Portugal; he died in the region
  50. Traveler Asian once inquired:" Didst thou ever, in thy wanderings, see a, fort ,as strong as this? ". " Splendid it is," was the travelers reply," but

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