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  1. With the surname Alexander * Ann Alexander Smith (born 1942),Louisiana, educator ,* Doc Alexander (1898–1975),American NFL All-Pro football player * Michael
  2. Keller, American songwriter (b. 1936) * 2005 – Robert Caldwell Wood, American, educator , ( b. 1923) *2006 – In Tam, Cambodian politician (b. 1916) *2007 – Herb
  3. And film director (b. c. 1936) *2008 – John Wheeler, American physicist and, educator ,(b. 1911) *2009 – Harry Alas, American sportscaster (b. 1936) * 2009 –
  4. Facts but the development of a reflective state of mind. Alcott's ideas as an, educator ,were controversial. Writer Harriet Martineau, for example, wrote dubiously that
  5. Sports presenter, former tennis player *1959 – Donald Mark well, Australian, educator , Warden of Rhodes House, Oxford * 1960 – Ara Georgian, Armenian musician
  6. Landowner, Polish harpsichordist (b. 1879) *1961 – Maul vi Abdul Had, Indian, educator , and linguist, Father of Modern Urdu (b. 1870) *1971 – Sports Skuas
  7. Coming, Russian composer (d. 1800) *1815 – John Bosco, Italian priest and, educator ,(d. 1888) *1820 – Andrew Rainsford Wet more, Canadian politician (d. 1892)
  8. 1865–1959) and his sister Send Benenson (1868–1954),an athlete and, educator ,who was one of the first two women elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame.
  9. Named in his honor. *John Kemp, ( 1763–1812),born in Auchlossan, was a noted, educator ,at Columbia University who is said to have influenced DeWitt Clinton's
  10. Hurtling, Chancellor of Germany (d. 1919) *1870 – Maria Montessori, Italian, educator , ( d. 1952) *1871 – James E. Ferguson, American politician,26th Governor of
  11. Of Louis XIV of France (d. 1709) *1662 – John Everett the Younger, American, educator , ( d. 1724) *1719 – Charles-Amédée-Philippe van Loo, French painter (d. 1795)
  12. Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1999) *1920 – Gene Leis, American jazz guitarist and, educator ,(d. 1993) *1921 – Anna Lee Alfred, American first licensed female jockey (d.
  13. Of the Baron of Thunder-ten-Tronch. In love with Candide *Pan gloss: The royal, educator ,of the court of the Baron. Described as" The Greatest Philosopher of the Holy
  14. Italian mathematician (b. 1813) *1903 – Eugenio Maria de Hostos, Puerto Rican, educator ,and nationalist (b. 1839) *1908 – Hiram Bose, Indian freedom fighter (b.
  15. To protect and enhance its appearance. Hannah More, a philanthropist and, educator , founded a school in the village in the late 18th century for the children of
  16. Nobel Peace Prize (d. 2004) * 1929 – Betty Dodson, American feminist and sex, educator ,*1930 – Roger McCloskey, American racing driver (d. 1993) * 1936 – Kenny
  17. Smith, American astronaut (d. 1986) *1946 – Lee Bollinger, American lawyer, educator ,and president of Columbia University * 1947 – Tom Kohler, Danish footballer *
  18. Military officer and statesman (b. 1769) *1859 – Horace Mann, American, educator , and abolitionist (b. 1796) *1876 – Wild Bill Hickok, American gunfighter (b.
  19. Brasília's location. In Brasília today, there are many references to this, educator ,who founded the Salesian order, and one church in the city bears his name.
  20. 23 May 1855),was a nineteenth century British naval officer, surveyor and, educator , Discoverer of Malden Island in the central Pacific, which is named in his
  21. Aid from Justice Lemuel Shaw and Boston mayor Josiah Quincy, Jr. Experimental, educator ,On September 22, 1834,Alcott opened a school of about 30 students, mostly from
  22. Also oceanographer, meteorologist,cartographer, author,geologist, and, educator , *Charles F. Hoffmann (Germany/United States,1838–1913) *Peter Kohler (
  23. From liquid foodstuffs People *Bonnie Ethel Cone (1907–2003),an American, educator ,best known as the founder of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  24. Of Chancellors Notable alumni * Robbie Harrison, Nova Scotia politician and, educator ,* Gordon Lockhart Bennett, Lieutenant-Governor of Prince Edward Island * Dalton
  25. Worked in historically Czech lands include: * Jan Amos Kerensky (1592–1670), educator , and national hero, often considered the founder of modern education for his
  26. And multiculturalism. In Chicago, Marva Collins, an African American, educator , created a low cost private school specifically for the purpose of teaching
  27. Linguist and public figure (d. 1911) *1856 – Booker T. Washington, American, educator , ( d. 1915) *1863 – Princess Victoria of Hesse and by the Rhine (d. 1950) *1869 –
  28. Jiào, the noun" teach ", used in such as terms as" education ", or ", educator ,". The term, however,is notably used to construct the names of religions in
  29. S school was falling. A wealthy Quaker named Reuben Haines proposed he and, educator ,William Russell start a new school in Pennsylvania. Alcott accepted and he and
  30. And editor (d. 2000) * 1908 – Orlando Cole, American classical cellist and, educator ,(d. 2010) *1909 – Paul Callaway, American organist and choral conductor (d.
  31. d. 1797) *1778 – Friedrich Ludwig John, German (Prussian) gymnastics, educator ,and nationalist (d. 1852) *1794 – James Barton Long acre, American engraver (
  32. 1948 – Patsy Gallant, Canadian pop singer * 1949 – Mark B. Rosenberg, American, educator , * 1950 – Anne, Princess Royal of the United Kingdom * 1950 – Tom Kelly
  33. Priest and novelist (b. 1896) *1983 – Scott Nearing, American writer, educator ,and activist (b. 1883) *1985 – Paul Preston, American composer (b. 1906)
  34. The college was named after Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard, an American, educator ,and mathematician, who served as the president of the then-Columbia College
  35. English cricketer (d. 1914) *1885 – Leo Water, Hungarian composer and music, educator ,(d. 1960) *1886 – Ernst Thailand, German politician (d. 1944) *1889 –
  36. The country's capital. Since 1994,it has carried the name of the Slavic, educator ,St. Clement of Oh rid. The university has institutes in Bipolar, Ohrid, and
  37. Actor (b. 1932) *2010 – William P. Foster, American band director and, educator ,(b. 1919) *2011 – Bernie Gallagher, British footballer (Aston Villa) (b.
  38. Byzantine Emperor (b. 1048) *1274 – Robert de Sorbon, French theologian and, educator ,(b. 1201) *1369 – Philippa of Hainaut, Queen consort of Edward III of
  39. Australian cricketer (d. 1891) *1851 – Felix Adler, German-born American, educator ,(d. 1933) *1860 – Annie Oakley, American sharpshooter (d. 1926) *1866 –
  40. Press/PUNY *Andre Lord (1959),African-American lesbian poet, essayist, educator , and activist *Soil Mentschikoff (1934),first woman partner of a major law
  41. 4,1888) was an American teacher, writer,philosopher, and reformer. As an, educator , Alcott pioneered new ways of interacting with young students, focusing on a
  42. With: Notable people from Ankara * Human Bar Altering, artist,writer, educator ,and curator * Even Ocker, Puppeteer (Jim Henson's Muppets),Actress and
  43. Champion de Nansouty (1768–1815),general *St. Pauli nus of Nola (354–431), educator , religious figure *Georges Antoine Pons Ra yet (1839–1906),astronomer
  44. Professor Emeritus at Purdue University, electrical engineer, inventor and, educator ,of over 2000 biomedical engineers, received a National Medal of Technology in
  45. Sir John Gielgud, English actor (d. 2000) *1905 – Elizabeth Hockey, American, educator , ( d. 1999) *1907 – François" Papa Doc" Duvalier, Haitian dictator (d. 1971
  46. Edlund, Swedish actor (d. 1971) *1883 – Scott Nearing, American writer and, educator ,(d. 1983) *1886 – Edward Ballantine, American composer (d. 1971) *1887 –
  47. Physicist, Nobel laureate (d. 1961) *1889 – Erna Sharp, American writer and, educator ,(Dick and Jane) (d. 1981) *1891 – C. E. M. Road, English philosopher and
  48. Swinburne, English poet (d. 1909) *1840 – Hazards Afghan, Armenian writer, educator , folklorist, historian,linguist and public figure (d. 1911) *1856 – Booker
  49. Composer (d. 1914) *1850 – Reginald Weber Roe, Australian academic and, educator ,(d. 1926) *1855 – Joe Hunter, English cricketer (d. 1891) *1856 – Alfred
  50. In the pacifist theme novel Eyeless in Gaza. The American philosopher and, educator ,John Dewey became impressed with the Alexander technique after his headaches

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