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  1. Thousands of synaptic terminals. Anatomy Axons are in effect the primary, transmission ,lines of the nervous system, and as bundles they help make up nerves.
  2. Kennedy. An estimated one-fifth of the population of the world watched the live, transmission ,of the first Apollo moonwalk. Although the dramatic accident of Apollo mission
  3. Level, and for h 1.0 it varies by 100 %. To avoid distortion in the A3E, transmission , mode,modulation depth greater than 100 % must be avoided. Practical
  4. DSG),a type of dual clutch transmission . It is an automated semi-automatic, transmission , drivable like a conventional automatic transmission . Based on the gearbox
  5. Air on the passenger-side floor, linked via a hose to a hole drilled into the, transmission , CBS did not acknowledge the test results of involved government agencies, but
  6. TEI),which was scheduled for 2½ hours after the end of the television, transmission , The TEI was the most critical burn of the flight, as any failure of the SPS to
  7. Character codes. It allows compact encoding, but is less reliable for data, transmission ,; an error in transmitting the shift code typically makes a long part of the
  8. More readily printed or transmitted than graphics, or in some cases, where the, transmission ,of pictures is not possible. This includes typewriters, teleprinters
  9. Our checklist is complete. Awaiting swimmers," was Armstrong's last official, transmission ,from the Columbia. A diver from the Navy helicopter hovering above attached a
  10. Independent invention, inheritance from ancestors in a distant region, transmission ,from one race sic to another. " Taylor formulated one of the early and
  11. By the Olsen Government in the 1990s),which distributes electricity from, transmission ,companies to end users; and AGL Energy, which retails gas and electricity.
  12. Volkswagen introduced the Direct-Shift Gearbox (DSG),a type of dual clutch, transmission , It is an automated semi-automatic transmission , drivable like a conventional
  13. Automated semi-automatic transmission , drivable like a conventional automatic, transmission , Based on the gearbox found in the Group B S1,the system includes dual
  14. Sea and sudden giant wave. His work has suffered terribly from the manuscript, transmission , Aside from the loss of the first thirteen books, the remaining eighteen are in
  15. Within the Eastern Orthodox communion. In addition to a line of historic, transmission , Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox churches additionally require that a
  16. As a" time-binding" class of life (humans perform time binding by the, transmission ,of knowledge and abstractions through time which are accreted in cultures).
  17. The next day, at about 124 hours into the mission, the sixth and final TV, transmission ,showed the mission's best video images of the earth, in a short four minute
  18. Eliminates the carrier component, but leaves the side bands. That is the DSBSC, transmission ,mode. To generate double-sideband full carrier (A3E),we must choose: A \GE
  19. At deriving Greek Aphrodite from a Semitic Store, via hypothetical Hittite, transmission , Another Semitic etymology compares Assyrian barrier, the name of a female
  20. For transmit off) as a" handshaking" signal warning a sender to stop, transmission ,because of impending overflow, and Control-Q (ON," transmit on" ) to resume
  21. Of the people alive at the time saw—either live or delayed—the Christmas Eve, transmission ,during the ninth orbit of the Moon. The Apollo 8 broadcasts won an Emmy, the
  22. Campaign In 2001,Audi promoted the new multiethnic continuously variable, transmission ,with television commercials throughout Europe, featuring an impersonator of
  23. Position 0x40 next to the letter A. The control codes felt essential for data, transmission ,were the start of message (SOME),end of address (ERA),end of message (EOM
  24. Days, I ain't never eating anymore. " — John Young in an air-to-ground, transmission , reacting to stomach problems caused by drinking potassium-enriched orange
  25. Loss spectroscopy, which measures the energy loss of an electron beam within a, transmission ,electron microscope when it interacts with a portion of a sample. The
  26. 7 during the first live television transmission from space. JPG|Television, transmission ,from Apollo 7 File: Apollo 7 recovery with SH-3 Sea King 1968. JPG|A crew member
  27. An error in transmitting the shift code typically makes a long part of the, transmission ,unreadable. The standards committee decided against shifting, and so ASCII
  28. Of Aristotle that have survived from antiquity through medieval manuscript, transmission ,are collected in the Corpus Aristotelian. These texts, as opposed to Aristotle
  29. Committee voted to use a seven-bit code to minimize costs associated with data, transmission , Since perforated tape at the time could record eight bits in one position, it
  30. Also cases for equipment e.g. photographic equipment. * Electrical, transmission ,lines for power distribution * Super purity aluminum (SPA,99.980 % to 99.999
  31. Manuals, respectively. Each side has grilles in order to facilitate the, transmission ,of air in and out of the instrument, and to allow the sound to better project.
  32. Hosts are now intermediate. Similar strategies to increase the likelihood of, transmission ,have evolved in multiple genera. Polyenergid cysts and tissue cysts are found
  33. Are found in Karyotypes lacerate and most species of Plasmodium; Transvaal, transmission ,of parasites occurs in life cycles of Karyotypes and Bayesian. Life cycle Most
  34. Of Florida from Apollo 7 File: Apollo 7 during the first live television, transmission ,from space. JPG|Television transmission from Apollo 7 File: Apollo 7 recovery
  35. Of message (SOME),end of address (ERA),end of message (EOM),end of, transmission ,(NOT)," who are you? " (WSU)," are you? " (RU),a reserved device
  36. Experimentation with sound led Bell to undertake his first serious work on the, transmission ,of sound, using tuning forks to explore resonance. At the age of 19,he wrote a
  37. Are met by a variety of companies who separately provide for the generation, transmission , distribution and retail sales of gas and electricity. Some major
  38. Encode two digits with binary coded decimal. However, it would require all data, transmission ,to send eight bits when seven could suffice. The committee voted to use a
  39. Be removed (suppressed) from the AM signal. This produces a reduced-carrier, transmission ,or double-sideband suppressed-carrier (DSBSC) signal. A suppressed-carrier
  40. Saved and are widely available, recordings of the original slow scan source, transmission ,from the lunar surface were accidentally destroyed during routine magnetic tape
  41. End Power and spectrum efficiency In terms of the positive frequencies,the, transmission ,bandwidth of AM is twice the signal's original (baseband) bandwidth—since
  42. To demonstrate the smooth ride in an Audi equipped with the multiethnic, transmission , The dashboard figure was originally intended for use in the commercials only
  43. TDI, Audi Q5 3.0 TDI, Audi A4 3.0 TDI, Audi A3 Sport back 2.0 TDI with S ironic, transmission ,) travelling across the American continent from New York to Los Angeles
  44. The window. Only 17 seconds after the first indication by crew of any fire,the, transmission ,ended abruptly at 6:31:21 with a cry as the cabin ruptured after rapidly
  45. Body tissues. Nucleic acids are important for the manufacturing of DNA, RNA and, transmission ,of characters to offspring through genes. Carbonic acid is important for
  46. Mary" had not. As neither tune is attributed, and both show elements of oral, transmission , scholars can only speculate on the tune's origins. These guesses include a
  47. Cover Europe and significant part of Asian countries and Africa and will have, transmission ,for TV, radio broadcasting and the internet. The launch of its own satellite on
  48. Analogue PAL and high definition digital services in Adelaide. They share three, transmission ,towers on the ridge near the summit of Mount Lofty. The two government-funded
  49. Technology ". Much of his work at the patent office related to questions about, transmission ,of electric signals and electrical-mechanical synchronization of time, two
  50. Are local hormones produced in the body and have diverse effects, including the, transmission ,of pain information to the brain, modulation of the hypothalami thermostat

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