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  1. The 9th,with" Graham" (" Freedom" ) replacing" Freud" (" Joy" ), to, celebrate , the fall of the Berlin Wall during Christmas 1989. This concert was performed
  2. Day. It is also sung in some churches on Jerusalem Sunday, a day set aside to, celebrate ,the holy city, in Anglican Churches throughout the world and even in some
  3. For his appearance in Plato's Symposium, which describes the banquet given to, celebrate ,his obtaining a prize for his first tragedy at the Denied in (416). He is
  4. By late January, the plague is in full retreat, and the townspeople begin to, celebrate ,the imminent opening of the town gates. Othón, however,does not escape death
  5. On March 21. It's not a national holiday but instead schools nationwide, celebrate ,this day with environment-related activities, namely tree planting.
  6. TBMM) is founded in Ankara. *1927 – Turkey becomes the first country to, celebrate ,Children's Day as a national holiday. *1932 – The 153-year-old De Adrian
  7. Tradition of the historic church, scholarship,reason and experience. Anglicans, celebrate ,the traditional sacraments, with special emphasis being given to the Holy
  8. At demo of Archie. *Kharisteria Festival on 6 of Boidromion (third month) to, celebrate ,the victory of Marathon and also known as the Athenian" Thanksgiving ". *Day
  9. Of homemade food, especially when a meal is prepared in somebody's honor, to, celebrate , an occasion, or simply to meet friends. The tradition of locally preparing food
  10. At the Eucharist, though Sydney Anglicans may soon authorize lay people to, celebrate ,the Eucharist (or Lord's Supper). Divine office All Anglican prayer books
  11. Pageants of the Praetorian, the Vestals, and the citizenry of Rome. To, celebrate ,his victory at the Battle of Action, the Arch of Augustus was built in 29 BC
  12. At Christmas and New Year (the upper classes proverbially preferring to, celebrate ,with locally produced champagne, although real old-line" creole" aristocrats
  13. Associated with the AFL. The NFL sanctioned a variety of" Legacy" gear to, celebrate ,the AFL anniversary, such as" throwback" jerseys, t-shirts,signs, pennants
  14. Of slavery in the British West Indies, although on some islands, Carnival may, celebrate ,the coming of Lent. Its festive pageants, shows,contests and other activities
  15. S Day protests Boycotting shops and restaurants that allow young people to, celebrate ,the Western holiday of Valentine's Day, interpreted as bestial, indecent and
  16. First king of Portugal, Afonso Henriques, decided to build there a church to, celebrate ,the conquest of Antares to the Moors, in 1147. The church later evolved into
  17. Priests) ordained by bishops in the apostolic succession can validly, celebrate ,or" connect" several of the other sacraments, including the Eucharist
  18. Some churches of the Anglican Communion and the Old Catholic Churches also, celebrate ,it. The Eastern Orthodox churches observe several All Souls' Days during the
  19. The ACM's committee on women in computing, is set up to support, inform, celebrate , and work with women in computing. Dr. Anita Borg was a great supporter of
  20. At the Music for UNICEF Concert held at the United Nations General Assembly to, celebrate ,UNICEF's Year of the Child. ABBA donated the copyright of this worldwide hit
  21. On 13 March 2000,Saint Vincent and the Grenadines issued a set of stamps to, celebrate ,the greatest achievements of the twentieth century, one of which carries a
  22. Mastaba tombs and mortuary cult structures at Abyss, which were used to, celebrate ,the deified pharaoh after his death. The strong institution of kingship
  23. Dance began as a folk dance conducted by Punjabi farmers in 11th century to, celebrate ,the coming of the harvest season. The specific moves of bhangra reflect the
  24. Ui). Every year the annual Doric Festival takes place in Aberdeen shire to, celebrate ,the history of the north-east's language. As with all Scots dialects in urban
  25. Mexico City. That evening in Los Angeles there was an official State Dinner to, celebrate ,Apollo 11,attended by members of Congress,44 governors, the Chief Justice of
  26. Kalamazoo River. The Festival of the Forks has been held annually since 1967 to, celebrate ,Albion's ethnic heritage. The presence of several major manufacturers since
  27. Of this logo, the 1975 logo is still used by the corporation. In July 2002,to, celebrate ,ABC's 70th anniversary, the corporation adopted a new logo across all media.
  28. In North America (1873). Anglo-Catholic (and some Broad Church) Anglicans, celebrate ,public liturgy in ways that understand worship to be something very special and
  29. Other settlements) every Boxing Day, New Year's Day. Junkies is also used to, celebrate ,other holidays and events such as Emancipation Day. Regattas are important
  30. He and others go to her rescue. Lynch is captured. Victorious, the clansmen, celebrate ,in the streets. Meanwhile,Lynch's militia surrounds and attacks the hut where
  31. Each year on 30 April—hundreds of thousands of people travel to Amsterdam to, celebrate ,with the city's residents. The entire city becomes overcrowded with people
  32. Ambrosia Temple, at Europa, Greece. *Festival of Artemis Sardinia, a festival to, celebrate ,Artemis in Trojans, a town in Argos. A king named Aaron built a sanctuary
  33. Mani, Zafar and others. Along with Turks, Turkmens and Uzbeks, Azeris also, celebrate ,the Epic of Google (from for blind man's son),a legendary folk hero.
  34. Do not all consider themselves as Bavarian. They have their own history and, celebrate ,their own identity, which is distinct from southern Bavaria, and symbolized by
  35. Holidays is also an important part of Albanian folk song, especially those that, celebrate ,St. Lazarus Day, which inaugurates the springtime. Lullabies and victims are
  36. Hong Kong staged a Cantonese version of the musical at Kwan Using Theatre, to, celebrate , the company's 30th anniversary. It was directed by Chung King Fie and KO Tin
  37. 2009 and 2010,24 March was commemorated by some as Ada Lovelace Day, a day to, celebrate ,the achievements of women in technology and science. The 2011 Ada Lovelace Day
  38. And is a century old custom of the people of PICO. In Core the people, celebrate ,their patron saint Fossa Senora dos Milagros (Our Lady of Miracles) on
  39. In 1969,the Roman Catholic Church assigned the feast to 26 January to, celebrate ,the two disciples of Paul, Titus and Timothy, on the day after the feast of the
  40. On September 21. It's not a national holiday. However, schools nationwide, celebrate ,this day with environment-related activities, namely tree planting.
  41. Including bamboo and whole trees. A monument Voss-Andreae created in 2004 to, celebrate ,the memory of Linus Pauling, the discoverer of the helix, is fashioned from a
  42. Crowds gathered outside the White House and in New York City's Time Square to, celebrate ,Bin Laden's death. Attacks File: RecentAlQaedaAttacks. SVG|thumb|360px|Map of
  43. Poem Events * 357 – Emperor Constantius II enters Rome for the first time to, celebrate ,his victory over Magnus Magnetic. *1192 – Assassination of Conrad of
  44. Of the native, pre-Christian spirituality of Europe. " Blot Many Ásatrú groups, celebrate ,with blots. Historically, the blot was an event that focused on a communal
  45. Body and blood of Christ as instituted at the Last Supper. While many Anglicans, celebrate ,the Eucharist in similar ways to the predominant western Catholic tradition, a
  46. Poll in 2010 to decide which anthem should be played at medal ceremonies to, celebrate ,an English win at the Commonwealth Games. Jerusalem was selected by 52 % of
  47. Operate. Other uses Beacons and bonfires are also used to mark occasions and, celebrate ,events. In Israel beacons identify the beginning of the month. Beacons have
  48. Part of the laity and therefore" lacking the ordained authority to preach and, celebrate ,the sacraments. " (Hilton does mention that the Church of Scotland's
  49. Carnivals. In 1908,a Jubilee Australasian Football Carnival was held to, celebrate ,50 years of Australian rules football. The carnival included teams representing
  50. And adoption In 1951 there was a competition for a new national anthem to, celebrate ,the golden jubilee of the Federation of Australia. The entry by the

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