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  1. Her books as" capitalism's version of middlebrow religious novels" such as |, publisher ,Condé Nast Publications | date October 27, 2009 | access date=April 9,2011} }
  2. Queen of the Belgians (d. 1902) *1843 – William Southey, Canadian newspaper, publisher ,(d. 1932) *1846 – Alexander Milne Calder, American sculptor (d. 1923) *1847
  3. Exploration of the 19th century, kept continuously in print by its original, publisher ,(Macmillan) into the second decade of the 20th century. It was praised by
  4. Of the Cowshed represents the allied invasion of the Soviet Russia in 1918,One, publisher ,he sought during the war, who had initially accepted Animal Farm, subsequently
  5. Writer and daughter of Thomas Mann (b. 1905) *1971 – Bennett Cerf, American, publisher , and television personality (b. 1898) * 1971 – Margaret Bourke-White, American
  6. Winning Australian football coach * 1953 – Judith Regan, American book, publisher ,* 1953 – Kevin Rowland, English musician (Days Midnight Runners) * 1955 –
  7. Of necessity changes to include the influences of the editor and the, publisher ,in order to engage the audience in writing as a social act. Pierre Bourdieu’s
  8. Was published in England in 1938,but Rand initially could not find an American, publisher , As with We the Living,Rand's later success allowed her to get a revised
  9. The first edition of Animal Farm in 1945 without any introduction. However,the, publisher ,had provided space for a preface in the author's proof composited from the
  10. American actor (d. 2006) *1926 – Hugh Hefner, American entrepreneur and, publisher ,*1928 – Paul Ariz in, American basketball player (d. 2006) * 1928 – Tom Leader
  11. Is followed by" All the animals, except Napoleon" took cover; Orwell had the, publisher ,alter this from" All the animals, including Napoleon" in recognition of
  12. Dummies series of instructional books, are a notable exception, however. The, publisher ,'s line of books were banned from Apple Stores in 2005 because Steve Jobs
  13. Supercentenarian (d. 1998) *1884 – Hugo Greenback, Luxembourg-born editor and, publisher ,(d. 1967) *1888 – T. E. Lawrence, English writer and soldier (d. 1935) *
  14. Invented, the background is not ..." Initial sales were slow and the American, publisher ,let it go out of print, although European editions continued to sell. After the
  15. The CCA refused to put its seal on these issues. With the approval of Marvel, publisher ,Martin Goodman, Lee had the comics published without the seal. The comics sold
  16. And Lord Rayleigh, the mathematician Augustus De Morgan, and the Scottish, publisher ,Robert Chambers. Wallace's very public advocacy of spiritualism and his
  17. Chapter),Burgess explains that when he first brought the book to an American, publisher , he was told that U. S. audiences would never go for the final chapter, in
  18. Parse val, French mathematician (b. 1755) *1855 – Henry Col burn, British, publisher , ( b.? ) *1886 – Sri Ramakrishna, Bengali saint, guru of Swami Vivekananda (b.
  19. In terms of the language as" author. " Relationship between author and, publisher ,The publisher of a work might receive a percentage calculated on a wholesale or
  20. History 101 | URL http://www.geocities.com/Athens/4824/ah101.htm | work |, publisher ,| date August 13, 2001 | access date 2009-05-26|archiver
  21. Edit some of their own works. In 1876,Wallace needed a £500 advance from the, publisher ,of The Geographical Distribution of Animals to avoid having to sell some of his
  22. Note, with Alex succumbing to his violent, reckless nature—an ending which the, publisher ,insisted would be 'more realistic' and appealing to a U. S. audience. The film
  23. Has been altered from Århus Å to Aarhus Å. and the Danish Language Committee, publisher ,of the Danish Orthographic Dictionary, which will keep Århus as the main name
  24. Draft of Inside the Third Reich, and it was only on the urgent advice of his, publisher ,that he added a mention of seeing the ruins of the Central Synagogue in Berlin
  25. When two years later he said he was writing nursery rhymes, his agent and, publisher ,were convinced he should write another detective story; and after another two
  26. Of the language as" author. " Relationship between author and publisher The, publisher ,of a work might receive a percentage calculated on a wholesale or a specific
  27. 105-110 (Feb. -July 1972). Lee, who was going on to become Marvel Comics ', publisher , with Thomas becoming editor-in-chief, then turned writing duties over to
  28. Was an American writer and anthologist. Though best remembered as the first, publisher ,of the writings of H. P. Lovecraft, and for his own contributions to the
  29. F. Doubleday, fought in the War of 1812,was a newspaper publisher , a book, publisher , and represented Auburn, New York, for four years in the United States Congress
  30. Deed at, Islamic scholar (b. 1918) * 2005 – John H. Johnson, African-American, publisher , ( b. 1918) * 2005 – Gene Much, American baseball player (b. 1925) * 2005 –
  31. Italian composer (d. 1886) *1842 – Josephine St. Pierre Roughing, American, publisher , journalist, suffragist and civil rights leader (d. 1924) *1843 – Georg on
  32. Violinist (b. 1890) *1967 – Hugo Greenback, Luxembourg-born editor and, publisher ,(b. 1884) * 1967 – Isaac Deutsche, British Marxist historian (b. 1907)
  33. Creditors. The property was wholly disencumbered in 1847 by Robert Ca dell,the, publisher , who cancelled the bond upon it in exchange for the family's share in the
  34. Realises that everything he thought he knew was wrong). At the American, publisher ,'s insistence, Burgess allowed their editors to cut the redeeming final chapter
  35. Assassinated, which Alcott called" appalling news ". In 1868,Alcott met with, publisher ,Thomas Nile's, an admirer of Hospital Sketches. Alcott asked Nile's if he would
  36. Of South Africa *1944 – Georgios Balance, Greek translator, author and, publisher ,*1945 – Lee Songbook, Korean Director-General of the WHO (d. 2006) * 1947 –
  37. d. 1994) *1916 – Phyllis Fraser Cerf Wagner, American actress, journalist,and, publisher ,(d. 2006) *1917 – Robert O. Anderson, American businessman (d. 2007) *1919
  38. In various districts of the metropolitan area. Today, Adelaide is noted for |, publisher ,Australian Broadcasting Corporation | date 22 January 2011 | title Adelaide
  39. Coral's pregnancy by Merlin. Both books were translated and released by French, publisher ,Ex Descartes in 1994 and 1995. A third book, Rebma, was promised. Cover art
  40. Album Mirrored by experimental rock group Battles * Atlas Games (company),a, publisher ,of role-playing and card games * Advanced Technology Leisure Application
  41. To the so-called Cthulhu Mythos genre of horror, as well as his founding of the, publisher ,Arkham House (which did much to bring supernatural fiction into print in
  42. First line of the lyrics, or the name of the tune such as" New Britain ". A, publisher ,named Edwin Othello Excel gave the version of" Amazing Grace" set to" New
  43. Into larger books in different ways. Because of this, a posthumous compiler and, publisher ,may sometimes have played a significant role in arranging the text into the
  44. Alonzo Stage, American coach (d. 1965) *1868 – Bernard McFadden, American, publisher , ( d. 1955) *1876 – Ivan Bilirubin, Russian illustrator (d. 1942) * 1876 –
  45. Who it is assumed gave the order was later found to be a Soviet spy. The, publisher ,then wrote to Orwell, saying: Becker and Warburg published the first edition of
  46. Administrator (Discarding Group) (d. 1985) *1919 – Malcolm Forbes, American, publisher , ( d. 1990) *1921 – Gene Roddenberry, American television producer (d. 1991)
  47. Of Massachusetts (d. 1924) *1848 – Melville E. Stone, American newspaper, publisher ,(d. 1929) *1857 – Ned Hanson, American baseball player and manager (d. 1937
  48. Internationale – GI) The driver of the FACEL Vega car, Michel Hallmark, his, publisher , and close friend, also died in the accident. In August 2011,the Milan
  49. And physicist (d. 1912) *1863 – William Randolph Hearst, American, publisher , ( d. 1951) * 1863 – Constantine P. Cavalry, Greek poet (d. 1933) * 1863 –
  50. His father, Ulysses F. Doubleday, fought in the War of 1812,was a newspaper, publisher , a book publisher , and represented Auburn, New York, for four years in the

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