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  1. The settlement in Belize as a colony for fear of provoking Spanish attack. The, delay ,in government oversight allowed the settlers to establish their own laws and
  2. Of the note and replied," As far as I know effective immediately, without, delay ,". After further questions from journalists he confirmed that the regulations
  3. That cycles above and below an amplifier's final value and leads to a, delay ,in reaching a stable output. Ringing is the result of overshoot caused by an
  4. Cleared for takeoff Put_Line (Airplane_ID'Image (ID) &" taking off ..." );, delay ,2.0; Rwy. Cleared_Runway (ID); delay 5.0; -- fly around a bit ... loop select
  5. And Mary, whilst supportive of the idea, had no interest in allowing it to, delay ,their enthronement. Impetus for this incorporating union came almost entirely
  6. Loop -- create a few airplane tasks New_Airplane: = new Airplane (I);, delay ,3.0; end loop; end Traffic; Dramas A drama is a compiler directive that
  7. Flight is more difficult than it actually is, and it may have contributed to a, delay ,in human flight. However, it is correct for a very slender plate when the angle
  8. Support from militiamen, and donations from patriotic citizens. Another was to, delay ,actual payments, pay soldiers and suppliers in depreciated currency, and
  9. The talks until the autumn storms should begin. At length Aaron, weary of, delay , attacked, only to encounter a terrific storm which greatly damaged his ships.
  10. To counteract the initial anxiety caused by the drugs until the therapeutic, delay ,of the SSRI/SARI is finished, and the drug becomes effective. Older tricyclic
  11. From developmental aphasia or developmental dysphagia, which is a primary, delay ,or failure in language acquisition. An important difference between ACA and
  12. The graphite tube (L’Nov platform) instead of from the tube wall in order to, delay ,atomization until the gas phase in the atomizer has reached a stable
  13. Fuze. The latest, such as Junghan's DM84U provide options giving, superquick, delay , a choice of proximity heights of burst, time and a choice of foliage
  14. Seated in First Class 3C,next to Speed al-Ghamdi. Due to the flight's routine, delay , the pilot and crew were notified of the previous hijackings and were told to
  15. Negative) but there are numerous types. Hydraulic and mechanical time, delay ,triggers have been used, as have" back tension" triggers which are operated
  16. Urging him, if he desired to remain service, to join him and the army without, delay , Rather than face this ordeal, Alexei fled to Vienna and placed himself under
  17. Withdrawn by the National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa due to their, delay ,in prosecution. The ANC has also been criticized for its subsequent abolition
  18. However, there is no evidence to support this practice, and it may in fact, delay ,healing. To try to answer this question more definitely, a randomized
  19. Never been hostile to the Jews, but there was always that notorious ", delay ,", which meant that the police arrived on the scene only after the shops had
  20. In order to get more time for preparation of a siege, sent the armies to, delay ,or if possible halt Khalid's march to Damascus, one such army was defeated at
  21. In those parts and a gathering of armed bands to his standard. After some, delay ,and desultory fighting, he and his uncle, Azam Khan, occupied Kabul (March
  22. Globes, and Grammys) are broadcast live in the East Coast but are on tape, delay ,in the West Coast and might not air on the same day outside North America (if
  23. In AME, it means to remove it from discussion, or at times, to suspend or, delay ,discussion. The word" football" in BRE refers to Association football, also
  24. The Union victory in the Battle of Antietam caused them to, delay ,this decision. The Emancipation Proclamation over time would reinforce the
  25. Minute,2-second delay due to launch site weather restrictions, the first such, delay ,in the Apollo program. Shepard and Mitchell made their lunar landing on
  26. Much of that amount was subsequently lost in bureaucratic channels, leading to, delay ,in help to reach the most needy, and hundreds of people continued to live in
  27. That is, before the other arbitrageurs act). When the transaction involves a, delay ,of weeks or months, as above, it may entail considerable risk if borrowed money
  28. The possibility of joining the ROTC as a ploy to work with the draft board to, delay ,his induction and get a new draft classification. " Although legal,Clinton's
  29. Before their uncle, Sigismund I the Old of Poland. Duke of Prussia After some, delay ,Sigismund assented to the offer, with the provision that Prussia should be
  30. Fuzes are specially hardened. During World War I and later, ricochet fire with, delay ,or graze fused HE shells, fired with a flat angle of descent, was used to
  31. Tchaikovsky suffered a heart attack in April 1978,resulting in further, delay , The film was completed in 1979 and won the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury at the
  32. However, modern computers perform two-pass assembly without unacceptable, delay , The advantage of the two-pass assembler is that the absence of a need for
  33. Airplane_ID'Image (ID) &" in holding pattern" ); end select; end loop;, delay ,4.0; -- do landing approach ... Put_Line (Airplane_ID'Image (ID) &" touched
  34. Communication with Wallace in far-off Malay was impossible without months of, delay , so he was not part of this rapid publication. Wallace accepted the arrangement
  35. Fuses. Time fuses use a precise timer to detonate the shell after a preset, delay , This technique is tricky and slight variations in the functioning of the fuse
  36. ID) &" taking off ..." ); delay 2.0; Rwy. Cleared_Runway (ID);, delay ,5.0; -- fly around a bit ... loop select -- try to request a runway Controller1
  37. Screening and diagnosis and the challenge of obtaining payment can inhibit or, delay ,diagnosis. It is particularly hard to diagnose autism among the visually
  38. Therapy has been shown to significantly improve function, decrease pain, and, delay , need for surgical intervention in advanced cases. Exercise prescribed by a
  39. Of an 3,5" DD, drive unit connected via DB-23 connector. Track-to-track, delay ,is on the order of. The default capacity is. Many clone drives were available
  40. On January 31, 1971 at 4:04:02 pm local time after a 40 minute,2 second, delay ,due to launch site weather restrictions, the first such delay in the Apollo
  41. The launch was delay ed two hours and forty minutes. This was the only launch, delay ,in the Apollo program caused by this type of hardware failure. Several minutes
  42. Commodore announced the Amiga 1000 with the Lorraine chipset in July 1985,the, delay ,gave Atari, with its many former Commodore engineers, time to deliver the first
  43. Call exit; -- if call returned we're clear for landing - proceed ... or, delay ,3.0; -- timeout - if no answer in 3 seconds, do something else Put_Line (
  44. A variety of storage methods, such as pressure pulses traveling down a mercury, delay ,line, charges stored on the inside surface of a cathode-ray tube, or opaque
  45. Behavior. Unlike with autism, people with Asperger syndrome have no substantial, delay ,in language development. Whereas autism itself is often called autistic
  46. His checked bags requiring extra screening for explosives. Due to the flight's, delay , the pilot and crew were notified of the previous hijackings that day and were
  47. Her to Billy, his last remaining companion from Alaska. When he tries to, delay ,the execution by reminding the people of Mahagonny that God exists, they play
  48. We are in your hands and of course a victorious battle makes amends for much, delay , ) He was determined not to fight until he thought there had been sufficient
  49. In ejection of an ionized atom from the sample surface at a known time. The, delay ,between application of the pulse and detection of the ion allows for the
  50. Demonstrating structural abnormalities in MNS regions of individuals with ASD, delay ,in the activation in the core circuit for imitation in individuals with

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