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  1. Responded approximately one week later, concluding that" we are neither making, maximum ,effort nor achieving results necessary if this country is to reach a position
  2. Power suppliers run at 120 V. Household circuit breakers typically provide a, maximum ,of 15 A or 20 A of current to a given set of outlets. *22-inch/56-centimeter
  3. Values are found in the polar regions. In the middle latitudes, the area of, maximum ,temperature variations, values may vary by 7-8 °C (12-15 °F). The Atlantic
  4. A prototypical example of an algorithm is Euclid's algorithm to determine the, maximum ,common divisor of two integers; an example (there are others) is described by
  5. Underestimating the game's popularity or the skill of its players. The, maximum ,possible score in this game is 99,990 points, after which it" rolls over "
  6. Be defined as the measure of extent of amplitude variation about an modulated, maximum ,carrier. As with other modulation indices, in AM, this quantity, also called
  7. Have varying exposure levels. U. S. Navy Standards U. S. Bureau of Ships 1962, maximum , allowable concentrations (Macs): continuous exposure (60 days): 25 ppm / 1
  8. In any multiple of 32 bits, with a minimum of 128 bits. The block size has a, maximum ,of 256 bits, but the key size has no theoretical maximum . AES operates on a 4×4
  9. Of the worlds monitored fisheries are already near to or have exceeded their, maximum ,sustainable yield. The industrial scale extraction of wild forage fish for
  10. Argument: 6 in this case) of random integers ranging from 1 to a specified, maximum ,(right argument: 40 in this case),which, if said maximum ≥ vector length, is
  11. Storage, includes outputs for HDMI and component video, and plays video at a, maximum ,resolution of 720p. On May 31, 2007 a 160 GB drive was released alongside the
  12. When the design is balanced. Such permutation tests characterize tests with, maximum ,power against all alternative hypotheses, as observed by Rosenbaum. The ANOVA
  13. 1 to a specified maximum (right argument: 40 in this case),which, if said, maximum ,≥ vector length, is guaranteed to be non-repeating. * This vector is then
  14. Modulated signal with percentage modulation are shown below. In each image,the, maximum ,amplitude is higher than in the previous image. Note that the scale changes
  15. Ground speed multiplied by the maximum time in the air. Ferry range means the, maximum ,range an aircraft can fly. This usually means maximum fuel load, optionally
  16. Is fixed by the fuel load and rate of consumption. For unpowered aircraft,the, maximum ,flight time is limited by available daylight hours, weather conditions, and
  17. Alberta to in southern Alberta. In the summer, continental air masses produce, maximum ,temperatures from in the mountains to in southern Alberta. Alberta extends for
  18. Minimum temperature ( style" white-space:/NP"> no wrap">) and the absolute, maximum ,temperature ( style" white-space:/NP"> no wrap">) were observed in Julia and
  19. It is long and has a basin of. It is frozen from October to late May and has a, maximum ,flow in June with the snowmelt. Furthermore, it is navigable in small boats for about to
  20. About in area, and measures about longitudinally and latitudinal. The sea's, maximum ,depth is, east of Crete. The Aegean Islands are found within its waters, with
  21. Or minimize) some linear function of the inputs. Many problems (such as the, maximum ,flow for directed graphs) can be stated in a linear programming way, and then
  22. The electrons to get very high typical velocities, even at absolute zero. The, maximum ,energy that an electron can have at absolute zero is called the Fermi energy.
  23. To the" addition" function. Applying the same reduction operator to the ", maximum ," function (which returns the larger of two numbers) derives a function which
  24. Border at 49°N. The province extends north to south and east to west at its, maximum ,width. Its highest point is at the summit of Mount Columbia in the Rocky
  25. Are just out of water, and are inundated long before the river attains its, maximum ,flood stage. The low river banks are interrupted by only a few hills, and the
  26. To transport of aircraft for use on remote location. The combat range is the, maximum ,range an aircraft can fly when carrying ordnance. The combat radius is somewhat
  27. Heart attacks. 40 mg of aspirin a day is able to inhibit a large proportion of, maximum ,thromboxane A2 release provoked acutely, with the prostaglandin I2 synthesis
  28. Each orbital is defined by a different set of quantum numbers and contains a, maximum ,of two electrons. The simple names s orbital, p orbital’d orbital and f
  29. Higher efficacy than placebo, but lower than ibuprofen or naproxen, although, maximum , doses of aspirin were never used in these trials. The authors concluded
  30. From Iceland in the north to approximately 58° South latitude, reaching a, maximum ,width of about. A great rift valley also extends along the ridge over most of
  31. Zero is called the Fermi energy. The Fermi temperature is defined as this, maximum ,energy divided by Boltzmann's constant, and is of the order of 80,000 K for
  32. Also a predator and very similar to the Alabama, but only reaches a length of, maximum , Also present in large numbers is the notorious piranha, a carnivorous fish
  33. By multiple-stage supercharging. From 1928 to 1930 and again in 1934–1936,the, maximum ,weight permitted was, a rule diametrically opposed to current racing
  34. Large asteroids appear. The number of asteroids increases each round up to a, maximum ,of 12. The game is over when the player has lost all of his/her lives. Like
  35. The block size has a maximum of 256 bits, but the key size has no theoretical, maximum , AES operates on a 4×4 column-major order matrix of bytes, termed the state (
  36. Lunar parallax of 1° 26′, which was much too large. He then derived a, maximum ,lunar distance of 64 1/6 Earth radii. Because of cancelling errors in his
  37. Fish. It is one of the largest fresh water fish in the world, reportedly with a, maximum ,length in excess of and weight up to. Another Amazonian fresh water fish is the
  38. Adding energy always increases their entropy. However, some systems have a, maximum ,amount of energy that they can hold, and as they approach that maximum energy
  39. Studies demonstrated that all tetrapods appear to hold their necks at the, maximum ,possible vertical extension when in a normal, alert posture, and argued that
  40. Mountains, of which Raccoon and Lookout are the most prominent, having a, maximum ,elevation near the Georgia line of little more than and gradually decreasing in
  41. Aspirin is inferior to ibuprofen and has higher gastrointestinal toxicity. The, maximum ,dose of aspirin (1 g) provides weaker pain relief than an intermediate dose
  42. Can be expelled by boiling. The aqueous solution of ammonia is basic. The, maximum ,concentration of ammonia in water (a saturated solution) has a density of
  43. Have a maximum amount of energy that they can hold, and as they approach that, maximum ,energy their entropy actually begins to decrease. Because temperature is
  44. The range can be seen as the cross-country ground speed multiplied by the, maximum ,time in the air. Ferry range means the maximum range an aircraft can fly. This
  45. Much lower at higher elevations, but daily fluctuations are greater. Daytime, maximum ,temperatures in the interior basins and river valleys are very high, but the
  46. Farthest estimate of the" Outer Oort Cloud" limits (1.6 LY) *230,000 AU:, maximum ,extent of influence of the Sun's gravitational field (Hill/Roche
  47. Coming out on top. In short, this was a racial/ethnic hierarchy which gave, maximum ,recognition to people and cultural practices of Anglican origin. Immediately
  48. In the execution of their duty. It is a summary offense which carries a, maximum ,penalty of six months' imprisonment and/or a fine. The" starting sentence,"
  49. Ferry range means the maximum range an aircraft can fly. This usually means, maximum ,fuel load, optionally with extra fuel tanks and minimum equipment. It refers to
  50. 2200 to 8800 lb),and 1010 kilograms (2230 lb) for modal adult weight (not, maximum ,). John Foster, a specialist on the Morrison Formation, suggests that 1000 kg (

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