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  1. Individuals. Creditors can claim money through the Enforcement Administration, anyway , and creditors do not usually benefit from the bankruptcy of individuals
  2. That way. If the batter gets a base hit, which would have scored the runner, anyway , the run now becomes earned. A runner who reaches on catcher's interference
  3. Cause for a lack of response, in which case a pilot would usually squawk 7600, anyway , On 9/11,the hijacker-pilot of Flight 11,Mohamed Atta, mistakenly transmitted
  4. Had already begun to establish its own foreign policy without repercussions, anyway , including diplomatic relations with the new government in the Soviet Union in
  5. Considered beings by some philosophers. Each of us, according to common sense, anyway ," has" a mind. Of course, philosophers rarely just assume that minds occupy a
  6. Adding nipples to the hard-rubber catsuit. Whose idea was that supposed to be, anyway , Alfred's? Some computer-generated Gotham cityscapes appear too
  7. American system places periods and commas inside the quotes in these cases, anyway , ): In British English," ()" marks are generally referred to as brackets
  8. Ball. The next batter walks. Since the runner would now have been at second, anyway , the passed ball no longer has any impact on the earned/unearned calculation.
  9. Admiral Bellicose. He had been advised not to leave his bed, but he went, anyway ,saying," What will the Navy say if I fail to attend Jellicoe's funeral? "
  10. John Paul II. However, he was made a cardinal at the 24 March 2006 consistory, anyway , as was announced by Pope Benedict XVI on 22 February 2006. Venture and
  11. Researchers because of the perceived high caliber of play (for a brief time, anyway ,) and the number of star players featured. However, some researchers have
  12. Due to his oath-breaking. The charges were exaggerated, but Tassel was deposed, anyway ,and put in the monastery of Judges. In 794,he was made to renounce any claim
  13. Then Daoism and because the borrowing is a fully assimilated English word, anyway ,; such words are generally unaffected by later systems of Romanization. However
  14. Perhaps he perceived that days of aristocratic rule were coming to an end, anyway ,; certainly he wished to prevent Athens becoming a puppet of Sparta by whatever
  15. Left alone. When Jeffrey moves to leave, she asks him to stay, though he leaves, anyway , Jeffrey relays his experience to an eagerly listening Sandy, who in turn tells
  16. President Ban Johnson said a recalculation showed that Cobb had won the race, anyway , and Chalmers ended up awarding cars to both players. Winners, voted on by a
  17. So many blues I am blue in the face," Huston said about the selection. " But, anyway , it's the kind of blue, I am told, that will match with silver. " In 1994
  18. Was stored on magnetic tape such operations were too expensive to contemplate, anyway , IBM also had their own DBMS system in 1968,known as IMS. IMS was a
  19. 6507's small 8 KB of maximum external memory space was not going to be used up, anyway , In fact, memory was so expensive they could not imagine using up even 4 KB
  20. Going to care, because those were all the things that I didn't want to change, anyway , that I didn't think I 'should' want to change ... Other people could change
  21. Demanded and were generally given occupational deferments (many volunteered, anyway , and those who stayed at home were not eligible for postwar veteran's benefits
  22. combining positive and realistic attitudes. Since Bulgarian LEV is, anyway ,bounded to Euro Bulgaria is looking for more positive outcomes of the becoming
  23. Who have attended a" Laura breve o triennial ". Upper levels of degree are, anyway ,shown in the title, as those who obtain a master's degree can be referred as "
  24. His or her hand. A player who can play a tile may or may not be allowed to pass, anyway , Passing can be signalled by tapping twice on the table or by saying" go" or
  25. A batter's clothing. In the case where a batter swings and the pitch hits him, anyway , the ball is dead, and a strike is called. If the batter does not attempt to
  26. Was commissioned, but no responsible party was found. Executions followed, anyway , and the palace eunuchs Dorothea and Gorgons were executed. One individual
  27. Prior to the leadership contest, that she wished to retire to the backbenches, anyway ,). In the 2005 leadership election, she initially supported Kenneth Clarke
  28. New one had been offered, but Llewellyn Thompson argued that he might accept it, anyway , White House Special Counsel and Adviser Ted Sorenson and Robert Kennedy left
  29. Brought to a conclusion, was followed by some people leaving the organization, anyway , Supporters of the disaffected members established the Concerned Group for
  30. Chamber warns against disturbing him, Shrewsbury opens Alhazred's sarcophagus, anyway , finding that only rags, bones,and dust remain of Shared. However, the
  31. And text-processing systems could generally cope with only one variant, anyway , Because the bracket and brace characters of ASCII were assigned to" national
  32. In order to serve his suspension in a match that he would have had to miss, anyway , The Football Association asked Beckham for an explanation of his actions and
  33. Only that which time would reveal through a learner's sufficient experience, anyway , so the point is to expedite it; economy of research is what demands the" leap
  34. So. This made the Roman troops very unsure, and therefore they decided to leave, anyway , The two closest Roman camps were behind hills and in the other option behind a
  35. King, then South will play a low club from South's hand and the queen will win, anyway , this being the essence of the finesse). The game is now safe: South ruffs a
  36. They recognize what is good and necessary for life, but wish to destroy it, anyway , She is a typical Radian heroine, similar to Dominique Franco (The
  37. In a crime can matter, even if the crime had been committed, anyway , or would even have been worse, without the agent's participation. Some
  38. License, since most jurisdictions do not recognize discipline specialties, anyway ,). However, the Biomedical Engineering Society (BEES) is, as of 2009
  39. I didn't know about it. I never wanted to do TV, but I gave it 100 percent, anyway , That's the only way I know how to do it. " The first episode of The Doris Day
  40. And machine-gunners-of-sailors-in-the-water at Admiral Beatty's funeral, anyway , '. The Royal Navy named a King George V-class battleship after Beatty, but
  41. Jinxed" blue jerseys, including the 1978 NFC Championship Game (Dallas won, anyway , 28–0). Since the move to St. Louis the Rams have worn their blue jerseys in
  42. It is not known whether these agreements are still valid, but Belize has, anyway ,a continuously good relation with Libya. Republic of the Congo During the
  43. Competent Flag Lieutenant, Charles Dix, but Beatty was not happy with him, and, anyway , the former commander of the squadron wanted Dix to accompany him to his new
  44. Chance is negligible. The keys are not really any weaker than any other keys, anyway , as they do not give an attack any advantage. DES has also been proved not to
  45. To make the journey over to Fife because of weather conditions, but travelled, anyway , Alexander became separated from his guides, and it is assumed that in the dark
  46. More cost-effective than retrofitted solar power, because buildings need roofs, anyway , Modern solar cells last about 40 years, which makes them a reasonable
  47. Slave) but we are assured that the audience is clever enough to identify him, anyway , *The real scene of action: Since Old Comedy makes numerous references to
  48. Argentina and the United States, and b. " Because you can't play the piano, anyway , " (Beetle Bailey creator Mort Walker confirmed the story, relating a slightly
  49. Was not fast enough to produce more than a baritone buzz from repeated clicks, anyway , However, music spanning several octaves could be played by repeated calls to a
  50. Family, sold reasonably well, if not spectacularly. Warner was more than happy, anyway , as it seemed to have no end to the sales of the 2600,and Atari Inc. was

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