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  1. Ladder and was a few meters from the LM before he spoke. Shepard's moon walking, suit ,was the first to utilize red bands on the arms and legs and a red stripe on the
  2. Who was detained but never accused of a crime in Al-Kidd v Ashcroft, a civil, suit ,against the former Attorney General. Adobe Systems Incorporated () () is an
  3. Schweickart was due to carry out a more extensive set of activities to test the, suit , and demonstrate that it was possible for astronauts to perform an EVA from the
  4. To the LM's cylindrical canister-sockets by drawing air through them with a, suit ,return hose. The astronauts called the jury-rigged device" the mailbox ".
  5. As editor, Mackenzie was perhaps a little too vocal, leading the paper to a, suit ,of law for libel against the local conservative candidate. The paper lost the
  6. Was adopted, the program found immediate success. Canada Bank withdrew its law, suit ,against Bachchan in November 2000. Bachchan hosted KBC till November 2005,and
  7. At location 123 instead of 0,the assembler will adjust all references to, suit , Assembly language has many more such advantages over machine language.
  8. On Shirley Phelps-Roper's rights to religious liberty and free speech. " The, suit ,was successful. *The ACLU has filed 6 law suit s against the Tangipahoa Parish
  9. A bestseller on the local video black market., the film was banned while the, suit ,proceeded. In 2001 a regional court ruled in favor of Network 21; however, in
  10. Pressure suit s was not changed. Because of the rapid drop in cabin (and, suit ,) pressures during ascent, decompression sickness was likely unless the
  11. Kind known as dike or private suit , and a larger kind known as grape or public, suit , For private suit s the minimum jury size was 201 (increased to 401 if a sum of
  12. Price of oil peaked and began to decline and Alberta's economy soon followed, suit , with unemployment doubling within a year. With natural gas prices at a
  13. There were two grades of suit , a smaller kind known as dike or private, suit , and a larger kind known as grape or public suit . For private suit s the
  14. Be releasing any of its 3.9 kg of radioactive plutonium. Lovell's lunar space, suit ,helmet is located at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois.
  15. Windows. Argon is also used in technical scuba diving to inflate a dry, suit , because it is inert and has low thermal conductivity. Compressed argon is
  16. In February 2010,a settlement was approved by the Courts in the class action, suit , The settlement included a $15 million USD payment. This payment was then
  17. From sunlight into Eagles shadow produced no temperature change inside the, suit , though the helmet was warmer in sunlight, so he felt cooler in shadow. Nixon
  18. Married actress Brooke Shields on April 19, 1997. In February 1998 they filed, suit ,against The National Enquirer, claiming it printed" false and fabricated "
  19. And took several swings (one-handed, due to the limited flexibility of the EVA, suit ,). He exuberantly, and somewhat whimsically, exclaimed that the second ball
  20. The organization, on first amendment grounds, in a wrongful death civil, suit ,that was based solely on the fact that a man who raped and murdered a child had
  21. Did not prevent a playwright arranging and adjusting these elements to, suit ,his particular needs. In The Albanians and Peace, for example, there is no
  22. The majority of the Sahara (companions of Muhammad) assembled there followed, suit ,and pledged their allegiance to Abu Bakr. Sunnis point out this fact of
  23. Vote of all the Thomas assembled in Bombay. In 1866,these dissenters filed a, suit ,in the Bombay High Court against Hasan Ali Shah, claiming that the Thomas had
  24. Using a fluorescent bulb, shines directly onto the paper and can be adjusted to, suit , * Copyholder holds printed material in near vertical position for easier
  25. Museum of Science and Technology, in Ottawa, Ontario,along with the space, suit ,worn by Wally Shirr. In November 2003 the Smithsonian Institution in
  26. Her buttock. A fifth woman claimed Schwarzenegger tried to take off her bathing, suit ,in a hotel elevator, and the last said he pulled her onto his lap and asked her
  27. Was considered worth the residual risk of an oxygen-accelerated fire within a, suit , * Nylon used in the Block I suit s was replaced in the Block II suit s with Beta
  28. Equipment Conveyor. Armstrong reminded Aldrin of a bag of memorial items in his, suit ,pocket sleeve, and Aldrin tossed the bag down; Armstrong then jumped to the
  29. Of the Constitution. They argued that if Scott could not legally file, suit , the Supreme Court had no right to consider the Missouri Compromise's
  30. Provided in the end-zone areas. The U. S. Department of Justice assisted in the, suit ,filed by attorney Richard Bernstein of The Law Offices of Sam Bernstein in
  31. A great deal of confusion. This feature was included on Jim Lovell's Apollo 13, suit , but because of the accident on that mission, it was not used. It was used on
  32. In 1962,USAF Colonel B. Dean Smith was conducting a test of the Gemini space, suit ,with a colleague in a pure oxygen chamber at Brooks Air Force Base in San
  33. Material in near vertical position for easier reading and can be adjusted to, suit , * Closed circuit television (CCTV) or video magnifiers. Printed materials
  34. The two companies. These issues finally ended with their most recent law, suit ,in 2007. Slogans Apple's first slogan," Byte into an Apple ", was coined in
  35. Eggs. They developed American Chinese cuisine when they modified their food to, suit ,a more Western palate. First catering to miners and railroad workers, they
  36. Becoming a media star and of tempering his ideas or ways of talking in order to, suit ,television. Solzhenitsyn's warnings about the dangers of Communist aggression
  37. The initiative: to stand to speak in the assembly, to initiate a public law, suit ,(that is, one held to affect the political community as a whole),to propose
  38. Declares war on Austria-Hungary; the countries of the British Empire follow, suit , *1944 – Waffen-SS troops massacre 560 people in Sent'Anna di Stanza. * 1944
  39. Instead directed by Altostratus and Philomaths, an arrangement that seemed to, suit ,Aristophanes since he appears to have used these same directors in many later
  40. The District Attorney dismissed the charges against the plaintiffs of the, suit , The 2009 film American Violet depicts this case. In a 2002 letter, the ACLU
  41. Arising from the original trial, the US Attorney General dropped the law, suit ,on November 30, 1897 leaving several issues undecided on the merits. During a
  42. Speeches timed by water clock, first prosecutor then defendant. In a public, suit ,the litigants each had three hours to speak, much less in private suit s (
  43. Due to their Caesarion cause, while the legions under their command followed, suit , Meanwhile, in Sic yon,Antony's wife Julia died of a sudden illness while
  44. Of some of his students. He was surprised to find Hitler dressed in a neat blue, suit , rather than the brown uniform seen on Nazi Party posters, and was greatly
  45. Was denied, Kayano and Kaizawa's son Richie (Okinawa died in 1992),filed, suit ,against the Hokkaido Development Bureau. The final decision denied the relief
  46. Because it had been misled by a litigant. Essentially there were two grades of, suit , a smaller kind known as dike or private suit , and a larger kind known as
  47. The neo-Nazis declined to march in Skokie. In the 1980s,the ACLU filed, suit ,to challenge the Arkansas 1981 creationism statute, which required the teaching
  48. Of law for libel against the local conservative candidate. The paper lost the, suit ,and was forced to fold due to financial hardship. He was elected to the
  49. Technology Center (sic) in Light Square. Canfield University followed, suit ,in 2007 and established a postgraduate campus in Victoria Square alongside the
  50. gold-plated rails and white upholstery. Warhol was dressed in a black cashmere, suit , a paisley tie, a platinum wig, and sunglasses. He was posed holding a small

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