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  1. Multiplicative identity is often called the unit in the latter context, where, unfortunately , a unit is also sometimes used to mean an element with a multiplicative inverse
  2. Safety, with a high number of accidents resulting in injuries to drivers and, unfortunately , one fatality in the International Championship - Marco Campos in the very last
  3. His first selection for the full West Indies team followed in due course, but, unfortunately , coincided with the death of his father and Lara withdrew from the team. In 1989
  4. A particular bridge is safe enough to support him, and attempts to cross it;, unfortunately , the bridge collapses under his weight. It could be said that he believed that
  5. Six planes (carrying one bomb each) in the first wave hit their target, but, unfortunately , one of the aircraft crashed near Fredericksburg girls school. Due to this crash
  6. Symbols which are available on modern computers and operating systems, but, unfortunately , were not supported on most computing systems at the time. For instance: ×, ÷
  7. Otherwise one could one day, I don't know, exterminate them or something – but, unfortunately ,they're necessary. " Abortion, eugenics and euthanasia The Fascist government
  8. World as a wife, and he accordingly chose her. This woman was Helen, who was, unfortunately ,for Paris, already married to King Menelaus of Sparta. The other two goddesses
  9. Achievable lower bound on the number of multiplications for power-of-two sizes;, unfortunately , this comes at the cost of many more additions, a tradeoff no longer favorable
  10. Landmines in the world. The Devil's Gardens have stuck out like a sore thumb;, unfortunately ,everyone in the government noticed but neglected them and failed to make a case
  11. London toy dealer, published a booklet, Badminton Battledore – a new game, but, unfortunately , no copy has survived. The new sport was definitively launched in 1873 at the
  12. Nevertheless, GDP growth averaged 5 % between 2004 and 2006. The Growth, unfortunately , was not able to make a widely real impact toward unemployment and poverty
  13. Widely accepted in the community of scientists for the past 12 years ... But, unfortunately ,the evidence for it is really badly flawed. In one of their tables 73 % of the
  14. Is decidable, for instance using the Cylindrical algebraic decomposition;, unfortunately ,the complexity of that algorithm is excessive for most practical uses. A
  15. Fascinating sea life. During the summer months (April–September),dogs are, unfortunately ,banned from the Silver Sands but are allowed all year round at the Black Sands.
  16. That while a dog in real life does not judge its master, the Duck Hunt dog, unfortunately ,is not like that. GO. Com listed the ability to kill the dog as one of the
  17. Correspond directly to the overall knowledge on the topic at that time. Since, unfortunately , no other contemporaneous sources have been found it may never be possible to
  18. Being Nathaniel Kingston and Thomas Bray. Most of these dance collections, unfortunately , offer little or nothing by way of description of steps; at best, they suggest
  19. As concerns the rubrics; and by Urban VIII (1623–1644),a purist who, unfortunately ,tampered with the text of the hymns, injuring both their literary charm and
  20. The NCAA title than any Ivy League soccer team in history. The football program, unfortunately ,is best known for its record of futility set during the 1980s: between 1983 and
  21. Outlook troubled by outworn traditions. He later stated," Race prejudice has, unfortunately ,become an American tradition which is uncritically handed down from one
  22. To broadcast Radio 1 on their main network, since 2005. This agreement has now, unfortunately ,come to an end and BBC Worldwide are in current discussions with the satellite
  23. Notably. Recent stories have returned Gordon to the position of Commissioner, unfortunately ,to find corruption taking a greater hold since his departure. Gotham
  24. Speeding up operations on registers and immediate, while memory operations, unfortunately ,became slower; four years later, this performance problem was fixed with the
  25. Highest rating) from Rolling Stone, and may be his best-received work;, unfortunately ,that milestone album, like Guthrie's earlier Warner Bros. Records albums, is
  26. In the back of the room going, ‘ Uh-huh, I think we understand this. ’ And, unfortunately ,the great mass of pot-smoking 18 year-olds that bought albums and made you a
  27. And everybody in it, in danger. Its human crew devises an escape plan, which, unfortunately , requires leaving the Discovery and HAL behind, to be destroyed. Dr. Chandra
  28. System to cool the chip down to temperatures around 170 K. This cooling system, unfortunately ,adds additional costs to the EM CCD imaging system and often yields heavy
  29. Few glimpses of possible druid survival in Britain after the Roman conquest:, unfortunately , Tennis is noted for mixing fact and legend in such a way that it is now
  30. Does not depend directly on redshift; this seems to be roughly true, but, unfortunately , the amplitude does depend on cluster properties which do change substantially
  31. At the most a weak red light. There are many further mediumship events, still, unfortunately , too often dubbed clairvoyance, which do not fit neatly into any of the four
  32. Consumer desktops often used the simpler but faster VESA Local Bus (VLB), unfortunately , somewhat prone to electrical and timing-based instability; typical consumer
  33. Process, I should have raised a host of prejudices against me, which are, unfortunately ,opposed at every step to any philosopher who attempts to address the public on
  34. Outplayed the machine overall and played well. " I only made one mistake but, unfortunately ,that one mistake lost the game. " Notable chess games *
  35. Or reform the tactical scheme in order to bring the best in Valderrama, though, unfortunately , the manager was incapable of making the correct adjustments. Eventually, due to
  36. Believed that he could shape Valderrama into a classic number ten. Though, unfortunately ,for Valderrama, the coach at Millionaires wanted a classic number ten, and when
  37. The narrative was told in great detail in Tacitus' History, book iv, although, unfortunately , the narrative breaks off abruptly at the climax. Following the uprising, Legio
  38. Dangerous. He said:" When I take a look at the intellectual classes we have –, unfortunately , I suppose, they are necessary; otherwise one could one day, I don't know
  39. Source for Minus lies in M, another ninth-century Frankish codex which was, unfortunately , unbound and placed in other codices during the fifteenth century. Only six
  40. World as a wife, and he accordingly chose her. This woman was Helen, who was, unfortunately ,for Paris, already married to King Menelaus of Sparta. The other two goddesses
  41. Occurred in this era: 1962's Town Hall Concert. An ambitious program, it was, unfortunately ,plagued with troubles from its inception. Mingus's vision, now known as
  42. Wilhelm Shipyard, a German polymath, designed a calculating clock in 1623;, unfortunately , a fire destroyed it during its construction in 1624 and Shipyard abandoned
  43. World as a wife, and he accordingly chose her. This woman was Helen, who was, unfortunately ,for Paris, already married to King Menelaus of Sparta. The other two goddesses
  44. Becomes a resource that requires resource management. RAIL, a technique that is, unfortunately ,incompatible with GC effectively breaks the transitivity of this property
  45. For the production:" The nuanced truth Ms. Peters brings to this scene is not, unfortunately , the overall hallmark of this production, originally seen at the Meier
  46. Which failed to satisfy demands for a" hymn of victory. " The war was won, and, unfortunately , Shostakovich’s“ pretty” symphony was interpreted as a mockery of the Soviet
  47. Of ecosystems and organisms. The chemical composition of the resin is, unfortunately , of limited utility in reconstructing the phylogenetic affinity of the resin
  48. And the Cretan shrew, a unique endemic species of mammal in Greece, that is, unfortunately ,threatened with extinction. Bat species include: Blasius's horseshoe bat, the
  49. A complete ecosystem in the crowns including brown tree snakes, crabs,and, unfortunately , all life stages of rhinoceros beetles, from eggs to larva to young adults.
  50. Fusion' ones, as first suggested. This would indicate that such reactions will, unfortunately ,have limited use in the synthesis of super heavy elements. 198Pt (70Zn

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