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  1. Chamber music and leader, which has the treble butt onboard of a chromatic, button ,accordion and a historic bass butt onboard, similar to an expanded diatonic
  2. To see if the dealer's" On" button is on any of the point numbers. If the, button ,has been turned to" Off ", then the table is in the come-out round. If the
  3. A configuration of on/off settings. After setting the configuration, an execute, button ,was pressed. This process was then repeated. Computer programs also
  4. Was spread by Europeans who emigrated around the world. The accordion in both, button ,and piano forms became a favorite of folk musicians and has been integrated
  5. The stylus. Most of the time, the correct word will be in the list. If not,a, button ,at the bottom of the list allows the user to edit individual characters in that
  6. 1980s,along with mice, GUIs,on the Xerox Star and Alto workstations. A one, button ,version of the mouse was incorporated into the Apple Macintosh but Steve Jobs
  7. A mechanism for retracting the tip. This mechanism is usually controlled by a, button ,at the top and powered by a spring within the pen body, but other possibilities
  8. Of an accordion, which is normally used for playing the melody. Some use a, button ,layout arranged in one way or another, while others use a piano-style keyboard.
  9. House, at the intersection of the center line and the tee line, is known as the, button , Two hog lines, are drawn from, and parallel to, each backboard. The hacks are
  10. The arc of the stick travel. The controllers did, however,include a pause, button , a unique feature at the time. Various third party replacement joysticks were
  11. An American elevator, one would push the" 1 "," G ", or " L" ( for Lobby), button , to return to the first floor. The" L" button in a British lift would take
  12. Have both high or low side panels, string sides or tie sides, and most lack a, button ,or flap front. Many do not have a visible waistband like briefs. Suits less
  13. Accordion and a historic bass butt onboard, similar to an expanded diatonic, button ,accordion *The schwyzerörgeli or Swiss organ, which usually has a 3-row
  14. UK, including digital cable (DVB-C),IPTV (Backtalk TV - channel 503,no red, button ,or teletext),digital satellite (DVB-S) (Sky & Freesat) and digital
  15. The lead arm is placed across the torso usually somewhere in between the belly, button ,and chest and the lead hand rests on the opposite side of the fighter's torso.
  16. To verify the weapon is unloaded. The operator presses forward on the retainer, button ,at the rear of the receiver cover while simultaneously lifting on the rear
  17. Should approach the craps table and first check to see if the dealer's" On ", button ,is on any of the point numbers. If the button has been turned to" Off ", then
  18. Medium was loaded, the starting address was set via switches and to execute, button ,pressed. Automatic program generation Generative programming is a style of
  19. Dropping the instrument while standing. Other accordions, such as the diatonic, button ,accordion, have only a single shoulder strap and a right-hand thumb strap. All
  20. And varies across platforms. For example, a controller might consist of only a, button ,and a joystick, while another may feature a dozen button s and one or more
  21. Video on demand),as the platform does not provide a return path. The BBC red, button ,service is also available in the Republic of Ireland by watching" BBC1 NI" on
  22. Used to define one accordion or another as a different" type ": * Chromatic, button ,accordions and the Bryan, a Russian variant, use a butt onboard where notes are
  23. The number that must be rolled again before a seven. The dealer flips a, button ,to the" On" side and moves it to the point number signifying the second phase
  24. The first floor. In a British lift one would press the" G" or" 0 ", button ,to return to the first floor whereas in an American elevator, one would push
  25. Which is used for many musical genres. Another type of accordion is the, button ,accordion, which is used in Conj unto and Techno music. Right-hand manual
  26. Of Entertainment Weekly observed" Christina Aguilera may flash skin and belly, button , but in her music and manner,she's too eager not to offend — she's a good
  27. And 7 register switches on the bass side. Straps The larger piano and chromatic, button ,accordions are usually heavier than other smaller squeezeboxes, and are
  28. Produce clear tones with no resonance # Using the bellows with the silent air, button ,gives the sound of air moving, which is sometimes used in contemporary
  29. G ", or " L" ( for Lobby) button to return to the first floor. The" L ", button ,in a British lift would take you to the lower first floor (i.e. the floor
  30. Concept was used in the IBM 701 computer (1952–1956) which had a" load, button ," which initiated reading of the first 36-bit word from a punched card in a
  31. And peck' typing and requiring one less key switch than a conventional 12, button , keypad,it had the disadvantage that some symbols required three times as much
  32. A computer human interface that included the QWERTY keyboard, a three, button ,mouse computer mouse, and a five chord keyset. Engelhardt uses the keyset with
  33. Where notes are arranged chromatically. Two of these systems exist * Diatonic, button ,accordions use a butt onboard limited to the notes of diatonic scales in a small
  34. Giordano, and the American Charles Ives (1915),wrote works for the diatonic, button ,accordion. The first composer to write specifically for the chromatic accordion
  35. A chord that would be unique to that symbol. With this arrangement, a nine, button ,keyboard with three rows of three hexagonal button s could be fitted onto a
  36. Phoneme, namely unreleased as in cat, aspirated as in top, glottalized as in, button , flapped as in American English water, nasalized flapped as in winter, and none
  37. Interface on remote controls for digital televisions and set-top boxes, a red, button , which launches digital teletext services. BBC Text originally
  38. As in butter, party ) and syllabic, though not before syllabic (bottle vs, button ,), as well as at the end of a word or morpheme before any vowel (what else
  39. From, and parallel to, each backboard. The hacks are fixed 12 feet behind each, button ,; a hack gives the thrower something to push against when making the throw. On
  40. When the two instruments are combined, the result is quite similar to diatonic, button ,accordions still manufactured today. Further innovations followed and continue
  41. Sound: Single Channel" Beeper" + Single Channel" Noise" *Keypads: 2 × 12, button , ( more button s on some variants) Games Many of the games for the Arcadia 2001
  42. Bootstrap began as a metaphor in the 1950s. In computers, pressing a bootstrap, button ,caused a hardwired program to read a bootstrap program from an input unit. The
  43. Name until 2008,when it was once more rebranded as BBC Red Button. The" red, button ," name refers to the common interface on remote controls for digital
  44. Users as an optional way of entering text. As the number of keys is low the, button ,areas can be made bigger and easier to hit on the small screen. The most common
  45. Removed when not in use. (The word" end pin" sometimes also refers to the, button ,of wood located at this place in all instruments in the violin family, but this
  46. Turned to" Off ", then the table is in the come-out round. If the dealer's, button ,is on, the table is in the point round where most casinos will allow a pass
  47. More commonly, required the user to buy a separate joystick with at least one, button , Many modern computer games allow or require the player to use a keyboard and a
  48. Not controlled by the Vienna Convention.... Neither the crown (fruit, mescal, button , ) of the Peyote cactus nor the roots of the plant Mimosa hostiles nor Psilocybin
  49. Fans call a less extreme literary technique that erases one episode the reset, button , Discrepancies in past continuity are sometimes made deliberately; this is
  50. As a syllabic consonant (as in the English words" butter bottle bottom, button ,"). **When a doubled consonant occurs before another consonant (or finally)

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