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  1. English language. Much of its shock value derives from the fact that the first, portion ,of the essay describes the plight of starving beggars in Ireland, so that the
  2. While narrow-necked jars may have been used for liquids. Ware in the southern, portion ,of the region, particularly after 1150 CE, is characterized by heavier
  3. Together with the northern part of Tallapoosa and Chambers, form the principal, portion , Its surface is gently undulating and has an elevation of about above sea level
  4. Have no phytomelan, and usually retain a cellular structure in the inner, portion ,of the seed coat. * Most monocots are unable to thicken their stems once they
  5. The state of Alaska owns; its entitlement under the Alaska Statehood Act. A, portion ,of that acreage is occasionally ceded to organized boroughs, under the
  6. Made the same decision succeed too. What you do for the better increases the, portion ,of the multiverse where good things happen. " This view is perhaps somewhat too
  7. The construction of the Mark I, and considered his visit to the constructed, portion ,of the Analytical Engine" the greatest disappointment of my life ". The Mark I
  8. Was unpainted gray, either smooth or textured. In the northern or" Anasazi ", portion ,of the Ancestral Pueblo world, from about 500 to 1300 CE, the most common
  9. Bin are counted and plotted such that the area of each rectangle equals the, portion ,of the sample values within that bin:: H (x_k)=\franc where h (x_k) and H (
  10. Study the impact of these changes on food production. The most productive, portion ,of arable land is that from sediments left by rivers and the sea in geological
  11. Peace with Clovis' successors, securing Visigothic control of the southernmost, portion ,of Gaul for the rest of the existence of their kingdom. In 522 the young
  12. And then pulling out the middle element in the sorted list (the cheap, portion ,). This technique is also known as transform and conquer. * Search and
  13. Contemporary novel 69 Things to Do with a Dead Princess is set in Aberdeen *A, portion ,of Ian Rankin's novel Black and Blue (1997) is set in Aberdeen. *Sarah Jane
  14. Mixed forests: These forests occupy the western, Mediterranean-climate, portion , of the Anatolian plateau. Pine forests and mixed pine and oak woodlands and
  15. Also have expressed interest in accessing this pipeline to transport a, portion ,of their production. In March 2001,Azerbaijan concluded a gas agreement with
  16. Made by a vote of the Caucus. They are also sometimes required to donate a, portion ,of their salary to the party, although this practice has declined with the
  17. Raised most of their crops for consumption on farm, and there was only a small, portion ,left over for the payment of taxes, dues,or trade. In subsistence agriculture
  18. Providing a main thoroughfare to Atlanta; and I-10 traverses the southernmost, portion ,of the state, running from west to east through Mobile. Another interstate road
  19. In the West and Antony in the East. To maintain peace and stability in his, portion ,of the Empire, Octavian ensured Rome's citizens of their rights to property.
  20. S Poetics comprised two books – one on comedy and one on tragedy – only the, portion ,that focuses on tragedy has survived. Aristotle taught that tragedy is composed
  21. A special high school course on elementary functions. This implementation of a, portion ,of the notation was called PAT (Personalized Array Translator). In 1963
  22. Were not given permanent names when they were born. Their tentative names had a, portion ,meaning" excrement" or" old things" to ward off the demon of ill-health.
  23. The Morrison. Fossils of Apatosaurus Ajax are known exclusively from the upper, portion ,of the formation (upper Brushy Basin Member),about 152-151 million years ago
  24. Current account deficit is largely financed with the donor money, only a small, portion ,is provided directly to the government budget. The rest is provided to
  25. Synapomorphy) but it is common within the order and rare outside it. The inner, portion ,of the seed coat is usually completely collapsed. In contrast, the
  26. Their own in Japan, and have an international breadth. Because a substantial, portion ,of any aikido curriculum consists of throws, the first thing most students
  27. And Honors, the former taking the eastern and the latter, the western, portion ,of the empire. Radius showed little interest in ruling, leaving most of the
  28. Although the European colonial occupation of Egypt destroyed a significant, portion ,of the country's historical legacy, some foreigners had more positive results.
  29. If the couple will allow their marriage to have never existed, rewriting that, portion ,of their pasts. This story arc marked the end of Straczynski's six-and-a-half
  30. Scale to be exploited, further depressing unit price, which tapped yet another, portion ,of the demand curve. This bootstrapping quality of growth made Ford famous and
  31. The median in an unsorted list involves first sorting the list (the expensive, portion ,) and then pulling out the middle element in the sorted list (the cheap
  32. Of parliament or by the recognition of the independence or the cession of the, portion ,of British territory in which he resided. Allegiance is the tie which binds the
  33. U. S. military attaché William Odom managed to smuggle out a large, portion ,of Solzhenitsyn's archive, including the author's membership card for the
  34. Became increasingly involved in trade with Japanese who controlled the southern, portion ,of the island that is now called Hokkaido. The Baku government granted the
  35. KEEP and the anorthosites samples have been used to infer that the outer, portion ,of the Moon was once completely molten (see lunar magma ocean). Almost all
  36. Its elevations range from. In the remainder of this region, the southern, portion , the most prominent feature is Little Mountain, extending about from east to
  37. Such as mushroom anchors) and large ship's anchors derive a significant, portion ,of their holding power from their mass, while also hooking or embedding in the
  38. Geographic Society as 4/5 of the landmass of Eurasia – with the western, portion ,of the latter occupied by Europe – located to the east of the Suez Canal, east
  39. Beam within a transmission electron microscope when it interacts with a, portion ,of a sample. The atom-probe tomograph has sub-nanometer resolution in 3-D and
  40. Alfonso II endeavored to weaken the power of the clergy and to apply a, portion ,of the enormous revenues of the Roman Catholic Church to purposes of national
  41. The stop named Sancho Stu pa was built by Emperor Ashoka. During the remaining, portion ,of Ashoka's reign, he pursued an official policy of nonviolence (AHIMA).
  42. Readiness. A passage at the other end leads to the" necessarily" ( I),a, portion ,of the monastic buildings always planned with extreme care. The southern side
  43. To cross the North American continent north of Mexico. The extreme southernmost, portion ,of Alberta was part of the French (and Spanish) territory of Louisiana, sold
  44. Length s successively (q times) along longer length l until the remaining, portion ,r is less than the shorter length s. In modern words, remainder r = l − q*s, q
  45. Affected the distribution of flora and fauna on some islands, and the first, portion ,of the book discusses possible causes of these great ice ages. Island Life was
  46. Confederacy: Virginia, Arkansas,North Carolina and Tennessee. The northwestern, portion ,of Virginia subsequently seceded from Virginia, joining the Union as the new
  47. A southern section of the Netherlands to the Rhine River; and the north-western, portion ,of North Rhine-Westfalia, Germany. ) There were several tribes in the country
  48. Continued their prior work on an implementation programmed in FORTRAN IV for a, portion ,of the notation was done for the IBM 7090 computer running under the BOYS
  49. Territory of Louisiana, sold to the United States in 1803; in 1818,the, portion ,of Louisiana north of the Forty-Ninth Parallel was ceded to Great Britain. Fur
  50. Destroyed. Only small, isolated sections are left standing with the largest, portion ,lying in a pile of rubble that stretches the length of where the aqueducts once

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