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  1. The Chamber, which flows southwest into the marshy Lake Bangweulu. From this, lake ,issues the Congo, known in its upper course by various names. Flowing first
  2. Of Congo, Burundi,Tanzania & Zambia. There is also a considerably large, lake ,Malawi stretching along the eastern border of 1 of the poorest countries in the
  3. Was addressed in 1992-93 by construction of a tunnel to divert water into the, lake ,from the ARPA River. Engineers estimated that once the project is finished, the
  4. On the plateau are the Kenya OVAs and the basin occupied by the large salt, lake , Tub Gold. Forested areas are confined to the northwest and northeast of the
  5. Roderick Long gives the following example::" Consider a village near a, lake , It is common for the villagers to walk down to the lake to go fishing. In the
  6. Expands into Lake Brain where it becomes navigable. Near the west end of the, lake ,it receives its first important tributary, the Outshine. It then runs across
  7. For the north of Jutland. To the west the Clifford broadens into an irregular, lake ,(salt water),with low, marshy shores and many islands. Northwest is Store
  8. Of the Wander, which has just been joined by the Somme. On flowing out of the, lake ,it passes through Thun, and then flows through the city of Bern, passing
  9. Coal and iron fields, a 425-mile (685 km) long railway, and a line of, lake ,steamships. Carnegie combined his assets and those of his associates in 1892
  10. Oct. /Nov.),devotes throng in large numbers here to take a dip in the sacred, lake , Ajmer, also known as Ajmer, was the city once ruled by Prithviraj Chauhan.
  11. The abode of Lord Brahma, lying to its west with a temple and a picturesque, lake , The Pusher Lake is a sacred spot for Hindus. During the month of Martin (
  12. Archives of the British Museum in London. NASCAR Lake. This historic man-made, lake ,Ana Sugar lake was constructed by Maharajah Anti (1135-1150 AD),the
  13. Of Ghana is called Colombo on the Volta river (Foil 2003). The high, lake ,plateau of East Africa contains the headwaters of both the Nile and the Congo.
  14. A constant water level. The Ministry of the Environment reported that the, lake ,'s water level had dropped by fifty centimeters in 1993. Experts said that this
  15. With the coming-of-age of railroads superseding canal barge transport,the, lake ,was abandoned by the Commonwealth, sold to the Pennsylvania Railroad, and sold
  16. The tunnel will allow 500 million cubic meters of water to be drawn from the, lake ,annually, while maintaining a constant water level. The Ministry of the
  17. The first-named over 400 miles (600 km) long and the longest freshwater, lake ,in the world. Associated with these great valleys are a number of volcanics
  18. British Museum in London. NASCAR Lake. This historic man-made lake Ana Sugar, lake ,was constructed by Maharajah Anti (1135-1150 AD),the grandfather of Maharajah
  19. A village near a lake . It is common for the villagers to walk down to the, lake ,to go fishing. In the early days of the community it's hard to get to the lake
  20. Arising in an environment with unoccupied niches, such as a newly formed, lake ,or isolated island chain. The colonizing population may diversify rapidly to
  21. River issues through the Nidau-Büren channel and then runs east to Burden. The, lake ,absorbs huge amounts of eroded gravel and snowmelt that the river brings from
  22. The Niger, which flows half of its length through the arid areas. The largest, lake ,are the following: Lake Victoria (Lake Ukase),Lake Chad, in the center of
  23. Diverted by the Hag neck Canal into Lake of Bienne. From the upper end of the, lake ,the river issues through the Nidau-Büren channel and then runs east to Burden.
  24. When the whole central Congo basin was underwater; others holding that the, lake ,water has accumulated in a depression caused by subsidence. The former view is
  25. In Nagarjunakonda which is now an island in Arjuna Sugar, an artificial, lake ,that formed after the construction of Arjuna Sugar Dam. The Island has a
  26. Reservoir, made less than well-engineered repairs to the old dam, raised the, lake ,level, built cottages and a clubhouse, and created the South Fork Fishing and
  27. A length of and 12/30 with a length of, and four runways located on the salt, lake , These four runways are 09L/27R and 09R/27L,which are both approximately, and
  28. Third belongs to Albania and rest to Montenegro. The Albanian shoreline of the, lake ,is. Oh rid Lake is situated in the country's southeast and is shared between
  29. Urban area are polders. This can be recognized by the suffix -meet which means, lake , as in Palmer, Bijlmermeer, Haarlemmermeer, and Watergraafsmeer. Canals The
  30. Refer to asphalt/bitumen, as in Pitch Lake. Natural deposits of asphalt include, lake ,asphalts (primarily from the Pitch Lake in Trinidad and Tobago and Lake
  31. Future prospect, while the unrighteous are tormented at the sight of the ", lake ,of unquenchable fire" into which they are destined to be cast. The Early
  32. Humid; in between, spring and autumn are short but mild. The area experiences, lake ,effect weather, primarily in the form of increased cloudiness during late fall
  33. Rapidly to take advantage of all possible niches. In Lake Victoria, an isolated, lake ,which formed recently in the African rift valley, over 300 species of cichlid
  34. Langbeinite, polyhalite, and Sylvie form extensive deposits in ancient, lake ,and seabeds, making extraction of potassium salts in these environments
  35. Dam was built by the LARA upstream of Austin to form the flood-control, lake , Lake Travis. In the early 20th century, the Texas Oil Boom took hold, creating
  36. Caused by subsidence. The former view is based on the existence in the, lake ,of organisms of a decidedly marine type. They include jellyfish, molluscs
  37. Demonstrate a convex curvature in a body of water such as a river, canal,or, lake , Wallace, intrigued by the challenge and short of money at the time, designed
  38. From there, streams pour eastward into Lake Victoria, the largest African, lake ,(covering over 26,000 square m. ), and to the west and north into Lake Edward
  39. Boating, swimming,and other forms of recreation within several parks on the, lake ,shores. Austin is located at the intersection of four major ecological regions
  40. The protection of UNESCO. There is also Burnt Lake which is a small tectonic, lake , It is located in the national park of Burnt. Climate With its coastline
  41. Died, their remains were deposited in the mud on the bottom of the ocean or, lake ,where they lived. Under the heat and pressure of burial deep in the earth, the
  42. The basins take their names from cities or towns located at their rims. Where a, lake ,has formed within the basin, the water body is usually saline as a result of
  43. Undulation of the surface, is the basin of Lake Chad - a flat-shored, shallow, lake , filled principally by the Chart coming from the southeast. West of this is the
  44. Heart of the state of Rajasthan. To the north of the city is a large artificial, lake , called NASCAR, adorned with a marble structure called Radar. Ajmer is an
  45. Volta's legacy is celebrated by a Temple located in the public gardens by the, lake , It is also a museum which has been built in his honor and exhibits some of the
  46. Permission, Amalasuntha was imprisoned on the island of Mariana in the Tuscan, lake ,of Bologna, where on 30 April in the spring of 534/535 she was murdered in her
  47. Lake Seven, across at its widest point and long, is by far the largest, lake , It lies above sea level on the plateau. Terrain is most rugged in the extreme
  48. His book" The Hobbit" describes fish like these inhabitants of an underground, lake , The blind cave fish is blind and pigmented. Despite the lack of eyes it does
  49. Lake to go fishing. In the early days of the community it's hard to get to the, lake ,because of all the bushes and fallen branches in the way. But over time the way
  50. In the Lesser Caucasus Mountains; Seven Rich (Lake Seven) is the largest, lake ,in this mountain range The Demographics of Armenia is about the demographic

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