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  1. Caused by human activity, altering its temperatures compared to the surrounding, rural ,areas, that has detrimental effects on energy usage, expenditure for cooling
  2. The Alaska bypass mail program which subsidizes bulk mail delivery to Alaskan, rural ,communities. The program requires 70 % of that subsidy to go to carriers who
  3. His earlier work. Biography Early life: 1934-1956 Alan Garner grew up in a" a, rural ,working-class family" on Adderley Edge, a well-to-do rural town in Cheshire
  4. Decreasing among the urban population—a trend which is beginning to spread into, rural ,areas as well. The exact numbers of those fluent in Portuguese or who speak
  5. When commercialized agriculture and world market forces disrupted traditional, rural ,society, and the railway and growing literacy facilitated the work of roving
  6. Districts as population grew and shifted within the state. The result was a, rural ,minority that dominated state politics until a series of court cases required
  7. Population centers of Alaska, including Juneau, Ketchikan and Kodiak. However, rural ,Alaska suffers from extremely high prices for food and consumer goods, compared
  8. 92 percent of the population in urban areas and 80 percent of the population in, rural ,areas. Some 99 percent of Algerians living in urban areas, but only 82 percent
  9. Independent (Choctaw). However, most of the Democratic sheriffs preside over, rural ,and less populated counties and the majority of Republican sheriffs preside
  10. Others, in particular with the Resident Commissioner, James Hurtle Fisher. The, rural ,area surrounding Adelaide was surveyed by Light in preparation to sell a total
  11. Around the Principality. Bus services cover all metropolitan areas and many, rural ,communities, with services on most major routes running half-hourly or more
  12. Producers (farmers) and consumers, and may have negative implications for, rural ,communities. Crop alteration and biotechnology Crop alteration has been
  13. The country due to the relatively limited transportation infrastructure. Many, rural ,residents come into these cities and purchase food and goods in bulk from
  14. Such as Baltimore, Louisville and St. Louis),so a South based on slavery was, rural ,and non-industrial. On the other hand, as the demand for cotton grew the price
  15. Monoculture agriculture techniques also takes time. It has been suggested that, rural ,communities might obtain fuel from the biochar and synfuel process, which uses
  16. Overlapping agrarian viewpoints. Arcadianism was based on nostalgic memories of, rural ,England, and led to the widespread creation of orchards and gardens.
  17. Meaning refers to a social philosophy or political philosophy which values, rural ,society as superior to urban society, the independent farmer as superior to the
  18. Outside ", and shipping costs make food in the cities relatively expensive. In, rural ,areas, subsistence hunting and gathering is an essential activity because
  19. Depopulated major cities and forced many of the locals to revert to an agrarian, rural ,society. Mongol rule continued with the Khanate in the northwest while the
  20. As of July 2011,nearly 52 % was urban population, the remaining 48 % was the, rural ,population. 51 % of the total population were female. In 2011 Azerbaijan saw
  21. Can shape the ideal social values. It stresses the superiority of a simpler, rural ,life as opposed to the complexity of city life, with its banks and factories.
  22. The city can be ascribed to the general tendencies of a population moving from, rural ,to urban areas during the industrial revolution. Industrialization meant that
  23. National rate of 117:100 reported in 2002. The trend was more pronounced in, rural ,regions: as high as 130:100 in Guangdong and 135:100 in Hainan. A ban upon the
  24. Having outlawed the importation of alcoholic beverages. Suicide rates for, rural ,residents are higher than urban. Domestic abuse and other violent crimes are
  25. Reformers, church leaders, and urban progressives; they sought solutions for, rural ,economic decline, social stagnation, and the depopulation of the countryside.
  26. They employ a wide variety of land, air,and water patrol vehicles. Many, rural ,communities in Alaska are considered" dry," having outlawed the importation
  27. Alaska today is usually $0.30–$0.60 higher than the national average; prices in, rural ,areas are generally significantly higher but vary widely depending on
  28. Nancy Hanks married Thomas Lincoln, who became a respected citizen of his, rural ,area. He bought and sold several farms, including the Sinking Spring Farm. The
  29. Grew up in a" a rural working-class family" on Adderley Edge, a well-to-do, rural ,town in Cheshire, northern England. Garner's ancestry had been connected to
  30. That remote guided ultrasound will have application on Earth in emergency and, rural ,care situations, where access to a trained physician is often rare. Insignia In
  31. From 1910 to 1920,reflecting the effect of emigration. At the same time, many, rural , whites and blacks migrated to the city of Birmingham for work in new industrial
  32. Etc.) in the state are still held by Democrats. Local elections in most, rural ,counties are generally decided in the Democratic primary and local elections in
  33. African" religions exist only residual, in the main confined to some remote, rural ,areas. In a study assessing nations' levels of religious regulation and
  34. Remains inaccessible by road; the railroad provides the only transportation to, rural ,homes and cabins in the area; until construction of the Parks Highway in the
  35. Illustrates his values which center around sustainable agriculture, healthy, rural , communities,and a connection to place. He is a prominent defender of agrarian
  36. Parts of the Levant (e.g. Jordan). Some traditionally Christian villages in, rural ,areas of the Levant render the sound as, as do Shia Bahrain is. In some Gulf
  37. On agriculture. Despite the growth of major industries and urban centers, white, rural , interests dominated the state legislature until the 1960s,while urban
  38. Supported by armed militias, took control of Barcelona and of large areas of, rural ,Spain where they collectivized the land. But even before the fascist victory in
  39. Exacerbated by inadequate infrastructure. At the end of 2008.37 % of China's, rural ,population lacked connections to water pipelines, and many cities lack
  40. And the state apparatus in fields like health, education,social work, and, rural , development was enlarged. This entailed a significant increase in jobs for
  41. Out in 2008 by the Angolan Institute Nacional de Estatística has it that in the, rural ,areas roughly 58 % must be classified as" poor ", according to UN norms, but
  42. Proclamation announced in September gained votes for the Republicans in the, rural ,areas of New England and the upper Midwest, but it lost votes in the cities and
  43. Economics of scale and low cost of land. In the Peoples Republic of China,a, rural ,household's productive asset may be one hectare of farmland. In Brazil
  44. John Jay that Richard Hofstadter has traced the sentimental attachment to the, rural ,way of life which is" a kind of homage that Americans have paid to the fancied
  45. His army of knights that slept under it, guarded by a wizard, Living in this, rural ,environment, Robert Garner and his other relatives had all been craftsmen, with
  46. Pertaining to newly-formed boroughs. Smaller portions are set aside for, rural ,subdivisions and other homesteading-related opportunities, though these are
  47. 81 % of the population live in urban areas and only about 19 % live in, rural ,areas. The Calgary-Edmonton Corridor is the most urbanized area in the province
  48. In Algeria. Failing infrastructure and the continued influx of people from, rural ,to urban areas has overtaxed both systems. According to the United Nations
  49. Of Algerians living in urban areas, but only 82 percent of those living in, rural ,areas, had access to" improved sanitation ". According to the World Bank
  50. UFA, as the representative of the farmers as a class, ran candidates only in, rural ,area and not in the cities. Instead, they urged their urban sympathizers to vote

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