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  1. No. 396 of June 2,2003. Proclamation No. 396 enjoined the" active, participation ,of all government agencies, including government-owned and controlled
  2. 11 Crew. JPG|Apollo 11 astronauts egress from the Apollo spacecraft after, participation ,in the Countdown Demonstration Test File: Earth from Apollo 11 after translunar
  3. Seceded, Johnson was the only Senator from the seceded states to continue, participation ,in Congress. His explanation for this decision was," Damn the Negroes, I am
  4. There is somebody or other that is of its own nature freezing and by, participation ,of which all other bodies obtain that quality. " Limit to the 'degree of cold '
  5. Bitter controversy within the discipline. Franz Boas publicly objected to US, participation ,in World War I, and after the war he published a brief expose and condemnation
  6. Of Libya) into one national unity (Kingdom of Libya) and allows for female, participation ,in elections. *1964 – Tanganyika and Zanzibar merge to form Tanzania. *1965 – A
  7. By a multi-billion dollar development program called" Michele Homey" with the, participation ,of companies like Israel Military Industries, Tadiran and Israel Aerospace
  8. The vast numbers required just for the system to work testify to a breadth of, participation ,among those eligible that greatly exceeded any present day democracy. Athenian
  9. Of Marx in the 1880s and 1890s,as was part of the Austrian economists ', participation ,in the late 19th Century Methodenstreit, during which they attacked the
  10. Pornographic images and films. In many jurisdictions, the minimum age for legal, participation ,and even viewing of such productions is 18. Films and images showing
  11. 2010/2011,were not officially confirmed. Angola is basically interested in the, participation ,of the FAA operations of the African Union and has formed special units for
  12. Struggle for the independence of Cabinet Province International organization, participation ,ACP, AfDB, CEEAC, ECA,FAO,G-77,IAEA, IBRD, ICAO,ICT (signatory),ICT
  13. The Velvet Underground & Nico, as well as providing its album art. His actual, participation ,on the album is production amounted to simply paying for the studio time. After
  14. They could be called to account for their actions and punished. The degree of, participation ,among citizens varied greatly, along a spectrum from doing virtually nothing
  15. The Communist International. The revolutionary wave of 1917–23 saw the active, participation ,of anarchists in varying degrees of protagonism. In the German uprising known
  16. Was thus able to avoid any debate about the war and Australia's, participation , the Democrats took full advantage of the opportunity to move for a debate in
  17. Under Title II no person with a disability can be unjustly excluded from, participation ,in or be denied the benefits of services, programs or activities of any public
  18. Verb" to cooperate, participate ", and in turn its verbal noun" cooperation, participation ," can be formed. This in turn can be made into a Nisha adjective" socialist "
  19. Ideally, that there is mutual agreement on essential doctrines, and that full, participation ,in the sacramental life of each national church is available to all communicant
  20. And small property holdings. In 1868,following their unsuccessful, participation ,in the League of Peace and Freedom (LPF),Russian revolutionary Mikhail
  21. People's Democratic Movement or PDM Hugh MARSHALL International organization, participation ,ACP, C,Caribou, CDB,ECAC, FAO,G-77,IBID, ICAO,ICC, ICFTU, ICRM, IFAD, IFC
  22. The Greeks that, upon his death, around 456 BC, his epitaph commemorated his, participation ,in the Greek victory at Marathon rather than his success as a playwright. Life
  23. And the West, including the United States and. International organization, participation ,ACCT (observer),ADB, BSEC, CE,CIS, Council of Europe, EAPC, EBRD, FAO,IAEA
  24. And Dudley R. Rorschach predict that approval voting should increase voter, participation , prevent minor-party candidates from being spoilers, and reduce negative
  25. Receive a special qualification badge, known as the Astronaut Badge, after, participation , on a spaceflight. The United States Air Force also presents an Astronaut Badge
  26. Ti=AAZ). International organization, participation ,ASB, BSEC, CE,CIS, EAPC, EBRD, ECE,ECO, ESCAP, FAO,GUAM, IAEA,IBID, ICAO
  27. The same as that for office holders but ten years older than that required for, participation ,in the assembly, gave the courts a certain standing in relation to the assembly
  28. Attacks on his wife’s honor. With his anger over attacks about Rachel, and his, participation ,in violent confrontations, Jackson gained a reputation as a quarrelsome and
  29. Factors were important as well. Although there was little major Native American, participation ,during the war except for four of the Iroquois nations, the British provided
  30. Ireland. *1924 – Adolf Hitler is sentenced to five years in jail for his, participation ,in the" Beer Hall Putsch ". However, he spends only nine months in jail
  31. Other words, they see Holy Communion as a memorial to Christ's suffering, and, participation , in the Eucharist as both a re-enactment of the Last Supper and a foreshadowing
  32. Elite could make decisions for the members. " From the outset, members ', participation ,was fiercely protected in national and divisional constitutions prescribing
  33. About to be murdered, testimonials of suicide bombers, and videos that show, participation ,in jihad through stylized portraits of mosques and musical scores. A website
  34. Trek. These Saxons were tributaries to the Frankish King Sievert, and their, participation ,indicates that Albion had the support of the Franks for his venture. The
  35. Of the country for defense. In times of crisis the Army's main tasks relate to, participation ,in operations countering terrorist activities and defense of strategic
  36. War I, and after the war he published a brief expose and condemnation of the, participation ,of several American archaeologists in espionage in Mexico under their cover as
  37. And 36 % Christian. According to the US State Department, estimates for active, participation ,in religious services are between 25 and 40 %. The Albanians first appear in
  38. Banks,631 bank branches function in Azerbaijan. One of banks was founded with, participation ,of state capital,23 of foreign capital. To the same date,98 non-bank credit
  39. American Football League. *1967 – UK Marine Broadcasting Offenses Act declares, participation ,in offshore pirate radio illegal. *1969 – Operation Banner: British troops are
  40. The lover of Eudora Angelina, a daughter of Emperor Alexios III Angelo's. His, participation ,in the attempted usurpation of John Comments the Fat in 1200 had caused him to
  41. Are found in the north of the country. No reliable data are available on active, participation ,in formal religious services, and estimates range from 25 % to 40 %. The first
  42. Chess Olympiad. In May a fund-raising event took place in New York with the, participation ,of his former rival Garry Kasparov and of Magnus Carlson, both of whom
  43. The actors, sets up all the shots and then does the editing. ” His active, participation ,extended from the initial concept to the editing and scoring of the final
  44. Democratic institutions worked, notably the National Assembly, with the active, participation ,of UNITA's and the FNLA's elected MPs - while José Eduardo dos Santos
  45. Of Azerbaijan increased with agreement between Azerbaijan and Turkey on the, participation ,an Azerbaijani peacekeeping platoon in the staff of Turkish battalion in Kosovo
  46. As being the" Festival City ". The city's" heritage days" festival sees the, participation ,of over 70 ethnic groups. Edmonton's Churchill Square is home to a large
  47. The Republican candidate and was re-elected. International organization, participation ,ESCAPE (associate),Interpol (subbureau),IOC, SPC The economy of American
  48. A shared history, expressed in its ecclesiology, polity and ethos and also by, participation ,in international consultative bodies. Three elements have been important in
  49. First stanza of" Amazing Grace" as evidence of Newton's realization that his, participation ,in the slave trade was his wretchedness, perhaps representing a wider common
  50. Were slavery, reconstruction,development of the African-American community, participation ,in the great military conflicts of the United States, racial segregation, and

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