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  1. Levels in fields including tourism, law,Catalan philology, humanities, psychology , political sciences, audiovisual communication, telecommunications engineering
  2. Uploaded by users. Notable in this area is Michael Leyton, professor of, psychology ,at Rutgers University. Leyton is the president of the International Society for
  3. Or what phenomenology designates as a form of an" epoch" ). Avicenna’s, psychology ,requires that connection between the body and soul be strong enough to ensure
  4. And more profoundly, the nature of self. Positive psychology In Positive, psychology , anxiety is described as the mental state that results from a difficult
  5. They claim that in The Theory of Moral Sentiments, Smith develops a theory of, psychology ,in which individuals seek the approval of the" impartial spectator" as a
  6. To distinguish the external world from one's own psyche. Developmental, psychology ,has since established that the distinction of animate vs. inanimate things is
  7. Collective" ) included future Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, a young, psychology ,student named Nathan Blumenthal (later Nathaniel Branden) and his wife
  8. The temperaments, the humors, the anatomy, general physiology, the breath, psychology , discussion of causes diseases and symptoms, the causes of illness, the
  9. Thinkers, though more so in the arts (especially literature and music) and, psychology ,than in philosophy. His popularity peaked in the early twentieth century
  10. Freud's concepts of the libido and the unconscious mind, and evolutionary, psychology ,in general. Political and social thought Politics Schopenhauer's politics were
  11. Comte, and has become a major topic for psychologists (especially evolutionary, psychology ,researchers),evolutionary biologists, and ethologists. While ideas about
  12. Inquiry. In recent years, scientific literature dealing with neuroscience and, psychology ,has used the word to mean" not knowable ". In technical and marketing
  13. Self-worth has changed since Newton's time. Since the 1970s,self-help books, psychology , and some modern expressions of Christianity have viewed this disparity in
  14. Modulation, the technique used for AM radio broadcasting In medicine and, psychology ,In timekeeping * Ante Meridian, in 12-hour clock notation, Latin for" before
  15. And by the traditional boundaries between the disciplines of psychiatry, psychology , neurology and pediatrics. Newer technologies such as fMRI and diffusion tensor
  16. Later analytic aestheticians strove to link beauty to some scientific theory of, psychology ,(such as James Mill) or biology (such as Herbert Spencer). Post-modern
  17. Into the nature of emotion, and more profoundly, the nature of self. Positive, psychology ,In Positive psychology , anxiety is described as the mental state that results
  18. An aspect of society, to convey a specific emotion or mood, to address personal, psychology , to illustrate another discipline, to (with commercial arts) to sell a
  19. Writes:" The analysis of time-consciousness is an age-old crux of descriptive, psychology ,and theory of knowledge. The first thinker to be deeply sensitive to the
  20. Avicenna's theory on heat: Psychology Avicenna's legacy in classical, psychology ,is primarily embodied in the Kitab always parts of his Kitab Alisha (The
  21. Items in these three books, twenty-four deal with physics, seventeen with, psychology , eleven with logic and metaphysics, and six with questions of fate and
  22. These: should artificial intelligence simulate natural intelligence by studying, psychology ,or neurology? Or is human biology as irrelevant to AI research as bird biology
  23. Philosophers as a precursor to evolutionary theory and modern evolutionary, psychology , Friedrich Nietzsche owed the awakening of his philosophical interest to
  24. Known as aesthetics, whereas disciplines such as anthropology, sociology and, psychology ,analyze its relationship with humans and generations. Traditionally, the term
  25. Life. His interpretation of Chinese alchemical texts in terms of his analytical, psychology ,also served the function of comparing Eastern and Western alchemical imagery
  26. In context of anthropology, biology,evolution, geography,history, neurology, psychology , and sociology. It also takes the applied approach, looking at individual
  27. Used informally by researchers in the 1800s using the least squares. In physics and, psychology , researchers included a term for the operator-effect, the influence of a
  28. Woolf son made concept albums named Freudian (about Sigmund Freud's work on, psychology ,) and (continuing from the Alan Parsons Project's first album about Edgar
  29. The" custom" view of learning can in many ways be likened to associations, psychology , This point of view has been subject to severe criticism in the research of the
  30. Identification with a number of groups committed to environmentalism, feminism, psychology , and/or spirituality and personal growth, or that they were suffering from a
  31. Bleuler's terminology autistic psychopaths in a lecture in German about child, psychology , Asperger was investigating an ASD now known as Asperger syndrome, though for
  32. Be the" founder of experimental psychology ", for his pioneering work on the, psychology ,of visual perception and optical illusions. In the Book of Optics, Alhazen was
  33. At the University of Göttingen in 1809. There he studied metaphysics and, psychology ,under Gottlieb Ernst Schulz, the author of Aenesidemus, who advised him to
  34. The" founder of psychophysics ", a subdiscipline and precursor to modern, psychology , Alien offered an explanation of the Moon illusion, an illusion that played
  35. History, such as the evolution of science and philosophy, the sociology and, psychology ,of the intellectual communities, kabbalism, spiritualism,Rosicrucianism, and
  36. But weak enough to allow for its immortality. Avicenna grounds his, psychology ,on physiology, which means his account of the soul is one that deals almost
  37. Of yarn, and 180 women in Middletown, Massachusetts wove of cloth. Class and, psychology ,Looking back, John Adams concluded in 1818::" The Revolution was effected
  38. If they were animate, is near-universal. Jean Piaget applied the term in child, psychology ,in reference to an implicit understanding of the world in a child's mind which
  39. But they were generally taken unquestioningly. Psychology Aristotle's, psychology , given in his treatise On the Soul (per psyche, often known by its Latin
  40. The crime scene, but by inquiring either into the nature of the victim or the, psychology ,of the murderer. Central to his behavior in the later novels is the underlying
  41. Has argued that Alien should be considered be the" founder of experimental, psychology ,", for his pioneering work on the psychology of visual perception and optical
  42. Of the validity of human testimony are roughly upheld in modern social, psychology , under the rubric of the communication-persuasion paradigm. Supporting
  43. Explain individual cases through more general principles, as in many fields of, psychology , Anthropology (like some fields of history) does not easily fit into one of
  44. Or mice, etc. remains unresolved. One view, especially held in evolutionary, psychology , is that the presence of venomous spiders led to the evolution of a fear of
  45. Case in Paris, where Avicenna was later proscribed in 1210. Nevertheless, his, psychology , and theory of knowledge influenced William of Aubergine, Bishop of Paris and
  46. Of linguistic humor. Psychology and management In sociology and social, psychology , the term" ambiguity" is used to indicate situations that involve uncertainty
  47. Modern era Early in the 20th century, Carl Jung, the founder of analytical, psychology , developed sophisticated theories concerning astrology. These included concepts
  48. Academics in both the sciences and the humanities look to evolutionary, psychology ,and cognitive science in an effort to understand the connection between
  49. Material culture, and what later Annalists called mentalities, or the, psychology ,of the epoch, are also characteristic areas of study. The goal of the Annals
  50. On the obverse of the Greek 1000 drachmas banknote of 1987–2001. In Archetypal, psychology , the Apollo archetype is one of the Jungian archetypes, which according to

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