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  1. Work) through the Artery Arts Program. The intent of the program was to, integrate ,public art into highway infrastructure (retaining walls, fences,and lighting
  2. Federal government intervened to protect African-American students trying to, integrate ,a high school in the Arkansas capital. Governor Orval Famous ordered the
  3. Late 1990s,under Project Monterey, IBM and the Santa Cruz Operation planned to, integrate ,AIX and Unix Ware into a single 32-bit/64-bit multiplatform UNIX with particular
  4. Requirements management tool. The latest releases of Builder and Delphi, integrate ,these tools to give developers a broader set of tools for development. Former
  5. Able to undergo lysogenic are known as temperate phages. Their viral genome will, integrate ,with host DNA and replicate along with it fairly harmlessly, or may even become
  6. The name came from the slogan Integrating the Enterprise). The idea was to, integrate ,Borland's tools, Delphi,C++ Builder, and Builder with enterprise environment
  7. More than one wavelength is present (as is usually the case),one must sum or, integrate ,over the spectrum of wavelengths present to get the total luminous intensity.
  8. To use poison herself. This indicates that there is hope yet to reform her and, integrate ,her into society. In further play on this theme by the director, Jade Fox, as
  9. Launching center and was the only country in the Southern Hemisphere to, integrate ,the team responsible for the construction of the International Space Station (
  10. For (6,5),(7,5) and (10,5)Swats. There have been successful efforts to, integrate ,these purified nanotubes into devices,e.g. FET's. An alternative to separation
  11. Despite this support, the threat of mine and torpedo attack, and the failure to, integrate ,or appreciate the capabilities of new techniques, seriously inhibited the
  12. Optical flow). Directions are measured using the position of the sun. They, integrate ,this information to find the shortest route back to their nest. Like all ants
  13. The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. * FRD CSA, an attempt to package and, integrate ,all FOSS AI systems for GNU+Linux-based systems. * I-X, a systems integration
  14. As well, op amps with capacitor feedback are usually included in a setup; they, integrate ,the sum of their inputs with respect to time. Integrating with respect to
  15. Era During the Industrial and Modern Ages, Chinese philosophy had also begun to, integrate ,concepts of Western philosophy, as steps toward modernization. By the time of
  16. Lands blocked his purchase of the Philadelphia Phillies because he planned to, integrate ,the team. While this is disputed, Landis was opposed to integration, and his
  17. Trigonometric identities or the natural logarithm * integration by parts to, integrate ,products of functions * the inverse chain rule method, a special case of
  18. Been an influx of Roman people. Local social welfare offices are attempting to, integrate ,them and other migrants with German-language and job-skill courses. The most
  19. Can then be displayed on screen as recognizable text. * Standalone reading aids, integrate ,a scanner, optical character recognition (OCR) software, and speech software
  20. And file manipulation. Another program, Selector III, was designed to, integrate ,with the System Utilities program and launch various applications. However
  21. This end, he needed to buy out Carnegie and several other major producers and, integrate ,them into one company, thereby eliminating duplication and waste. He concluded
  22. Twenty of Goldoni's librettos. As with his comedies,Goldoni's opera bought, integrate ,elements of the Com media dell'ARTE with recognizable local and middle-class
  23. Have dedicated biostatistics departments, many other top-tier universities, integrate ,biostatistics faculty into statistics or other departments, such as
  24. To recruit in the U. S. in 1940-42. American attempts in the mid 1930s to, integrate ,British Columbia into a united West Coast military command had aroused Canadian
  25. Motorcycle gang. *2008 – The construction of the world's first building to, integrate ,wind turbines is completed in Bahrain. * 2008 – Yi Someone becomes the first
  26. Highly complex in Navarre. Politically some Basque nationalists would like to, integrate ,with the Autonomous Basque Community, but this currently is not the view of the
  27. Senate to write the exclusion of gays into law, potentially making it harder to, integrate ,the military in the future. The policy remained controversial, and was finally
  28. Doctrine since the end of the Cold War. Canadian navy frigates, for instance, integrate ,seamlessly into American carrier battle groups. War in Afghanistan Canada's
  29. In fact,Dummett's writings on anti-realism can be seen as an attempt to, integrate ,central ideas from the Philosophical Investigations into analytical philosophy.
  30. With water recirculating from the water heater. Passives designs usually, integrate ,the heater with the ventilation system. Earth sheltering and windbreaks can
  31. Development of the computer and camera industries. Lab-on-a-chip Devices that, integrate ,(multiple) laboratory functions on a single chip of only millimeters to a few
  32. Cognitive architectures * CALO, a DARPA-funded,25-institution effort to, integrate ,numerous artificial intelligence approaches (natural language processing
  33. so-called New Guard leather subculture evolved. This new orientation started to, integrate ,psychological aspects into their play. Internet In the late-eighties, the
  34. Of the disease. Identification of bioweapons The goal of biodefense is to, integrate ,the sustained efforts of the national and homeland security, medical,public
  35. Supports an open economy and the extension of the powers of EU institutions to, integrate ,member economies. Since 1922,through the Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union
  36. By substitution * the method of partial fractions in integration allows us to, integrate ,all rational functions (fractions of two polynomials) * integrals can also be
  37. In Kodiak. Intermarriage with Alaskan Natives helped the Russian immigrants, integrate ,into society. As a result, an increasing number of Russian Orthodox churches
  38. A recurring idea in recent theories is that phenomenal states somehow, integrate ,neural activities and information-processing that would otherwise be
  39. To fight again the next day. Battlespace is a unified strategy to, integrate ,and combine armed forces for the military theater of operations, including air
  40. Techniques. Both weapon-taking and weapon-retention are sometimes taught, to, integrate , armed and unarmed aspects. Others, such as the Drama style of Morphing Saith
  41. A new camp at Darmstadt. In 777,he called a national diet at Paderborn to, integrate ,Saxony fully into the Frankish kingdom. Many Saxons were baptized as Christians
  42. On matters of measurement and statistical analysis. Finding a way to, integrate ,various approaches has been a subject of much discussion since the early 1990s.
  43. Into the ground state. To calculate the transition temperature at any density, integrate ,over all momentum states the expression for maximum number of excited particles
  44. Player on the roster. The Boston Red Sox became the last major league team to, integrate ,their roster with the addition of Pumps Green and Ozzie Virgil on July 21
  45. The company reorganized to focus on buying personal line insurance firms and to, integrate ,its acquisitions. That year it bought Nikola Sedgwick Group, an Italian
  46. Entered school on September 25, 1957. In defiance of federal court orders to, integrate , the governor and city of Little Rock decided to close the high schools for the
  47. Reform of the military is make it more ethnically diversified. It should also, integrate ,Belize’s own rebel group (mainly consisting of members of his own Baya tribe
  48. Output. CPC6128s later in production as well as the models from the plus range, integrate ,both the CRTC and the gate array's functions with the system's ASIC. Three
  49. Both released on December 21, 1994,were the earliest first-person shooters to, integrate ,akimbo pistols. In Heavy Metal: F. A. K. K. ² and Shadow Man, this tactic was
  50. Bike lanes, on principle. Some groups offer training courses to help cyclists, integrate ,themselves with other traffic. This is part of the ongoing cycle path debate.

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