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  1. 30 to $96 per hectare),while livestock production imposes $714 million. Both, studies ,concluded that more should be done to internalize external costs, and neither
  2. And NOTE. The Federation of International Trade Associations publishes, studies ,and reports by FAS and AFC, as well as other non-governmental organizations on
  3. The timing of brain development more than the final product. Neuroanatomical, studies ,and the associations with teratogens strongly suggest that autism's mechanism
  4. Physics. Other alchemists of the Western world who were eminent in their other, studies ,include Roger Bacon, and Tycho Brahe. The decline of Western alchemy The demise
  5. Late 20th century) interdisciplinary fields such as cognitive science, global, studies , and various ethnic studies . Basic trends There are several characteristics
  6. Theory that autistic children have more or different GI symptoms than usual;, studies ,report conflicting results, and the relationship between GI problems and ASD is
  7. Traits) that can be viewed on brain scans, to help further neurogenetic, studies ,of autism; one example is lowered activity in the fusiform face area of the
  8. However, when applied to data from non-randomized experiments or observational, studies , model-based analysis lacks the warrant of randomization. For observational
  9. The overall data as insufficient due to the" difficulties of undertaking such, studies , " Locations. Seaweeds grow mostly in shallow marine waters, under; however
  10. A full academic program, and it serves principally as a center for virtual, studies , connected to Spanish and French universities. The Virtual Studies Center (
  11. Disorders are common among children with ASD; there are no firm data, but, studies , have reported prevalence ranging from 11 % to 84 %. Many anxiety disorders
  12. Also concerned himself with religion, myth,and magic. His comparative, studies , most influentially in the numerous editions of The Golden Bough, analyzed
  13. The Nagpur language of Thailand. This family tree is consistent with recent, studies ,of migration of Y-Chromosomal haplogroup O2b-M95. However, the dates obtained
  14. Of agricultural products, many government agencies publish on the web economic, studies ,and reports categorized by product and country. Among these agencies include
  15. For one of the first scholars to carry out comparative ethnographic-type, studies ,in person was the medieval Persian scholar ABU RayBan Brunei in the 11th
  16. To no treatment, the methodological quality of systematic reviews of these, studies ,has generally been poor, their clinical results are mostly tentative, and there
  17. Folklore, museum studies , human geography, sociology,social relations, ethnic, studies , cultural studies , and social work. Anthropology has been used in Britain to
  18. Also found themselves institutionally linked with scholars of folklore, museum, studies , human geography, sociology,social relations, ethnic studies , cultural studies
  19. An anthropologist in the conventional sense. He wrote detailed comparative, studies ,on the religions and cultures in the Middle East, Mediterranean and especially
  20. They may look at a pointing hand instead of the pointed-at object, In a pair of, studies , high-functioning autistic children aged 8–15 performed equally well as, and
  21. Mexico, both he and Fraser derived most of the material for their comparative, studies ,through extensive reading, not fieldwork, mainly the Classics (literature and
  22. Found a preference for non-social stimuli. For example, magnetoencephalography, studies ,have found evidence in autistic children of delayed responses in the brain's
  23. More of his writing to the study of alchemy (see Isaac Newton's occult, studies ,) than he did to either optics or physics. Other alchemists of the Western
  24. Other environmental causes is anecdotal and has not been confirmed by reliable, studies , Environmental factors that have been claimed to contribute to or exacerbate
  25. Followers. In practice, the estimates of treatment-effects from observational, studies ,generally are often inconsistent. In practice," statistical models" and
  26. Of vapors and chewing of laurel-leaves which seem to be confirmed by recent, studies , Plato describes the priestesses of Delphi and Dodoma like frenzied-women
  27. Mercury into silver or gold. Robert Boyle (1627–1691),better known for his, studies ,of gases (cf. Boyle's law) pioneered the scientific method in chemical
  28. Detection, language and face processing, and information storage; several, studies ,have found a preference for non-social stimuli. For example
  29. Robert Bowie, Edward Sapir and Ruth Benedict, who each produced richly detailed, studies ,of indigenous North American cultures. They provided a wealth of details used
  30. Actress and Miss Singapore of 1994 An astronomer is a scientist who, studies ,celestial bodies such as planets, stars and galaxies. Historically, astronomy
  31. Of the cortex and that autism is a disorder of the association cortex. From, studies ,based on event-related potentials, transient changes to the brain's electrical
  32. Evidence point to synaptic dysfunction as a cause of autism. Gene replacement, studies ,in mice suggest that autistic symptoms are closely related to later
  33. The mind itself. Marie-Louise von Franz, a disciple of Jung, continued Jung's, studies ,on alchemy and its psychological meaning. Jung's work exercised a great
  34. Weeds have developed, causing farmers to switch to other herbicides. Some, studies ,also link widespread glyphosate usage to iron deficiencies in some crops, which
  35. Genetics, regional analysis, ethnology,history, philosophy,and religious, studies , it is difficult to characterize the entire field in a brief article, although
  36. Audiovisual communication, telecommunications engineering, and East Asia, studies , The Center also runs various postgraduate programs and continuing-education
  37. Fields such as cognitive science, global studies , and various ethnic, studies , Basic trends There are several characteristics that tend to unite
  38. Studies, human geography, sociology,social relations, ethnic studies , cultural, studies , and social work. Anthropology has been used in Britain to provide an
  39. Associated with autism but probably account for less than 5 % of cases. Several, studies ,have tested this hypothesis by demonstrating structural abnormalities in MNS
  40. L'Home founded by Paul Rivet, and anthropology had a close relationship with, studies ,of folklore. Above all, Claude Lévi-Strauss helped institutionalize
  41. Variable. Effect-size estimates facilitate the comparison of findings in, studies ,and across disciplines. Common effect size estimates reported in
  42. Between Asperger syndrome, HFA, and non-syndromal autism is unclear. Some, studies ,have reported diagnoses of autism in children due to a loss of language or
  43. Of Y-Chromosomal haplogroup O2b-M95. However, the dates obtained from DNA, studies ,are several times older than that given by linguists. The route map of the
  44. Urge to generalize. This was most obvious in the 'Culture and Personality ', studies ,carried out by younger Basins such as Margaret Mead and Ruth Benedict.
  45. Processes. Evidence for this theory has been found in functional neuroimaging, studies ,on autistic individuals and by a brainwave study that suggested that adults
  46. Normal linear model, according to approximation theorems and simulation, studies ,by Kempthorne and his students (Tengelmann and Kempthorne 2008). However
  47. Therapies and interventions are available, few are supported by scientific, studies , Treatment approaches have little empirical support in quality-of-life contexts
  48. Of modern anthropology as well, insofar as they conducted or wrote detailed, studies ,of the customs of peoples considered" different" from themselves in terms of
  49. Science" of the outside ". In Italy, the development of ethnology and related, studies ,did not receive as much attention as other branches of learning. Germany and
  50. As people are often sized up initially from their basic language skills, these, studies , suggest that people speaking to autistic individuals are more likely to

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