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  1. Can perform two-way synchronization with AD and thus provide a" deflected ", integration , as Unix and Linux clients authenticate to FDS and Windows Clients authenticate
  2. Case of integration by substitution * the method of partial fractions in, integration ,allows us to integrate all rational functions (fractions of two polynomials)
  3. Store was introduced, offering online music downloads for $0.99 a song and, integration ,with the iPod. The service quickly became the market leader in online music
  4. Policy and support for one-way trusts. Third-parties offer Active Directory, integration ,for Unix platforms (including UNIX, Linux,Mac OS X, and a number of Java-and
  5. The set of discontinuities has measure 0,the antiderivative G may be found by, integration , Let \_ be a dense countable subset of the open interval \left (-1,1\right).
  6. Of F is a disjoint union of two or more intervals, then a different constant of, integration ,may be chosen for each of the intervals. For instance: F (
  7. 158 countries so far and holds membership in 38 international organizations., integration ,into European and Euro-Atlantic structure; contribution to international
  8. Applejack protocol with its ExtremeZ-IP server software for Macintosh-Windows, integration ,which supports Windows 2008 Server and Windows Vista as well prior versions.
  9. Of policies. Compared to the European Union, the political and economic, integration ,was very limited. By 1970,NAFTA expanded to include four more Latin American
  10. A mechanical analog computer designed to solve differential equations by, integration , using wheel-and-disc mechanisms to perform the integration . Invented in 1876
  11. Literature and the arts. Despite the modern split, numerous sources stress an, integration ,of esoteric and exoteric approaches to alchemy. Halyard, when writing on
  12. Platform, Dyalog APL offers tight integration with Microsoft. Net, plus limited, integration ,with the Microsoft Visual Studio development platform. IBM offers a version of
  13. Often combined with trigonometric identities or the natural logarithm *, integration ,by parts to integrate products of functions * the inverse chain rule method, a
  14. Result of sums on integral powers to find the volume of a paraboloid through, integration , He was thus able to find the integrals for polynomials up to the fourth degree
  15. However, multiple AD LDS instances can be run on the same server. Unix, integration ,Varying levels of interoperability with Active Directory can be achieved on
  16. Discontinuities of Lebesgue measure 0,then an antiderivative may be found by, integration , * If f has an antiderivative F on a closed interval a, b,then for any choice
  17. To have dinner at home is usually viewed as a symbol of friendship, warmth and, integration , Furthermore, Sunday family reunions are generally an occasion to eat Amado or
  18. The military budget was one of the most important conditions for NATO, integration , Military spending accounted for about 2.7 % of GDP in 2008. Since February
  19. Exp (-x2) ), its definite integral can be approximated using numerical, integration ,* to calculate the (n times) repeated antiderivative of a function f, Cauchy
  20. Interests of international communication, transportation and commercial, integration ,and recognized by international institutions such as the United Nations and the
  21. Information. We have various methods at our disposal: * the linearity of, integration ,allows us to break complicated integrals into simpler ones * integration by
  22. Teach the deaf to speak and avoid the use of sign language, thus enabling their, integration ,within the wider society from which many were often being excluded. However in
  23. Animals such as the Tiger Core Principles A central principle of astrology is, integration ,within the cosmos. The individual, Earth,and its environment are viewed as a
  24. Of integration allows us to break complicated integrals into simpler ones *, integration ,by substitution, often combined with trigonometric identities or the natural
  25. Also differential Galois theory for a more detailed discussion. Techniques of, integration ,Finding antiderivative of elementary functions is often considerably harder
  26. Closely modelled on IBM's APL2 with various enhancements. APEX includes close, integration ,with. NET, Java,Ruby and R. Solution Incorporated offers the SAX interpreter (
  27. And is only discontinuous at 0,the antiderivative F may be obtained by, integration ,: F (x) \int_0^x f (t)\, dt. The function: f (x)=2x\sin\left (
  28. Of a function f,Cauchy's formula is useful (cf. Cauchy formula for repeated, integration ,):: :\int_ex \int_^ \dots \int_^ f (x_n) \, dx_n \dots \, d x_2\, d x_1=
  29. Products of functions * the inverse chain rule method, a special case of, integration ,by substitution * the method of partial fractions in integration allows us to
  30. x) = (x3/3) + C; where C is an arbitrary constant known as the constant of, integration , Essentially, the graphs of antiderivative of a given function are vertical
  31. Since first settlement in 1788,This great influx of immigrants caused the, integration ,of numerous new patterns into the local speech. By this time several words of
  32. Modern developments in algebraic K-theory, motivic homology theory, and motivic, integration , Driven by deep personal and political convictions, Grothendieck left the
  33. The antiderivative of such pathological functions may be found by Riemann, integration , while in other cases these functions are not Riemann integrable. Assuming that
  34. Contain other arrays, as well as new language features which facilitated the, integration ,of nested arrays into program workflow. Ken Iverson, no longer in control of
  35. Its antiderivative is: \int|x|DX=\franc+C, as evidenced by the following (using, integration ,by parts and the fact that x2 = | x|2):: Distance The absolute value is
  36. President Amir Topi was elected by Parliament in July 2007. The Euro-Atlantic, integration ,of Albania has been the ultimate goal of the post-communist governments.
  37. As well as native namespaces. For the Windows platform, Dyalog APL offers tight, integration ,with Microsoft. Net, plus limited integration with the Microsoft Visual Studio
  38. Value. Sometimes the term" Integrated Aquaculture" is used to describe the, integration ,of monocultures through water transfer. All of these materials are selected for
  39. And integrate all FOSS AI systems for GNU+Linux-based systems. * I-X,a system, integration ,architecture project for the creation of intelligent systems at AAI
  40. Equations by integration , using wheel-and-disc mechanisms to perform the, integration , Invented in 1876 by James Thomson, they were first built in the 1920s and
  41. With version 2.8.0,Abi Word includes a collaboration plugin that allows, integration ,with Biolab. Net, a Web-based service that permits multiple users to work on
  42. Of solving for antiderivative is called antidifferentiation (or indefinite, integration ,) and its opposite function is called differentiation, which is the process of
  43. Lines and girders for buildings and bridges. The second was in his vertical, integration ,of all suppliers of raw materials. In the late 1880s,Carnegie Steel was the
  44. Bureaucracy by placing family connections over merit. Alexios' policy of, integration ,of the nobility bore the fruit of continuity: every Byzantine emperor who
  45. It was originally controlled by the government to speed Ainu assimilation and, integration ,into the Japanese nation-state. It now is run exclusively by Ainu and operates
  46. That G (x) = F (x) + C for all x. C is called the arbitrary constant of, integration , If the domain of F is a disjoint union of two or more intervals, then a
  47. Of cosines, we have:: \cos = \franc \! \, p (\chi)\! \, is the phase integral (, integration ,of reflected light; a number in the 0 to 1 range): Example: (An ideal diffuse
  48. To all Latin American countries through agreements with other countries and, integration ,areas of the continent, as well as to other developing countries or their
  49. Barber). Many anti-globalization activists generally call for forms of global, integration ,that better provides democratic representation, advancement of human rights
  50. ALADI or, occasionally,by the English acronym LAID) is a Latin American trade, integration ,association, based in Montevideo. Its main objective is the establishment of a

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