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  1. And expand" containment. " In a secret 1950 document,NSC-68,they proposed to, strengthen ,their alliance systems, quadruple defense spending, and embark on an elaborate
  2. Zone. Continued progress will depend on the ability of the government to, strengthen ,its macroeconomic management, including increasing revenue collection, improve
  3. Nauru an Foreign Minister and Trade Minister David Adding travelled to Cuba to, strengthen ,relations between the two island nations. This led to the creation of a
  4. Into calcium carbonate from absorption of CO2 over several decades further, strengthen ,the concrete and making it more resilient to damage. However, this reaction
  5. Or instructions. *бе (be) – the most common particle. It can be used to, strengthen ,a statement or, sometimes,to indicate derision of an opinion, aided by the
  6. Was crowned in early February 1204. After his coronation, Alexios V began to, strengthen ,the defenses of Constantinople and ended negotiations with the Latins. It was
  7. Doing. On February 9,2010,Japan Airlines officially announced that it will, strengthen ,its relationship with American Airlines and One world. On January 11, 2011,both
  8. Returned to their home in the Hungarian Great Plain, perhaps to consolidate and, strengthen ,their empire. Theodosius used this opportunity to strengthen the walls of
  9. Fidel Castro's potential as a revolutionary and urged the Soviet Union to, strengthen ,ties with the new Cuban leader. The USSR saw Cuba as having far more appeal
  10. The peasant communities throughout Russia. At the same time he sought to, strengthen ,and centralize the Imperial administration and to bring it more under his
  11. Is a regular issue in Canadian politics: Quebec wishes to preserve and, strengthen ,its distinctive nature, western provinces desire more control over their
  12. Vocative particles Bulgarian has several abstract particles which are used to, strengthen ,a statement. These have no precise translation in English. The particles are
  13. Education" is" an exercise of the understanding as is best calculated to, strengthen ,the body and form the heart. Or, in other words, to enable the individual to
  14. Revolt. Athens was, eventually still able to suppress these revolts. To further, strengthen ,Athens' grip on its empire, Pericles in 450 began a policy of establishing
  15. The temple was encouraged by the leaders of the empire in hopes that it would, strengthen ,the authorities in local contexts. This policy was good politics on the part of
  16. The Father and His angels. (3:1-6) ####Admonished to be watchful and to, strengthen ,since their works haven't been perfect before God. ### is new name. (3:7-13)
  17. And The Philippines signed a Memorandum of Understanding (YOU) that seeks to, strengthen ,the bilateral cooperation of the two countries in the fields of agriculture and
  18. June 1145,Bernard traveled in southern France and his preaching there helped, strengthen ,support against heresy. Following the Christian defeat at the Siege of Odessa
  19. By the cessation of rain falling on you). Both types of reinforcement, strengthen ,behavior, or increase the probability of a behavior reoccurring; the difference
  20. Contempt. It was important not to suffer a defeat, for that would confirm and, strengthen ,this instinctive fear. To make certain of victory, Abu Bakr decided on two
  21. Acquired Washington Nationals right-handed pitcher Jason Marquis to, strengthen ,their starting rotation, in exchange for Minor League shortstop Zach Walters.
  22. The United Dutch Provinces—a series of Anglo-Dutch Wars—which would eventually, strengthen ,England's position in the Americas at the expense of the Dutch. In 1655
  23. Was handed over to Muhammad in a simple marriage ceremony, and this further, strengthen ,the relation between Abu Bakr and Muhammad. In 630 when Muslim armies rushed
  24. And the Philippines signed a Memorandum of Understanding (YOU) that seeks to, strengthen ,the bilateral cooperation of the two countries in the fields of agriculture and
  25. Of U. S. efforts to help Azerbaijan implement its NATO IPA, specifically to, strengthen ,Azerbaijan's ability to control its land and sea borders:" This training is
  26. To undertake work for the 'common good' led Alfred and his court scholars to, strengthen ,and deepen the conception of Christian kingship that he had inherited by
  27. Multiverse) predicts the following: * Physical theory will evolve to, strengthen ,the hypothesis that early phase transitions occur probabilistically rather than
  28. The CFA franc, which is pegged to the euro. Benin’s economy has continued to, strengthen ,over the past years, with real GDP growth estimated at 5.1 percent and 5.7
  29. Fidel Castro's potential as a revolutionary and urged the Soviet Union to, strengthen ,ties with the new Cuban leader. Moscow saw Cuba as having far more appeal with
  30. And an independent foreign policy. More recently, the country has aimed to, strengthen ,ties with other South American countries, and engage in multilateral diplomacy
  31. Branded as the Medico Valley in a Danish-Swedish cooperation. The aim is to, strengthen ,the region's position and to promote cooperation between companies and
  32. In exporting military production to third countries, which will help to, strengthen ,the armed forces of the two states, and further cement the already close
  33. The air. The leftmost division of the XI Corps was unable to deploy in time to, strengthen ,the line, so Doubleday was forced to throw in reserve brigades to salvage his
  34. On January 1,2011. Mayor Nicolai Women argued that the AA spelling would, strengthen ,the city's international profile, help private enterprise and make it easier
  35. Industry, revive the Colombian economy, improve respect for human rights, and, strengthen , the democratic and social institutions of the country. Colombia planned to
  36. In Kunduz. Non-combat deaths The Armenian government’s stated efforts to, strengthen ,and reform the military are called into question by continuing non-combat
  37. Plan in case integrity of the empire was no longer possible. France wished to, strengthen ,its position in the region, especially in the Levant (today's Lebanon, Syria
  38. Is a metal bar called a truss rod, which is incorporated into the neck to, strengthen ,it and provide adjustable counter-tension to the stress of the strings.
  39. From 696 onwards he invited churchmen from the west to organize churches and, strengthen ,Christianity in his duchy (it is unclear what Bavarian religious life
  40. Silver was often found alloyed with gold. These metals were also used to, strengthen ,each other, for more practical purposes. Quite often, precious metals were
  41. An independent foreign policy. Brazilian foreign policy has recently aimed to, strengthen ,ties with other South American countries, engage in multilateral diplomacy
  42. The key to improving symptoms and preventing progression. Physical therapy to, strengthen ,muscles and joints is very helpful. Pain medications are widely required by
  43. Aristocracy. He expanded the spoils' system during his presidency to, strengthen ,his political base. Elected president in 1828,Jackson supported a small and
  44. To the victims of the 2005 Kashmir earthquake. Both nations continue to, strengthen ,the bilateral relations especially in the fields of higher education
  45. UK or Ireland. In 2008,a UK Ministry of Justice report investigating how to, strengthen ,the British sense of citizenship proposed to end this arrangement arguing that
  46. Was an institutional reform to modernize the empire with prime emphasis to, strengthen ,the military. However, the reform was undermined by the corruption of officials
  47. Martin being among the most influential designers of their times); to not only, strengthen ,the top against collapsing under the tremendous stress exerted by the tensioned
  48. Foreign minister Cyprian have met several times this year in an effort to, strengthen ,relations between their countries. Turkey flatly refuses to recognize
  49. To consolidate and strengthen their empire. Theodosius used this opportunity to, strengthen ,the walls of Constantinople, building the city's first sea wall, and to build
  50. Body" ( electrolyte) in a direction" from East to West, or,which will, strengthen ,this help to the memory, that in which the sun appears to move ", the anode is

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