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  1. Will also be a place of great peace and joy, for " God will wipe away every, tear ,from their eyes. There will be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying; and there
  2. Passed it among themselves, used their hands to pull it, and yet it did not, tear , However, they said that Henri would be able to tear it, to which Henri
  3. Heather" ). The gods showed Henri the silken fetter Leaner, told him to, tear ,it, stated that it was much stronger than it appeared, passed it among
  4. Him and turned him into a wolf, His own herd-boys hunt him down And his dogs, tear ,at his haunches. Actaeon, torn apart by dogs incited by Artemis, finds another
  5. S reign. The first action Alexander III took after his coronation was to, tear ,up those plans. A Dump would not come into fruition until 1905,when Alexander
  6. Look blunt. Any new flag would also quickly become unlawful, due to wear and, tear , They also noted that the flag currently used had lengths, of the last two
  7. Thus, ATP was a simple request/response exchange, with no need to set up or, tear ,down connections. An ATP request packet could be answered by up to eight
  8. Shown in modern secular art would not support the weight of the body and would, tear ,through. A platform for the feet would relieve this problem. The bottom bar is
  9. Lives have lost their spirit…we can do nothing to stop them. "" Mr. Gorbachev, tear ,down this wall. " In a speech at the Brandenburg Gate commemorating the 750th
  10. Sex, as the anal sphincter is delicate tissue and the chances of a small, tear ,occurring are much higher, which also provides more opportunity for diseases.
  11. Looks to me that with this ribbon as though I will gain no fame from it if I do, tear ,apart such a slender band, but if it is made with art and trickery, then even
  12. Border with West Berlin was closed. East German troops and workers had begun to, tear ,up streets running alongside the border to make them impassable to most
  13. Reclining on a couch; lewd burlesque dancers gyrate to blaring jazz music and, tear ,at their clothes; a woman gagged and bound to a yoke-like pole is untied by
  14. Grief, / Which finds no natural outlet or relief / In word, or sigh, or, tear , " English writer Samuel Johnson used the term" the black dog" in the 1780s
  15. Back, hip or knee. The disease is essentially one acquired from daily wear and, tear ,of the joint; however, osteoarthritis can also occur as a result of injury.
  16. Some women would suddenly" give the most terrible shrieks while undressing, or, tear , their hair, or scream like maniacs "; the Sonderkommando immediately took them
  17. On whom the last number falls is out. ): One spot, two spot,zigzag, tear .:, tear ,.:, rip 'em, tear 'em.: Day, taw, toe. This was used in the Marx Brothers film
  18. Except for the very young or infirm, elephants always use their trunks to, tear ,up their food and then place it in their mouths. They will graze on grass or
  19. To remove protesters. At the site of some protests, police have used, tear ,gas, pepper spray, concussion grenades, rubber and wooden bullets, night sticks
  20. Had been pirated for equipment needed on the battlefront, and the wear and, tear ,of wartime usage without adequate repairs or replacements reduced all to a
  21. Leo III had been mistreated by the Romans, who tried to put out his eyes and, tear ,out his tongue. Leo escaped and fled to Charlemagne at Paderborn, asking him to
  22. Had its own special meaning. For example, the pelican, which was believed to, tear ,open its breast to bring its young to life with its own blood, was a living
  23. Is sometimes just to transcribe their themes, sometimes to take their ideas, tear ,them apart and build them back up in ways that are true to the band's
  24. While large stags may take 15 minutes to die. Once prey is secured, dholes will, tear ,off pieces of the carcass and eat in seclusion. Unlike wolf packs, in which the
  25. To the sheep; he hath no tooth to bite where the boar's tusk may both raze and, tear ,'). In the summer of 1573 Oxford made plans to travel abroad. In a document
  26. When its ownership would revert to the City of Paris. The City had planned to, tear ,it down (part of the original contest rules for designing a tower was that it
  27. Which occurs around the joint, damage to the joint from disease, daily wear and, tear ,of joint, muscle strains caused by forceful movements against stiff, painful
  28. Serum, but as the epidemic continues, he shows increasing signs of wear and, tear , *Cottar: Cottar lives in the same building as Grand. He does not appear to
  29. Differently, the anal sphincter in general has delicate tissue that can, tear , and the rectal mucous membrane provides insufficient natural lubrication for
  30. A single declamatory phrase, no high dramatics, no drop of blood, not even a, tear , " Every performance of its run was sold out. Another production opened at the
  31. Attacked the British army barricade with stones. At this point, a water cannon, tear ,gas and rubber bullets were used to disperse the rioters. Such confrontations
  32. Number falls is out. ): One spot, two spot,zigzag, tear .:, tear .:, rip 'em, tear ,'em.: Day, taw, toe. This was used in the Marx Brothers film Duck Soup.:
  33. Protesters and Seattle riot police clashed in the streets after police fired, tear ,gas at demonstrators who blocked the streets and refused to disperse. Over 600
  34. Launch platform for a plethora of munitions including, smoke,phosphorus, tear ,gas, illumination,anti-personnel, infrared and radar-jamming rounds.
  35. Coats and short, sharp horns capable of easily impaling holes. They will, tear ,open their prey's flanks and disembowel it, eating the heart, liver,lungs and
  36. Will cling and grapple to you, and no force under heaven will be of power to, tear ,them from their allegiance. But let it be once understood that your government
  37. Elephants use their tusks to root around in the ground for necessary minerals, tear ,apart vegetation, and spar with one another for mating rights. Without tusks
  38. Then the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, to, tear , down the wall as a symbol of increasing freedom in the Eastern Bloc: The Fall
  39. Thanks to a carefully planned timetable, the effects of wear and, tear ,had been kept to a minimum. Captain Parker described the march discipline – "
  40. Not know any concerns but that he only rules. That is why they answer,'You who, tear ,yourself in your anger, shall the earth be forsaken for you or the rock be
  41. Was determined to be due to dangerous Pogo oscillations that threatened to, tear ,the second stage apart. The engine experienced 68g vibrations at 16 hertz
  42. Flares, signals,incendiary or illuminating ammunition and other smoke and, tear ,producing devices. H: Article containing both an explosive substance and white
  43. New machines together, and repair robots to maintain itself against wear and, tear , all without human intervention or direction. The advantage of such a system
  44. And has come to the Cookie Jar to retire. Inspired by his record, Fay begins to, tear ,the records up. As she does, the Cookies appear and begin to dance (“
  45. NixOS is believed (based on similar, later revolts) to have been forced to, tear ,down its walls, and lost its fleet and its vote in the League. Theists In 465 BC
  46. It, and yet it did not tear . However, they said that Henri would be able to, tear ,it, to which Henri replied:" It looks to me that with this ribbon as though I
  47. In classes with mostly female students. He later stated that" it was hard to, tear ,myself away from a machine at which I could so unambiguously demonstrate
  48. The outer layer often splits or separates from the deeper layer, or it can, tear ,off completely. It rarely heals without disfiguring scars. Sunburn can also be
  49. Person on whom the last number falls is out. ): One spot, two spot,zigzag, tear ,.:, tear .:, rip 'em, tear 'em.: Day, taw, toe. This was used in the Marx
  50. Finished in 1923 and is still in operation, but the Sierra Club still wants to, tear ,it down. Other influential conservationists of the Progressive Era included

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