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  1. Being with a right to live, making abortion morally the same as murder. The, latter ,position argues that a woman has certain reproductive rights, especially the
  2. With either power bloc in the Cold War. However, it was a beneficiary of the, latter ,rivalry as both the Soviet Union and the United States vied for influence by
  3. High plains),the most important states were those of Be and Bail undo,the, latter ,being noted for its production of foodstuffs and rubber. The colonial power
  4. In Andorra are the Nursing School and the School of Computer Science,the, latter ,having a PhD program. Virtual Studies Center The geographical complexity of the
  5. Occasionally also the pharyngeal consonants (the former more than the, latter ,). Many dialects have multiple emphatic allophones of each vowel, depending on
  6. Stressed, long o has fallen to a, much like in the former and opposite the, latter , Likewise, Albanian has taken the old relative job and innovative used it
  7. Was declared. The formation of an Albanian national consciousness dates to the, latter ,19th century and is part of the larger phenomenon of rise of nationalism under
  8. On artistic styles. Modernism, the idealistic search for truth, gave way in the, latter ,half of the 20th century to a realization of its attainability. Theodor W.
  9. Upwards form the most important components of fuel oil and lubricating oil. In, latter ,function, they work at the same time as anti-corrosive agents, as their
  10. Expeditions against San Fernando de Omoa in 1779 and San Juan in 1780 (the, latter ,famously led by a young Horatio Nelson) met with only temporary success before
  11. Tatishchev announced that he had proposed the idea to on Strahlenberg. The, latter ,had suggested the Emma River as the lower boundary. Over the next century
  12. Andrea nigroaenea) and the early spider orchid (Offs spheres); the, latter ,is dependent for pollination on the former. Sand bees use pheromones in order
  13. Conquered Egypt, leaving Algeria and Tunisia to their Aired vassals. When the, latter ,rebelled, the Shia Fatimids sent in the Band Hill and Band Slam Arabian
  14. The subject in terms of photochemistry, medicine,and charlatanism. The, latter ,is of interest to the historians of esotericism, psychologists,spiritual and
  15. Society as 4/5 of the landmass of Eurasia – with the western portion of the, latter ,occupied by Europe – located to the east of the Suez Canal, east of the Ural
  16. Units of electromotive force and resistance, the volt and the ohm, since the, latter ,two can be tied to physical phenomena that are relatively easy to reproduce
  17. And collateral appeals are that the former occurs in state courts, and the, latter ,in federal courts. Relief in post-conviction is rare and is most often found in
  18. And used" Delete" to mean" remove the character at the cursor ". That, latter ,interpretation is the most common now. Many more of the control codes have been
  19. A significant difference between Arabic and the Romance languages is that the, latter ,also correspond to a number of different standard written varieties, each of
  20. S politics were, for the most part, an echo of his system of ethics (the, latter ,being expressed in Die Baden Grundprobleme her Ethic, available in English as
  21. Stomachs and weak teeth, he supposed the first was to compensate for the, latter , with Nature trying to preserve a type of balance. Similarly
  22. The overlap of a SP³-orbital of carbon with the 1s-orbital of a hydrogen; the, latter ,by the overlap of two SP³-orbitals on different carbon atoms. The bond lengths
  23. National Physical Laboratory, UK. The TAI form may be denoted TAI (NPL). The, latter ,is not to be confused with TA (NPL),which denotes an independent atomic time
  24. And for waterproofing of various types of pools and baths, with these, latter ,themselves proliferating in the 19th century. On the London stock market, there
  25. To the border with Montenegro, a plan that has gathered criticism from the, latter ,due to basicity in the area. In addition, there is some doubt whether Albania
  26. To look after the former as after friends and relatives, and to deal with the, latter ,as with beasts or plants '. By 335 BC he had returned to Athens, establishing
  27. And Caliphate, with the former being manufactured by Clara Roads and the, latter ,by Claridge's Patent Asphalt Co., although Clara was more widely used.
  28. Dances and art, cuisine,architecture, cinematography and North Bay ram. The, latter ,is the traditional celebration of the ancient New Year. North is a family
  29. Four letters) " tech" for the phoneme and" DSC" for, although the, latter ,is rare. Canadian also uses a tesseragraph for one of its phonemes. * A
  30. Understanding, objects being given by the former sensibility and thought by the, latter ,understanding. " Schopenhauer disagreed. He asserted that mere sense
  31. Alexander garlanded the tomb of Achilles and Reflection that of Patrols,the, latter ,riddling that he was a beloved of Alexander, in just the same way as Patrols
  32. A friend of Ray Bradbury. According to Sam Weller's biography of Bradbury,the, latter ,was dissatisfied with Huxley, especially after Huxley encouraged Bradbury to
  33. Elections were held. In the former, the MPA won an absolute majority. In the, latter , President José Eduardo dos Santos won the first round election with more than
  34. Special unit, Rovshan Javadoc, was averted, resulting in the killing of the, latter ,and disbanding of Azerbaijan's MON units. During his presidency, Aliyev
  35. He used and tested positive for methamphetamine in 1997. In response to the, latter ,revelation, Roger Federer declared himself shocked and disappointed, while
  36. A finite number of known and meaningful context-dependent interpretations. The, latter ,represents a choice between any number of possible interpretations, none of
  37. Theophilus also distinguished between veins and arteries, noting that the, latter ,pulse while the former do not. Though a few ancient atomisms such as Lucretius
  38. Men are" and are more sympathetic to the suffering of others. However,the, latter ,was discounted as weakness rather than humanitarian virtue. Schopenhauer's
  39. In several ways: motive, plot,character. F. Scott Fitzgerald uses the, latter ,type of ambiguity with notable effect in his novel The Great Gatsby. All
  40. A tutor. Many people were passed over including Socrates and Speusippus,the, latter ,of whom was Plato's successor at the Academy and who offered to resign to take
  41. The word has featured in the Longman and Oxford English dictionaries,the, latter ,of which describes it as" a hybrid of the Chinese term taking (space) and
  42. For use within the school (esoteric). Modern scholars commonly assume these, latter ,to be Aristotle’s own (unpolished) lecture notes (or in some cases possible
  43. In Moroccan Arabic, because the former is pronounced as an affricate but the, latter ,is not. ) Grammar Literary Arabic As in other Semitic languages, Arabic has a
  44. Scarcity and high cost of land is compensated with public subsidies,the, latter ,compensates absence of subsidies with economics of scale and low cost of land.
  45. And especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect ". The, latter ,was pivotal in establishing quantum theory within physics. Near the beginning
  46. Words, and that the taste of the former is often outdone by the taste of the, latter , " Reception Korzybski's work influenced Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
  47. With the publication of the generally disputed theories contained in the, latter ,book, that a growing degree of popular controversy arose over the subject of
  48. And Monte were in particular disagreement themselves on this issue, as the, latter ,thought that syndicalism was revolutionary and would create the conditions of a
  49. To control both the game play and the vector hardware at the same time,the, latter ,task was delegated to the DVG. The original design concepts of the DVG came out
  50. Prefer" America the Beautiful" over" The Star-Spangled Banner" due to the, latter ,'s war-oriented imagery. Others prefer" The Star-Spangled Banner" for the

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