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  1. Decades later. Nine years after his mother's death, Tolkien wrote," My own, dear ,mother was a martyr indeed, and it is not to everybody that God grants so easy
  2. A work on optics. Voltaire called him his" Cher cygnet de Parole" ( ", dear ,swan of Padua" ). Two years later he was in London, where he was made a fellow
  3. Nation is in uproar," he wrote. " This is one dead man who is costing the Jews, dear , Our darling Jews will think twice in future before gunning down German
  4. And to celebrate the obsequies of the dead: for they are believed to be most, dear ,to the gods, and to be the most conversant with matters pertaining to Hades. In
  5. Unnamed except as" Mom" and" Dad," or pet names such as" honey" and ", dear ," between themselves. Watterson says," As far as the strip is concerned, they
  6. In several places, for faithfulness to be recognized: *. " Palfreys ... our, dear ,fellow servant ... faithful minister" The First Epistle of Paul to the
  7. Takes place:" There's an expression of melancholy in his face, my, dear , ... which is very interesting. He would make a delightful mute, my love ". The
  8. Me (I carry it in: my heart)I am never without it (anywhere: I go you go, my, dear , ; and whatever is done: by only me is your doing, my darling):
  9. Agrippina by her hand and quoted the Greek line:“ And if you are not queen, my, dear , have I then you wrong? ” Agrippina became involved in a group of Roman
  10. Standing in British official circles could not have been higher. Finally, his, dear , friend and defender, the Dowager Electrons Sophia, died in 1714. Death Leibniz
  11. Ere marriage begun;: In five years there came a bouncing new son.: Alas,the, dear ,child of master and sage: After attaining half the measure of his father's
  12. Man who ate dinner with his wife in silence, occasionally saying" nice peas, dear ,", whilst at the same time nursing an unrequited crush on his colleague
  13. What thank they deserve, we know, though you may guess. And as nothing is more, dear ,to us than the loving conservation of our subjects' hearts, what an undeserved
  14. Content of the conditional threat is the use of force against a victim, their, dear , ones or property. An often used example is" putting a gun to someone's head "
  15. Words and took her. Afterwards, she smiled coyly and told him:" Do not think, dear ,chevalier, that you won me against my will. Better thank our good preacher who
  16. Africa's image among 19th-century European officials. He describes how his ", dear ,aunt" used many of her contacts to secure the job for him, calling him an "
  17. Madeira, until that time, then to be recalled to life by the solar warmth of my, dear ,country! But in all probability, we live in a century too little advanced, and
  18. She to be buried 'in the church of Hackney... as near unto the body of my late, dear ,and noble Lord and husband as may be; only I will that there be in the said
  19. Had originally written the music, Materna, for the 19th century hymn O Mother, dear , Jerusalem in 1882. Ward's music combined with the Bates poem was first
  20. Chance to think long thoughts about the future (praying that we yet have one, dear ,God),and so I have, and so this is the last column of Mr. Blue, under my
  21. The household, dominated by the uncle (whom Ernst nicknamed O We or" Oh, dear ," in a play on his initials),was pious and uncongenial. Hoffmann was to
  22. Harp of my country. Other translations include: The land of my fathers is, dear ,to me, Old land where the minstrels are honored and free; It's warring
  23. To eat, but an abundance of the good things for themselves and those that are, dear ,to them. ” He states also that owning property is not only beneficial for a
  24. Twins "," inseparable companions ". She described Anne at this time:" Anne, dear ,gentle Anne was quite different in appearance from the others, and she was her
  25. S Bible translation. On one occasion he wrote Cole:" I cannot tell you, dear ,Cole, how I hurry on, with all sails set, to holy literature. How I dislike
  26. His Lord and Father in Christ "," The Chosen Watchman "," The Prelate most, dear ,to all the Faithful "," The most beautiful Head of all the Churches of the
  27. Taught to him by his wholesome Midwestern parents, the values he holds most, dear ,: his instinctive knowledge of right and wrong that allows him to adopt his
  28. Influences: # Louis Sullivan, whom he considered to be his 'Lieder Master' (, dear ,master),# Nature, particularly shapes/forms and colors/patterns of plant life
  29. One (title of a novel about Hollywood undertakers by Evelyn Waugh) or the, dear ,departed. (They themselves have given up the euphemism funeral director for
  30. But the Rose replied with a shade of sadness in her voice, : " Ah, my, dear , friend,I bloom but for a time:: my petals soon wither and fall, and then I die
  31. While the blood is still warm and running. These are not fairy tales my, dear ,Cowper but actual gruesome reality in the heart of this poor, benighted savage
  32. McCartney, refers to renting a cottage on the Isle of Wight (if it's not too, dear ,). * The Isle of Wight is called The Island in some editions of Thomas Hardy's
  33. Here but war, where the murdering' cannons roar, : And I wish I was at home in, dear ,old Ireland. The classic image of an Irish immigrant is led to a certain extent
  34. He wrote," My heart was sorely heavy, for scarcely had I enough to keep my, dear ,ones alive; and yet through these dark days I was being led to the development
  35. To protect her daughter. She then penned one final letter to Henry, her " most, dear ,lord and husband ": She died at Bolton Castle, on 1536. The following day
  36. Anguished, provided him with what he asked and reputedly told him," Here, my, dear , son,do not give me more passion, and leave, and let God help you in your
  37. From your strand. A more literal translation is: The old land of my fathers is, dear ,to me, Land of bards and singers, famous men of renown; Her brave warriors
  38. Wife Catherine Parr, of whom Edward soon became fond. He called her his" most, dear ,mother" and in September 1546,wrote to her:" I received so many benefits
  39. With all its reminiscences; however, there will, for a few years yet be many, dear ,ones, to not a few Brooklyn Nets, New Yorkers, and promiscuous crowds besides.
  40. S Proverbs," adages from this almanac, such as" A penny saved is twopence, dear ," (often misquoted as" A penny saved is a penny earned" ) and" Fish and
  41. Together in bed with Margaret Whitley saying," Did the earth move for you too, dear , " This cartoon prompted a page full of outraged letters from Labor partisans
  42. The truth becomes trustworthy like a mother, venerable like a preceptor and, dear ,to everyone like a kinsman. Given that non-violence has priority, all other
  43. Presidential office takes a heavy toll of those who occupy it and those who are, dear ,to them. While we should not refuse to spend and be spent in the service of our
  44. Clarified his position by responding" The Union: Next to our Liberty, the most, dear , " The next year, Calhoun and Jackson broke apart politically from one another.
  45. Of landlords, such as the following:" I grant this food may be somewhat, dear , and therefore very proper for Landlords, who as they have already devoured
  46. X-Men, even entrapping Mystique into helping him (even though she killed his, dear ,friend, Moira MacTaggert). The mutant Sage was recruited at the same point as
  47. Letter. Love is not orderly; it is this which has made it confused. Farewell, dear ,hearts of mine; pray for me that I may live in God. " As soon as they set sail
  48. The following is a fairly free translation in verse. The land of my fathers is, dear ,unto me, Old land where the minstrels are honored and free: Its
  49. Men. I envy you your beauty and your perfume. " The Rose replied," I indeed, dear ,Amaranth, flourish but for a brief season! If no cruel hand pluck me from my
  50. In the theatrical adaptations. The English translation renders this as" My, dear ,old Getafe | | How good to see you here ", with the reply" Aha, an

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