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  1. She lost an eye. Refusing to eat, Agrippina was force-fed but later starved, herself ,to death. There is a possibility malnutrition contributed to her death. She
  2. So annoyed at Zeus producing a child that she conceived and bore Hephaestus by, herself , Plato, in Craters (407B) gave the etymology of her name as signifying" the
  3. Was greater than that of Athena herself . Athena gave Arachne a chance to redeem, herself ,by assuming the form of an old woman and warning Arachne not to offend the
  4. Assessment of Elizabeth belongs to a higher order of abstraction than Elizabeth, herself , Korzybski's remedy was to deny identity; in this example, to be aware
  5. Brigid would play for Andy tapes she had made of phone conversations between, herself ,and her mother, socialite Honey Berlin. The play featured Jayne County as "
  6. Lust for her own father. Cinemas is repulsed by this, but Myrrh disguises, herself ,as a prostitute, and secretly sleeps with her father at night. Eventually
  7. Couple had secretly married circulated in 2003 and again in 2005. Kournikova, herself ,has consistently refused to directly confirm or deny the status of her personal
  8. Of 4 July 1862 during which Alice's Adventures were first told, with Alice as, herself , and the others represented by birds: the Lord was Lorna Liddell, the Eaglet
  9. Wisdom, fame and glory in battle, but Aphrodite came forth and presented, herself ,to Paris naked. She whispered to Paris that if he were to choose her as the
  10. A political liability for European politicians, especially in Britain (who had, herself ,abolished slavery in her own colonies in 1834). War
  11. A conventional Roman wife was required to stay home. Agrippina had earned, herself ,a reputation as a heroic woman and wife. During her time in Germania, Agrippina
  12. A spider. In some versions, the destruction of her loom leads Arachne to hang, herself ,in despair; Athena takes pity on her, and transforms her into a spider. The
  13. As abortion is not an affordable option, moves in with the father and finds, herself ,involved with drugs, has no opportunities, and questioning if she loves her
  14. Would refer to her brother as" an amiable of a brother ". Agatha described, herself ,as having had a very happy childhood. While she never received any formal
  15. Of July 4,1862, during which Alice's Adventures were first told, with Alice as, herself , and the others represented by birds: the Lord was Lorna Liddell, the Eaglet
  16. As the third daughter of Zeus or the fact she was born from Métis, Zeus,and, herself ,; various legends list her as being the first child after Artemis and Apollo
  17. Underworld and decided to open the box and take a bit of the beauty for, herself , thinking that if she did so, Eros would surely love her. Inside was an" in
  18. DVD, which covers her entire singing career, the viewer is guided by Gangsta, herself ,through the years. From her TV debut in Sweden 1967 to the TV performances she
  19. The temptation to kill her detective off while he was still popular. She saw, herself ,as an entertainer whose job was to produce what the public liked, and the
  20. That if a woman succeeds in withdrawing from the mass, or rather raising, herself ,above the mass, she grows ceaselessly and more than a man. " Heredity and
  21. As a heroic woman and wife. During her time in Germania, Agrippina had proved, herself ,to be an efficient and effective diplomat. Agrippina had reminded Germanic us on
  22. Clips are included in the set and each performance is explained by Gangsta, herself , The interview with Gangsta was filmed in the Swiss Alps in summer 2005.
  23. Christie's criminal skill. In the 1986 TV play, Murder by the Book, Christie, herself , ( Dame Peggy Ashcroft) murdered one of her fictional-turned-real characters
  24. Myself: The Somewhat Private Life of Allen Ginsberg. She also tried to kill, herself ,by slitting her wrists and was soon taken to Grey stone, a mental hospital; she
  25. Were popular and successful light comedies, but were disappointing to Christie, herself ,; nevertheless, Agatha Christie dedicated the novel The Mirror Crack'd from
  26. Not fool and flatter women; we do not despise and abuse them. To us, a woman is, herself , absolute, original,independent, free,self-justified, exactly as a man is.
  27. Choirs of men and boys. This resulted from an explicit addition by Elizabeth, herself ,to the injunctions accompanying the 1559 Book of Common Prayer (that had
  28. Children should not learn to read until they were eight, but Agatha taught, herself ,to read at four. Her father taught her mathematics via story problems, and the
  29. A weaver that she began claiming that her skill was greater than that of Athena, herself , Athena gave Arachne a chance to redeem herself by assuming the form of an old
  30. To her chambers. Lydia, jealous of her sister because she wanted Apollo for, herself , told Orchards the truth, betraying her sister's trust and confidence in her.
  31. The nature of the moral code surrounding her, the apparent lack of escape for, herself ,and the heroes she worships, and her unnamed desire to remove support from the
  32. The various Athena subgroups, or cults, all branching from the central goddess, herself ,often proctored various initiation rites of Grecian youth, for example, the
  33. Some authors believe that, in early times, Athena was either an owl, herself ,or a bird goddess in general: in Book 3 of the Odyssey, she takes the form of a
  34. Kills her. Distraught over what she has done, Athena takes the name Dallas for, herself , When Dallas is Athena's father the events, including her birth, are located
  35. An artist also may be defined unofficially as" a person who expresses him- or, herself ,through a medium ". The word is also used in a qualitative sense of, a person
  36. Youth, Miss Marple spent time in Europe at a finishing school. She is not, herself ,from the aristocracy or landed gentry, but is quite at home amongst them; Miss
  37. International bestseller, and in an interview with Mike Wallace, Rand declared, herself ," the most creative thinker alive. " Atlas Shrugged was to be Rand's last work
  38. At home amongst them; Miss Marple would probably have been happy to describe, herself ,as a gentlewoman. In They Do It With Mirrors (1952),it is mentioned that
  39. Of Zeus and Done, the mother goddess whose oracle was at Dodoma. Aphrodite, herself ,was sometimes also referred to as" Done. "" Done" seems to be a feminine
  40. The deaths of Agamemnon's followers too ". In some later versions Clytemnestra, herself ,does the killing, or they do it together, in his own home. Historical prototype
  41. Does not see anything because there is no Mrs. McGillicuddy. Miss Marple, herself ,sees an apparent murder committed on a train running alongside hers. Likewise
  42. To minimal medical standards, or both. " They may be performed by the woman, herself , by another person without medical training, or by a healthcare professional
  43. Once saying that nobody can write an Agatha Christie novel but the authoress, herself , However, she does have her detractors, most notably the American novelist
  44. To protect himself. Impressed by his resolve and shrewdness, she reveals, herself ,and tells him what he needs to know in order to win back his kingdom. She
  45. Murder committed on a train running alongside hers. Likewise, it is Miss Marple, herself ,who poses as a maid to find out the facts of the case, not a young friend of
  46. Is thought to be based on a combination of Miss Marple, Agatha Christie, herself , and another Christie character, Ariadne Oliver, who often appears in the
  47. Desire to remove support from the machinations she abhors, Cherryl throws, herself ,from a bridge to her death after witnessing her husband James Haggard sleeping
  48. Would forever pit Carthage against Rome. She then committed suicide by stabbing, herself ,with the same sword she gave Aeneas when they first met and then falling on the
  49. Every case, Athena kills Dallas, accidentally,and thereby gains the name for, herself , In one telling, they practice the arts of war together until one day they have
  50. Comfits from her pocket to all as prizes. However, this leaves no prize for, herself , The Dodo inquires what else she has in her pocket. As she has only a thimble

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