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  1. Prone in South Africa and in Waikiki became some of the first Britons to surf, standing ,up. Disappearance In late 1926,Agatha's husband, Archie,revealed that he was
  2. His slender face and the deep eyes express an intellectual eternity. These free, standing ,statues were usually marble, but also the form rendered in limestone, bronze
  3. Hours (male youth) is the modern term given to those representations of, standing ,male youths which first appear in the archaic period in Greece. This type
  4. S court testimony, she deliberately annoyed him by raising her voice while, standing ,right outside his door. Marque alleged that the philosopher had assaulted and
  5. Gorgon (gorgonize) in the center and snakes around the edge. It is in this, standing ,posture that she was depicted in Phidias's famous lost gold and ivory statue
  6. 19th century, the remains of at least one Roman villa or large house were still, standing ,not far from where the Canada Presidential Residence stands today. To the west
  7. Ashokmudra) The Lion capital of Ashoka is a sculpture of four" Indian lions ", standing ,back to back. It was originally placed atop the Asoka pillar at Sarah, now in
  8. Firearms such as the Spencer repeating rifle, soldiers were mowed down when, standing ,in lines in the open. This led to the adoption of trench warfare, a style of
  9. First wave punk band The Clash. Attendance to his poetry readings was generally, standing ,room only for most of his career, no matter where in the world he appeared.
  10. And depicts a knight rendered in Art Deco style holding a crusader's sword, standing ,on a reel of film with five spokes. The five spokes each represent the original
  11. On columns. Opening from the western side of the cloister, but actually, standing ,in the outer court, is the refectory (G),a large cruciform building, about
  12. The nucleus in the sense of a planet orbiting the sun, but instead exist as, standing ,waves. The lowest possible energy an electron can take is therefore analogous
  13. Racing, the objective is to complete a given straight-line distance, from a, standing ,start, ahead of a vehicle in a parallel lane. This distance is traditionally ¼
  14. Things shall come upon this generation" ( Matthew 23:36). " There be some, standing ,here which shall not taste of death till they see the Son of man coming in his
  15. In protest against FIDE's new world championship rules. For his decades-long, standing ,among the world's elite, Karpov is considered one of the greatest players of
  16. To be forward-backward ones). The instability is therefore worsened when, standing ,with the feet together, regardless of whether the eyes are open or closed. This
  17. Through contribution to research, scholarship,public service or professional, standing ,to the good of architecture in Canada, or elsewhere, may be recognized as a
  18. To conduct foreign relations and to declare war. No states could have navies or, standing ,armies, or engage in war, without permission of Congress (although the
  19. State of about. This is a limestone belt with parallel hard rock ridges left, standing ,by erosion to form mountains. Although the general direction of the mountains
  20. Flag of India. The capital contains four lions (Indian / Asiatic Lions), standing , back to back, mounted on an abacus, with a frieze carrying sculptures in high
  21. A tense scene in Seven Samurai in which the samurai Shichirôji, who is, standing , wishes to console the peasant Mango, who is sitting on the ground, and he gets
  22. And the Rapid Intervention Police. The National Police are in the process of, standing ,up an air wing, which will provide helicopter support for police operations.
  23. The outputs from the inputs. In reinforcement learning A few of the most long, standing ,questions that have remained unanswered are these: should artificial
  24. Over manualism in the late 19th century. Many notable individuals of high, standing ,contributed to this debate, such as Alexander Graham Bell. The oralists won
  25. Benjamin Becker of Germany in four sets. Agassi received an eight minute, standing ,ovation from the crowd after the match and delivered a memorable retirement
  26. Standing position while maintaining/improving their health ( standing frame, standing ,wheelchair, active stander). * Walking products to aid people with
  27. User to view the playing area while the spectators in front of them were, standing , This case and another related case established precedent on seat distribution
  28. World and is the kind of man alluded to in her youth when she imagines a man, standing ,off in the distance, at the end of a great set of railroad tracks and all her
  29. Just west of Monastical. Mission is home to the ancient Temple of Hephaestus, standing ,atop a small hill. This area also has a picturesque 11th Century Byzantine
  30. It is common to use Greek letters (α, β,γ, θ,φ, ...) to serve as variables, standing ,for the size of some angle. (To avoid confusion with its other meaning, the
  31. In the standing position while maintaining/improving their health (, standing ,frame, standing wheelchair, active stander). * Walking products to aid people
  32. Office. With Rome's civil wars at an end, Augustus was also able to create a, standing ,army for the Roman Empire, fixed at a size of 28 legions of about 170,000
  33. By quantum mechanics, in which the electrons are most accurately described as, standing ,waves surrounding the nucleus. Atomic orbitals are typically described as “
  34. Include the curb cut is a related structural innovation. Other examples are, standing ,frames, text telephones, accessible keyboards, large print, Braille,& speech
  35. Seats). * Standing products to support people with disabilities in the, standing ,position while maintaining/improving their health ( standing frame, standing
  36. Oneself, performing manual tasks, seeing,hearing, eating,sleeping, walking, standing , lifting, bending,speaking, breathing,learning, reading,concentrating
  37. Any other of the principal buildings. The abbot's residence, still partly, standing , adjoined the entrance-gate. The guest-house was close by. The bakehouse, also
  38. Expeditions to the Levant. In the New Kingdom, a series of pharaohs used the, standing ,Egyptian army to attack and conquer Kush and parts of the Levant. Typical
  39. Postural instability, in which the person tends to separate his/her feet upon, standing , in order to gain a wider base and to avoid situation (bodily oscillations
  40. Involving the top six teams in the AFC (the four division champions by place, standing ,and the top two remaining non-division-champion teams (" wild cards" ) by
  41. Prevent the Germans from landing arms for the Irish Republican Army, is still, standing ,on Montage. During the Second World War this post was rebuilt by the Irish
  42. Orbitals can be understood qualitatively by considering the analogous case of, standing ,waves on a circular drum. The many modes of the vibrating disk form the shape
  43. To Sarah, in the 3rd century BC. It has a four-lion capital (four lions, standing ,back to back) which was adopted as the emblem of the modern Indian republic.
  44. Increase bellows control while sitting, and avoid dropping the instrument while, standing , Other accordions, such as the diatonic button accordion, have only a single
  45. Makes reference to lines of sight, no specific reference is made to seeing over, standing ,patrons. The MCI Center, designed by Elder Becket Architects & Engineers, was
  46. May. Two of these games are assigned on the basis of the team's final division, standing ,in the previous season. The remaining 8 games are split between the roster of
  47. Of the 2 games assigned on the strength of each team's prior division, standing , (i.e. the division winner will face the other two division winners in the
  48. The screen to the other, with the actors at the end coming forward a little and, standing ,more in profile than the others. The purpose of the composition is to allow
  49. And age are sitting are called suwari-waza, and techniques performed with use, standing ,and age sitting are called Hanoi Gandhi. For instance, katate-dori Tokyo
  50. Cultures within the Seljuk realm, and allowed Alp Asian to field a huge, standing ,army, without depending on tribute from conquest to pay his soldiery. He not

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