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  1. For eating human corpses stolen from graves. They were cooking body parts for, meal ,when arrested; the police also recovered remains of human body parts from their
  2. Neeps). A dessert course, cheese courses, coffee,etc. may also be part of the, meal , The courses normally use traditional Scottish recipes. For instance dessert
  3. Using a mixture of scratch made, and factory made foods together to make a, meal , " Home-cooking" may be associated with comfort food, and some commercially
  4. Breakfast, along with healthy portions of pork. Salted pork was a staple of any, meal , as it was used in the preparations of vegetables for flavor, in addition to
  5. The problem because they need to eat products from other fish, such as fish, meal ,and fish oil. Studies have shown that salmon farming has major negative impacts
  6. Mussels and trout. With a large sheep population, Achill lamb is a very popular, meal ,on the island too. Furthermore, Chill has a big population of cows which
  7. Tax of 1 %, which means that a diner in Mobile would pay an 11 % tax on a, meal , Sales and excise taxes in Alabama account for 51 % of all state and local
  8. 8-day old male infants by a model. The Brit Milan is followed by a celebratory, meal ,(Seurat mitzvah). Biblical references According to the Hebrew Bible () God
  9. Large economy class galley is installed near the aft doors, allowing for faster, meal ,service and ground loading. Subsequently adopted for all new-build 767s,the
  10. Argentine cuisine is the preparation of homemade food, especially when a, meal ,is prepared in somebody's honor, to celebrate an occasion, or simply to meet
  11. And observed a common rule. (They had no refectory, but ate their common, meal , of bread and water only, when the day's labor was over, reclining on strewn
  12. Into his quarters by pretending to be sick and desiring her to cook a special, meal ,for him. While in his quarters, and ignoring her protests, he raped her. Two
  13. Flights of two hours or more that operate within a traditional meal time, full, meal , service is included. Flights with a duration longer than two and one half hours
  14. Versions may come with noodles. Authentic Cantonese Wonton Soup is a full, meal ,in itself consisting of thin egg noodles and some pork and prawn wontons in
  15. Purchased from entrepreneurial home cooks and consumed for a light evening, meal , Argentine food also reflects its European roots and sometimes varies in
  16. Age, rather than food poisoning. The precise contents of the Buddha's final, meal ,are not clear, due to variant scriptural traditions and ambiguity over the
  17. Down with the" water of life" ( use Bertha) – Scotch whiskey. When the, meal ,reaches the coffee stage various speeches and toasts are given. In order, the
  18. With a duration longer than two and one half hours that do not fall within a, meal ,time have snack service for those classes. Headsets are two dollars on domestic
  19. The early church that which is known as the Agape or Love Feast (the communal, meal ,) was the only Lord's Supper they practiced. Lois accepted that belief and
  20. Prostitutes, Corbett castrated himself with a pair of scissors. He then ate a, meal ,and went to a prayer meeting, before going for medical treatment. Military
  21. Dinner is served, and the characters' " Perpetual Anticipation" enlivens that, meal , At dinner, Charlotte attempts to flirt with Fredrik, while Anne and Desiree
  22. Even mandatory, for people to take part in social gatherings aimed at sharing a, meal , In fact, inviting people to have dinner at home is usually viewed as a symbol
  23. Speech given by a male guest in thanks to those women who had prepared the, meal , However nowadays, it is much more wide-ranging, and generally covers the male
  24. And associated Bahamas are named, and their enjoyment is likened to savoring a, meal ,: NASA is the enjoyment of flavors that arise from the proper preparation of
  25. 1970s,and 1980s. Cuisine varies by region, but a large, one-course,evening, meal ,is common throughout the country. A typical dish is based on coco yams, maize
  26. Toast will be proposed to the haggis, then the company will sit and enjoy the, meal , The main course is haggis, and is traditionally served with mashed potatoes (
  27. Was really the king of the gods, Lycaon killed his grandson and prepared a, meal ,made from his flesh. Zeus noticed and became very angry, transforming Lyon
  28. On pizza, sautéed with caramelized mango or in steak form dusted with cracker, meal ,and flour. Sport harvesting Australia Tasmania supplies approximately 25 % of
  29. Which he moved, crawling forth by night in search of some rich offal for a, meal , The character is thought to have been partly based on Key Solomon, a 19th
  30. Art is also used to apply judgments of value, as in such expressions as" that, meal ,was a work of art" ( the cook is an artist),or" the art of deception ", (
  31. Immigrants in Canada, they reported alcohol was even an integral part of their, meal , and is the only time solo drinking should occur. They also believe alcohol is
  32. Cell or hut, according to Solomon, contained three monks. They took their chief, meal ,in a common refectory or dining hall at 3 P. M., up to which hour they usually
  33. Of his website, Brooks explains that the" Double Quarter-Pounder with Cheese ", meal ,from McDonald's possesses a special" base frequency" and that he thus
  34. Up by his maternal grandfather Lyon, to whom one day Zeus went and had a, meal , To verify that the guest was really the king of the gods, Lycaon killed his
  35. The daily chamber music performances held during Emperor Joseph II's evening, meal , Salary quickly impressed the Emperor, and Weissmann was instructed to bring
  36. Of this species is known as beekeeping or agriculture. Bees are the favorite, meal ,of Crops piaster, the bee-eater bird. Other common predators are king birds
  37. 49 seconds #Repas de bee (" Baby's Breakfast" ( lit. " baby's, meal ,") ),41 seconds #Le Salt à la Ouverture (" Jumping Onto the Blanket" ),41
  38. Empada little salt pies filled with shrimps or hearth of palm. But the everyday, meal ,consist most of rice and beans with beef and salad. It's common to mix it with
  39. On all domestic flights of two hours or more that operate within a traditional, meal ,time, full meal service is included. Flights with a duration longer than two
  40. In the blood. The gametes are taken up by the insect vector during a blood, meal , The microgametes migrate within the gut of the insect vector and fuse with the
  41. Eats a light breakfast and two hearty meal s, with dinner being the largest, meal ,of the day. Wheat and rye breads are consumed in Belarus, but rye is more
  42. S Supper) is the part of liturgical worship that consists of a consecrated, meal , usually bread and wine. Justin Martyr described the Eucharist: Some Christian
  43. Meaning 'like the father '. Seurat mitzvah After the ceremony, a celebratory, meal ,takes place. At the brat Amazon additional introductory lines, known as
  44. Of the 19th century. ) In most parts of Argentina, lunch is the biggest, meal ,of the day. Most of the cities (excluding Buenos Aires) close for lunchtime.
  45. Invited Odysseus' crew to a feast of familiar food, a pottage of cheese and, meal , sweetened with honey and laced with wine, but also laced with one of her
  46. That even some authentic Chinese restaurants serve them at the end of the, meal ,as dessert and may feature Chinese translations of the English fortunes. *
  47. Ottoman Turks and each group has left its mark on Albanian cuisine. The main, meal ,of Albanians is lunch, and it is usually accompanied by a salad of fresh
  48. Describes popular Hindi cinema films which serve a so called balanced emotional, meal ,for the masses, savored as NASA by these spectators. NASA theory blossoms
  49. But careful of useful experience. Apart from learning how to exist on one, meal ,a day and other artistic exercises, he worked at an open-air park show, sang
  50. Close for lunchtime. This is when most people return home to enjoy a large, meal , Traditional lunches in Argentina are long and well-developed. Most of the

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