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  1. The Allies own air forces, and they were largely unneeded. Cold War and later On, occasion ,Spaces have been used as very effective direct fire weapons against infantry
  2. But he was not perhaps as charismatic as Julius Caesar, and was influenced on, occasion ,by his third wife, Livia (sometimes for the worse). Nevertheless, his legacy
  3. People undergoing any important stage in individuation seems to produce, on, occasion , imagery known to Alchemy and relevant to the person's situation. Jung did not
  4. Was banished. In prison at Annamaria, Agrippina protested violently. On one, occasion , Tiberius ordered a centurion to flog her and in the course she lost an eye.
  5. Showed no interest in her and was devoted to his wife Emilia Lipid. On one, occasion , Galba's mother-in-law gave Agrippina, in a whole bevy of married women, a
  6. Even a 20th-century Surrealist, such as Paul Eduard, used alexandrines on, occasion , such as in these lines from L'Elite DES sexes (in Capital de la doubler)
  7. Which aired on ABC),as the two shows crossed over with one another on, occasion , a very rare occurrence for two shows that aired on different networks. Episode
  8. Was named to the ". Com 25" by a panel of Silicon Valley influencers on the, occasion ,of the same anniversary. In January 2000,AOL and Time Warner announced plans
  9. Made the speakers say what he felt was appropriate for them to say on the, occasion ,while adhering as much as possible to the general sense of what they said.
  10. Warmth and integration. Furthermore, Sunday family reunions are generally an, occasion ,to eat Amado or pasta. Another prevailing feature characterizing Argentine
  11. And manager Sting Anderson celebrated his 50th birthday with a party. For this, occasion , ABBA recorded the track" Novas Little" ( a pun on the Swedish name for
  12. Of sports and cultural clubs, schools and other civic institutions. On the, occasion ,of the Reichsstädter Age, from 11 until 13 September 2009 the first conference
  13. Married the daughter of a man he had slain, and how she waited for a suitable, occasion ,for revenge, eventually poisoning him. She had previously fallen in love with
  14. Himself emperor in Gaul. With Ursicinus he went twice to the East. On one, occasion ,he was separated from Ursicinus and took refuge in Amid, which was then
  15. 1928,Amsterdam hosted the Summer Olympics. The Olympic Stadium built for the, occasion ,has been completely restored and is now used for cultural and sporting events
  16. Food, especially when a meal is prepared in somebody's honor, to celebrate an, occasion , or simply to meet friends. The tradition of locally preparing food is passed
  17. To Allen and was social adviser for foreign employees. God parenthood On the, occasion ,of the 1980 Reichsstädter Age, Aalen took over god parenthood for the more than
  18. For persecuting the blood of his predecessor; Tacitus, in writing of the, occasion , believed this behavior to be part of a beginning of" the chain of events
  19. Conflicts these" technical" are the only combat vehicles present. On, occasion , even the soldiers of national militaries are forced to adapt their
  20. Diamondbacks minority owner) Matt Williams also does color commentary on, occasion , as does former Cardinals and NBC broadcast legend Joe Parabola, Sr., a
  21. The experiment took place at the Skaramagas naval base outside Athens. On this, occasion ,70 mirrors were used, each with a copper coating and a size of around five by
  22. To this day rumors persist that Crowley introduced Huxley to peyote on that, occasion , He was introduced to mescaline (considered to be the key active ingredient of
  23. Listener in 1972,he said that he had heard the phrase several times since that, occasion , However, no other record of the expression being used before 1962 has ever
  24. And to this day rumors persist that he introduced Huxley to peyote on that, occasion , Other drug use Crowley developed a drug addiction after a London doctor
  25. Concerned the Athenians, after Salamis had come into their possession, on which, occasion ,Solon is said to have inserted a line in the Iliad (2.557-558),for the
  26. 1994). Music * Joaquin DES Prey composed the motet" Absalom, fili mi" on the, occasion ,of the death of Juan Borgia. * Leonard Cohen's poem" Prayer for Sunset "
  27. Stories (from one to four pages). It was a tribute to Albert Uderzo on the, occasion ,of his 80th birthday by 34 renowned European comics artists. The volume was
  28. IVES, wrote a piece about Grothendieck for a special volume published on the, occasion ,of the IHÉS's fortieth anniversary. The Grothendieck Festschrift was a
  29. First place, but re-voting relegated Andersson's song to second place. On that, occasion ,Andersson briefly met his future spouse, singer Anti-fraud Gangsta, who also
  30. To be an efficient and effective diplomat. Agrippina had reminded Germanic us on, occasion ,of his relation to Augustus. A few months before Augustus’ death in 14,the
  31. Drinking songs: According to the grammarian Athens, Alcaeus made every, occasion ,an excuse for drinking, and he has provided posterity several quotes in proof of
  32. 500. 1000 and 1500 are regularly encountered as jury sizes and on at least one, occasion , the first time a new kind of case was brought to court (see grape paranoia
  33. So delicate, it has been allowed to travel to Australia only twice. The first, occasion ,was in 1988 for a museum tour as part of the Australian Bicentenary
  34. So accurate was her description of thallium poisoning that on at least one, occasion ,it helped solve a case that was baffling doctors. To honor her many literary
  35. For the Harmonious Development of Man. He did not meet the founder on that, occasion , but called Gurdjieff a" tip-top man" in his diary. Crowley privately
  36. They say the word he instructed them to cut themselves with a blade on each, occasion ,to serve as warning or reminder. Later the student could move on to the" Horse
  37. The role of the social forums. Some see them as a" popular university ",an, occasion ,to make many people aware of the problems of globalization. Others would prefer
  38. Conducted twice a year. Yet, despite engaging more men and hardware on each, occasion , the Soviets were unable to defeat Massoud's forces. In 1982,the Soviets
  39. Bishop Ambrose forbade her to use the offering of wine, since " it might be an, occasion ,of gluttony for those who were already given to drink ". So, Augustine wrote of
  40. Best in the game, and helped him win the Wimbledon title in 1992. On the rare, occasion ,that he charged the net, Agassi liked to take the ball in the air and hit a
  41. The band received its first glockenspiel from TV host Peter Frankenfeld on the, occasion ,of a TV appearance. Museums and memorial sites Museums In the central district
  42. Preferred to emulate her father, often accompanying him to war. Ares, upon one, occasion , incurred the anger of Poseidon by slaying his son Halirrhothius, who had raped
  43. While the monument Trophy of Augustus near Monaco was built to honor the, occasion , The capture of the Alpine region also served the next offensive in 12 BC, when
  44. Uniquely divided over the results and appropriate memorials to acknowledge the, occasion , Name" 150 Years Later Remembering the American Civil/NP"> War"/> While
  45. League in eight of Wenger's first eleven seasons at the club, although on no, occasion ,were they able to retain the title. Arsenal had never progressed beyond the
  46. Not all Jews speak a Semitic language. The term anti-Semitic has been used on, occasion ,to include bigotry against other Semitic-language peoples such as Arabs, but
  47. To make good his escape from the victorious Athenians then celebrated the, occasion ,in a poem that he later sent to his friend, Melanippus. It is thought that
  48. Great success was in the realm of serious opera. Commissioned for an unknown, occasion ,Salieri's Armada was based on Toronto Tasso's epic poem La Jerusalem
  49. The new name for Saint Petersburg),where they faced desperate conditions, on, occasion , nearly starving. After the Russian Revolution, universities were opened to
  50. Euro in 2002). * 1998 marked the centenary anniversary of Aalto's birth. The, occasion ,was marked in Finland not only by several books and exhibitions but also by the

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