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  1. Was unknown. While moving within the cabin, Aldrin accidentally broke the, circuit ,breaker that would arm the main engine for lift off from the Moon. There was
  2. Event was last held in 2007 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. A Formula One, circuit ,will need to be built at an estimated cost of $250 to $300 million, paid for by
  3. And Esther's Follies. The Victory Grill was a renowned venue on the Caitlin ', circuit , Public art and performances in the parks and on bridges are popular. Austin
  4. Had the words" B52/ROCK LOBSTER" silk-screen printed onto their printed, circuit ,board, a reference to the popular song" Rock Lobster" The Amiga 600
  5. Kickers setting up a factory and aerodrome there during World War I. The racing, circuit ,was closed in 1939 as wartime aircraft production took over. Damage done to
  6. Audi model range. In the USA As Audi moved away from rallying and into, circuit ,racing, they chose to move first into America with the Trans-Am in 1988. In
  7. It may mean that the ratio of the output power of an electric or optical, circuit ,to the input power should be doubled. It may mean that the gain of the
  8. Nations ", can still be seen, built into the eastern side of the inner, circuit ,of the walls of Ankara Castle. The Column of Julian which was erected in honor
  9. An acquittal of the more serious offenses. " A trial on the same charges in the, circuit ,court does not violate double jeopardy principles, ... subject only to the
  10. Officer in the Advance Wars video games * Adder (electronics),an electronic, circuit ,to add binary numbers Aeneas (; Greek:, Aineías, derived from Greek Αἰνή
  11. Of its day, which were sold as kits, the Apple I was a fully assembled, circuit ,board containing about 60+ chips. However, to make a working computer, users
  12. Then let us sing: Advance Australia fair! An automatic number announcement, circuit ,(ANA) is a special telephone number that is meant to be used by phone
  13. Always stay in the same order as the lower court when an appeal is taken to the, circuit ,courts of appeals, and are re-ordered only if the appeal reaches the United
  14. Of information into digital format. The concept being measured over the, circuit , whether sound, light,pressure, temperature,or an exceeded limit, remains
  15. Defined in amps (e.g.," a 20 MA circuit " ) and the flow of charge through a, circuit ,over a period of time will be defined in coulombs (e.g.," a variable-current
  16. Adder, a character from The Animals of Farthing Wood * Adder, an electronic, circuit ,designed to do addition * Adder Technology, a KVM and A/V Manufacturing company
  17. The Touring and Super Touring categories of motor racing after success in, circuit ,racing in North America. Rallying In 1980,Audi released the Quarto, a
  18. Clips 500 V8 Supercars race make use of sections of the former Formula One, circuit , Geography Adelaide is located north of the Ferries Peninsula, on the Adelaide
  19. In MNS regions of individuals with ASD, delay in the activation in the core, circuit ,for imitation in individuals with Asperger syndrome, and a correlation between
  20. Over a period of time will be defined in coulombs (e.g.," a variable-current, circuit ,that flows a total of 10 coulombs over 5 seconds" ). In this way, amperes can
  21. For Formula One racing was hosted by Adelaide from 1985 to 1995 on a street, circuit ,in the city's eastern parkland. However, in 2009,at the former governor's
  22. The scale changes from one image to the next. AM modulation methods Modulation, circuit ,designs can be broadly divided into low and high level. Low-Level Generation In
  23. High pressure in a cryogenic oxygen tank, to include: *Pulling the two heater, circuit ,breakers to open to remove the energy source, *Performing a 2-minute purge, or
  24. Of others before their own by making charitable donations, another brain, circuit ,was selectively activated: the subgenus cortex/septal region. These structures
  25. Circuit to read the outputs of the game controller, Wozniak used a simple timer, circuit ,whose period was proportional to the resistance of the game controller, and
  26. Stated that '"This Court has repeatedly held that the effect of an appeal to, circuit ,court is to" annul the judgment of the inferior tribunal as completely as if
  27. Refresh circuit for the DRAM chips. Rather than use a complex analog-to-digital, circuit ,to read the outputs of the game controller, Wozniak used a simple timer circuit
  28. Shaken loose and was floating between the switch and the contact, closing the, circuit , The immediate solution—tapping on the panel next to the switch—did work
  29. Sang the backup vocals. Gangsta toured and performed regularly in the folk park, circuit ,and made appearances on radio and TV. She met Slaves briefly in 1963 during a
  30. Will be turning 13 later this year, is the under-18's champion on the girls ', circuit , Education The people of Antigua & Barbuda enjoy a more-than-90 % literacy rate
  31. Product detector, can provide better quality demodulation, at the cost of added, circuit ,complexity. Augustin-Jean Fresnel (;; 1788–1827),was a French engineer who
  32. Current (e.g., the nominal flow of charge per second through a simple, circuit ,) will be defined in amps (e.g.," a 20 MA circuit " ) and the flow of charge
  33. An acquittal of the greater offense, permitting trial de Nova in the, circuit ,court only for the lesser-included offense. " In an appeal on the record from a
  34. Apple II's were assembled in Silicon Valley, and later in Texas; printed, circuit ,boards were manufactured in Ireland and Singapore. An external 5¼-inch floppy
  35. Solution—tapping on the panel next to the switch—did work briefly, but the, circuit ,soon closed again. If the problem recurred after the descent engine fired, the
  36. Staffer quoted by the magazine, Myrick had appeared regularly on the Amway, circuit , speaking at hundreds of rallies and selling $5 and $10 audiotapes. In July
  37. Nothing. It may mean that the ratio of the output voltage of an electric, circuit ,to the input voltage should be doubled. It may mean that the ratio of
  38. Memory contention issues and also eliminated the need for a separate refresh, circuit ,for the DRAM chips. Rather than use a complex analog-to-digital circuit to read
  39. Advancement over its predecessor, the Apple I, a limited-production bare, circuit ,board computer for electronics hobbyists that pioneered many features that made
  40. Is a measure of the amount of electric charge passing a point in an electric, circuit ,per unit time with 6.241 × 1018 electrons, or one coulomb per second
  41. Internet through 2008 even though she had retired from the professional tennis, circuit ,years earlier. After slipping from first to sixth among athletes in 2009,she
  42. 120 V AC Most United States domestic power suppliers run at 120 V. Household, circuit ,breakers typically provide a maximum of 15 A or 20 A of current to a given set
  43. That Asteroids would be a vector game as well, Delman modified a Lunar Lander, circuit ,board for Ed Long. More memory was added, as was the circuit ry for the many
  44. Practical transmitter systems will usually incorporate some kind of limiter, circuit , such as a VO GAD, to ensure this. However, AM demodulators can be designed to
  45. Second through a simple circuit ) will be defined in amps (e.g.," a 20 MA, circuit ,") and the flow of charge through a circuit over a period of time will be
  46. Hosted the Formula One Australian Grand Prix between 1985 and 1996 on a street, circuit ,in the city's east parkland, before tough economic conditions due to the
  47. Near vertical position for easier reading and can be adjusted to suit. * Closed, circuit ,television (CCTV) or video magnifiers. Printed materials and objects are
  48. A needle to vibrate in the water, varying the electrical resistance in the, circuit , When Bell spoke the famous sentence" Mr Watson—Come here—I want to see you "
  49. Sandstone steps. Soon after the palace was constructed, a Cyclopes massive, circuit ,wall was built,760 meters long, up to 10 meters high, and ranging from 3.5 to
  50. Brain implementing arithmetic or an insect looking for food),in an electrical, circuit , or in a mechanical device. Computer algorithms In computer systems, an

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