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  1. Winds/Interstellar winds/Interstellar medium *96.7 AU: The distance of dwarf, planet ,Eris from the sun, as of 2009. Eris and its moon are currently the most distant
  2. The three crewmen of the mission. The background includes the Moon,the, planet ,Saturn and a galaxy or nebula. The wing of the eagle partially overlays the
  3. 2006 – The International Astronomical Union (IAU) redefines the term ", planet ," such that Pluto is now considered a Dwarf Planet. Births *1113 – Geoffrey of
  4. A planet ary system. It is orbited by four planet s, including one terrestrial, planet ,6.6 times the mass of Earth. * The orange giant star 91 Aquatic is orbited by a
  5. Orbited by the first known long-period Jupiter-like planet , Gliese 849 b. The, planet ,'s mass is 0.82 times that of Jupiter and the semimajor axis of its orbit is
  6. Humans to travel beyond low Earth orbit, the first to see Earth as a whole, planet , and then the first to directly see the far side of the Moon. The 1968 mission
  7. Entire sky once roughly every one year and three months (or 1.3 (4) a),the, planet ,'s own orbital period. Added to this would be the changing apparent position of
  8. Then the archaic period of" Orientalization ". In native Greek tradition,the, planet ,had two names, Hesperos as the evening star and Phosphorus as the morning star.
  9. Ship actually holds the Blight countermeasure. The ship lands on a nearby, planet ,with a medieval-level civilization of dog-like creatures dubbed" Tines ". The
  10. Contain databases of tens of thousands of celestial objects and projections of, planet ,positions. To find an object, such as globular cluster NGC 6712,one does not
  11. An episode of Stargate Atlantis * Ark (Noon Universe),a fictional, planet ,in a series of novels by Already and Boris Strugatsky * Ark (Baxter novel),a
  12. The first spacecraft to successfully transmit data from the surface of another, planet ,(Venus). *1978 – Double Eagle II becomes first balloon to cross the Atlantic
  13. Of the soul travelling high above the Earth, looking down at the small, planet , from far away. In book 6 of Virgil's Aeneid, the hero, Aeneas,travels to the
  14. Of the subject and its natural influence. He stated that it was true that each, planet ,had some influence on the earth, but his argument was the difficulty of
  15. Centauri A and B would be −6.5 and −5.2,respectively. View from a hypothetical, planet ,An observer on a hypothetical planet orbiting around either Alpha Centauri A or
  16. B appeared as bright as the Sun seen from the Earth),this hypothetical, planet ,would receive slightly more light from the more luminous Alpha Centauri A
  17. Is 0.3 AU. * Lies 849 is orbited by the first known long-period Jupiter-like, planet , Lies 849 b. The planet 's mass is 0.82 times that of Jupiter and the
  18. Between asteroids. A family has also been associated with the Pluto dwarf, planet , Quasi-satellites and horseshoe objects Some asteroids have unusual horseshoe
  19. Around 147 SV, at which point the current is probably the largest on the, planet , Dynamics The Circumpolar Current is driven by the strong westerly winds which
  20. b. 1919) *2009 – Venetian Burned, Person who suggested Pluto's name for the, planet ,(b. 1918) * 2009 – Hank NIDA, Dutch professional road bicycle rider (b.
  21. Wave-like properties The electrons do not orbit the nucleus in the sense of a, planet ,orbiting the sun, but instead exist as standing waves. The lowest possible
  22. Presumably follows a yet earlier Sumerian tradition identifying Ivanna with the, planet ,Venus. Scholars such as Bend Alter have suggested that this identification
  23. 70 % of all land used for agriculture, or 30 % of the land surface of the, planet , It is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gases, responsible for 18 % of
  24. Their identification as the evening star. Babylonian astrology associated the, planet ,Venus with Ishtar. This presumably follows a yet earlier Sumerian tradition
  25. Moon. During such planet 's orbital period of 0.6 (3) a, an observer on the, planet ,would see this intensely bright companion star circle the sky just as we see
  26. In the Milky Way. Asymmetry has also been used to support claims of extrasolar, planet ,detection by measuring the displacement the proposed planet s cause in their
  27. Radiative balance. The direct (albedo) effect is generally to cool the, planet ,; the indirect effect (the particles act as cloud condensation nuclei and
  28. Magnitude full Moon as seen from the Earth. Also, if another similar Earth-like, planet ,orbited at 0.71 AU from Alpha Centauri B (so that in turn Alpha Centauri B
  29. 6.6 times the mass of Earth. * The orange giant star 91 Aquatic is orbited by a, planet , 91 Aquatic b. The planet 's mass is 2.9 times Jupiter and the semimajor axis
  30. They cannot in any sense be thought of as moving" around" the nucleus, as a, planet ,does. Other electrons do have varying amounts of angular momentum. Atomic
  31. The Sun but some 6900 to 580 times brighter than the full Moon. During such, planet ,'s orbital period of 0.6 (3) a, an observer on the planet would see this
  32. Brown dwarfs or gas giant planet s. However, computer simulations show that a, planet ,might have been able to form within a distance of 1.1 AU (160 million km) of
  33. Have unusual horseshoe orbits that are co-orbital with the Earth or some other, planet , Examples are 3753 Cruise and. The first instance of this type of orbital
  34. The Earth contains approximately atoms. Name Weinberger/> In the, planet ,'s atmosphere, small numbers of independent atoms of noble gases exist, such as
  35. Showing a small but discernible disk. For example, some theoretical Earth-like, planet ,orbiting about 1.25 AU from Alpha Centauri A (so that the star appears roughly
  36. As solid particles. In addition, atomic orbitals do not closely resemble a, planet ,'s elliptical path in ordinary atoms. A more accurate analogy might be that of
  37. Altissimum plane tam terminus observant (" I have observed the most distant, planet ,to have a triple form" ) for discovering the rings of Saturn in 1610. Galileo
  38. To fly by gaining support from the air, or,in general, the atmosphere of a, planet , An aircraft counters the force of gravity by using either static lift or by
  39. Contains 1.6 % of and 5 ppm of. The Mariner space probe fly-by of the, planet ,Mercury in 1973 found that Mercury has a very thin atmosphere with 70 % argon
  40. Of the Apollo program is the now-common view of Earth as a fragile, small, planet , captured in photographs taken by the astronauts during the lunar missions. The
  41. The Andrei Tchaikovsky Museum opened in Brevets, his childhood town. A minor, planet , 3345 Tarkovskij, discovered by Soviet astronomer Lyudmila Georgina
  42. Atmosphere" ( the electron),distributed around a relatively tiny, planet ,(the atomic nucleus). One difference is that some of an atom's electrons
  43. Which in turn flows into the Amazon. The Casiquiare is the largest river on the, planet ,that links two major river systems, a so-called bifurcation. Origin has a
  44. Respectively. View from a hypothetical planet An observer on a hypothetical, planet ,orbiting around either Alpha Centauri A or Alpha Centauri B would see an
  45. Together through music. " We can communicate anywhere at any corner of the, planet ,and feel that we're at home," McNally told Patrick MacDonald of The Seattle
  46. Distance of 1.1 AU (160 million km) of Alpha Centauri B and the orbit of that, planet ,may remain stable for at least 250 million years. Bodies around A would be able
  47. Voyager 2 spacecraft makes its closest approach to Neptune, the outermost, planet ,in the Solar System. * 1989 – Maui Midoriyama becomes Japan's first female
  48. The orange giant star 91 Aquatic is orbited by a planet ,91 Aquatic b. The, planet ,'s mass is 2.9 times Jupiter and the semimajor axis of its orbit is 0.3 AU. *
  49. Of the best possibilities for harboring extraterrestrial life on a potential, planet , Some astronomers speculated that any possible terrestrial planet s in the Alpha
  50. From releases of the gas as a decay product from radioactive materials on the, planet , In 2005,the Huygens probe also discovered the presence of on Titan, the

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