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  1. world's highest mountain range outside the continent of Asia. The highest, peak , Mt. Aconcagua, rises to an elevation of about above sea level. The peak of Mt.
  2. Mth Sunday 17 On This Day in Canada ---- It is the, peak ,of the Perseid meteor shower. It is also known as the" Glorious Twelfth" in
  3. Achieved its greatest success, selling millions of 2600s and computers. At its, peak , Atari accounted for a third of Warner's annual income and was the
  4. English immigration to the British colonies in North America was at its, peak ,and the new settlers took the English language with them. While the term fall
  5. The current coastline dates back to about 4000 BC. Before that time, at the, peak ,of the last ice age (c. 16,000 BC) sea levels everywhere were 130 meters
  6. Slaves stated that he wanted the band to be remembered as they were during the, peak ,years of their success. The compilation album ABBA Gold: Greatest Hits
  7. The widest area of the Azerbaijani section of the Caspian Sea is. The highest, peak ,of Azerbaijan is mount Bazardüzü (4,466 m),while the lowest point lies in
  8. Certain activist groups have become increasingly concerned about the global, peak ,oil and climate change problem in recent years due to by-products that are
  9. Aorta—the section between the heart and the arch of aorta * Arch of aorta—the, peak ,part that looks somewhat like an inverted" U" * Descending aorta—the section
  10. List contains some major peak s in the Andes mountain range. The highest, peak ,is Aconcagua of Argentina (see below). Argentina widths" 230px "
  11. Prejudice against Jews in Europe was religious. The persecution hit its first, peak ,during the Crusades. In the First Crusade (1096) flourishing communities on
  12. Rather short distances. Rainforests exist just miles away from the snow covered, peak ,Cotopaxi. The mountains have a large effect on the temperatures of nearby areas
  13. Achieved in 2003 by researchers at MIT. It's noteworthy that this record's, peak ,emittance black-body wavelength of 6,400 kilometers is roughly the radius of
  14. For killing of Jews by Christians. Antisemitism in America reached its, peak ,during the interwar period. The pioneer automobile manufacturer Henry Ford
  15. Of channel catfish aquaculture, with about under catfish farming in 2010. The, peak ,of catfish farming in the state was in the year 2002,when were under farming.
  16. BC (the exact dating being a matter of debate). Akkad reached its political, peak ,between the 24th and 22nd centuries BC, following the conquests of king Sargon
  17. Television set, a color (RGB) monitor or a" green screen" monitor. At its, peak , the Electron was the third best-selling micro in the United Kingdom, and total
  18. Of Atlantis. Theosophists believe the civilization of Atlantis reached its, peak ,between 1,000,000 and 900,000 years ago but destroyed itself through internal
  19. Services on most major routes running half-hourly or more frequently during, peak ,travel times. There are frequent long-distance bus services from Andorra to
  20. Super Outbreak of April 1974,and the April 25–28, 2011 tornado outbreak. The, peak ,season for tornadoes varies from the northern to southern parts of the state.
  21. 1966–67) In 1966,the rivalry between the AFL and NFL reached an all-time, peak , On April 7,Joe FOSS resigned as AFL commissioner. His successor was Oakland
  22. Peak, Mt. Aconcagua, rises to an elevation of about above sea level. The, peak ,of Mt. Chimborazo in the Ecuadorean Andes is farther from the center of the
  23. Remembered as the" Massacre in Merino ". Karpov's tournament career reached a, peak ,at the exceptional Montreal" Tournament of Stars" tournament in 1979,where
  24. Moss, Cheshire,North West England. *1993 – The Great Flood of 1993 comes to a, peak , *2001 – Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore has a Ten Commandments
  25. About −28 meters at the Caspian Sea shoreline up to 4,466 meters (Bazardüzü, peak ,). The formation of climate in Azerbaijan is influenced particularly by cold
  26. Time. His tournament successes include over 160 first-place finishes. He had a, peak ,ELO rating of 2780,and his 90 total months at world number one is second
  27. 200px "/IN"> per row="3"> Image: Ritacuba-blanco. JPG|Itaúsa Blanco the highest, peak ,of Cordillera Oriental, Colombia. Image: Nevada del Ruiz by Edgar. PNG|Nevada
  28. The part they manufactured to add traceability for quality construction. At the, peak ,of its efficiency in the early 16th century, the Venetian Arsenal employed some
  29. The first full week in August each year. * The middle week of August is the, peak ,of the Perseid meteor shower. * The Penn sic War, a massive gathering of the
  30. And saw almost all of their houses demolished. During the destruction's, peak , the Nieuwmarktrellen (Bookmarks riots) broke out, where people expressed
  31. Were subsequently dropped from the England side. Australia reached a cricketing, peak ,in the 1990s and early 2000s,coupled with a general decline in England's
  32. Society of astronomers in Australia * Australian Society of Authors,the, peak ,professional association for Australian literary creators * Austrian Service
  33. Of resources ($24 billion),ever made by any nation in peacetime. At its, peak , the Apollo program employed 400,000 people and required the support of over
  34. Of effects of petroleum shortages In the event of a petroleum shortage (see, peak ,oil for global concerns),organic agriculture can be more attractive than
  35. Plural may also refer to the mountain range as a whole. Geography The highest, peak ,of the Western Alps is Mont Blanc, at., are the second-highest, respectively.
  36. Near Petra in Jordan. At 1350 meters above sea-level it is the highest, peak ,in the area; and it is a place of great sanctity to the local people for here.
  37. Worldwide, out of all proportion to her success or ability as a player. At the, peak ,of her fame, fans looking for images of Kournikova made her name one of the
  38. Southeast to the Oberon Peninsula on the Caspian Sea. The country’s highest, peak , Bazardyuze Magi, rises to 4,485 m in this range near the Azerbaijan-Russia
  39. The Zhou emperors were referred to by this time, about 500 years after their, peak ,) royal regalia. The desired effect was to confirm the Han emperor's Heavenly
  40. Conscious city planning. In the early 17th century, when immigration was at a, peak , a comprehensive plan was developed that was based on four concentric
  41. And wealth from the Indies that struck Europe. His reputation reached its, peak , laying foundations of the Portuguese Empire in the East. In early 1514,Alfonso
  42. M (6000 to 8000 ft) are reached. Exactly at the head of the gulf the great, peak ,of the Cameroon, on a line of volcanic action continued by the islands to the
  43. Highest point: Bazarduzu Magi 4,485 m (on border with Russia): * Highest, peak ,entirely within Azeris territory: Shah Magi 4,243 m Islands Resources and land
  44. Expensive, although cheaper for locals than visitors. Fares are high during, peak ,seasons of spring and winter, but fares have been decreased over the time due
  45. Established in 1996,2001,2007,and 2008,as a glacial stream on a snow capped, peak ,called Nevada Miami in the Peruvian Andes, roughly west of Lake Titicaca and
  46. Spanish never found in their conquest was Machu Picchu, which lay hidden on a, peak ,on the eastern edge of the Andes where they descend to the Amazon. The main
  47. Is around 1.7 million tonnes, with a low of 1 million tonnes in 1995 and a, peak ,of 1.85 million tonnes in 2002 according to Food and Agriculture Organization (
  48. Was Apple's primary revenue source for most of the following decade. At its, peak , it was a billion-dollar-a-year industry with its associated community of
  49. He is a farmer. A 15-year press ban against Bachchan was imposed during his, peak ,acting years by Stardust and some other film magazines. In his own
  50. Meters (2700 square feet). In the context of purported climate change and, peak ,oil, there is a debate about possible taxation of air travel and the inclusion

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