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  1. Union. Archives of the Party are now preserved in a number of Russian state, archives ,(Archive of the President of the Russian Federation, Russian State Archive of
  2. Covering all areas of the museum's collection. Also, the general Museum, archives ,which date from its foundation in 1753 are overseen by this department; the
  3. On Australian government reports found in the Australian War Memorial museum, archives , A former soldier, Ted Bosworth, backed up the claims, saying that he had been
  4. Groups, along with ideas of oneness, In the Min Society (printed in their, archives ,) Dualism is presented as the Law of Two, which is said to have seven levels: *
  5. Is ongoing. It is entirely possible that archaeology or research in monastic, archives ,will turn up more. Origins The Corsican language has been influenced by the
  6. Many otherwise unpublished texts and artwork from direct access to Barker's, archives , written by Phil and Sarah Stokes. Nonfiction * (2011) The Painter, The
  7. Was Er (" ear" ) or Dan (" long ear" ). He was an official in the imperial, archives , and wrote a book in two parts before departing to the West. Second, Laozi was
  8. http://diva.library.cmu.edu/carnegie/ Andrew Carnegie Collection of digitized, archives ,on Carnegie's life. Approximate are speech sounds that involve the
  9. After her: Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Language College For Girls. Archives The, archives ,of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson are held at The Women's Library at London
  10. Münsterhügel and Old City (Late La Ten and medieval settlement); Museums, archives ,and collections: Anatomical Museum of the University Basel, Berri-Villen and
  11. Later by the Mongol invaders from the East. However, now that the archeological, archives ,and research results of the former USSR are open to scientists, it has become
  12. Plan, reduced from his elucidated transcript of the original preserved in the, archives ,of the convent. The general appearance of the convent is that of a town of
  13. Be a new team, but the Browns' name, colors,history, records,awards and, archives ,would remain in Cleveland. The move also fueled a proliferation of 12 new
  14. As originally transmitted. Some episodes have been returned to the BBC from the, archives ,of other countries who bought copies for broadcast, or by private individuals
  15. Classic example of Indo-Saracenic architecture, and the design now lies in the, archives ,of the British Museum in London. NASCAR Lake. This historic man-made lake Ana
  16. Orthodox Church maintains its complete book of apostolic lineages in its, archives , adding a new bishop's name following consecration. The Evangelical Lutheran
  17. But particularly amusing ones are placed in the urban legend section of the, archives , Despite this requirement, many of the stories are fictional, often appearing
  18. Music and video files can be shared, which excludes executable files and zip, archives ,amongst others. Belgium (), officially the Kingdom of Belgium, is a federal
  19. Limited censuses for various purposes, and these are typically located in state, archives , Chemistry is the science of matter at the atomic to molecular scale, dealing
  20. Was devised by Abner Doubleday at Cooperstown, N. Y., in 1839. " Receiving the, archives ,of Henry Chadwick in 1908,Spalding combined these records with his own
  21. Of the Columbia University Rare Book and Manuscript Library consist of the, archives ,of the following organizations founded by Andrew Carnegie: The Carnegie
  22. Twice Two; Five Pound Reward; and Bookworms. Some of these films survive in the, archives ,of the British Film Institute. Milne had met Howard when the actor starred in
  23. Internet presence. King Features Syndicate and other syndicates often provide, archives ,of recent strips on their websites. Some, such as Scott Adams, creator of
  24. Up to 1,000 slots. Robotic storage is used for backups, and for high-capacity, archives ,in imaging, medical,and video industries. Hierarchical storage management is a
  25. Complete set of script records for Citizen Kane has been preserved in the, archives ,of RIO General Pictures in Hollywood, and these provide almost a day-to-day
  26. Criminal Court of Rome),November 15,1991’re: Berg and others, and in the, archives ,of the Criminal Court of Rome (KG 3841/84) ). The judge concluded that it was
  27. Which 90 episodes are missing) of the program are not held in the BBC's, archives , It has been reported that in 1972 almost all episodes then made were known to
  28. Known as the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, which currently retains the, archives ,of the Eugenics Record Office. However,Davenport's racist views were not
  29. Of several polling organizations that were started then — was opened. State, archives ,became more accessible, and some social statistics that had been kept secret
  30. Land surveys, the treasury, building projects, the legal system, and the, archives , At a regional level, the country was divided into as many as 42 administrative
  31. Collection of 300,000 volumes. It is now the repository of Brown University, archives , rare books and manuscripts, and special collections. Noteworthy among the
  32. With the works of T. F. Using and John King Fairbanks, who used newly opened, archives ,in the 1930s to write from the Chinese point of view. Fairbanks and Ten Study
  33. Connect to the Dutch Flat Wagon Road which they already controlled. Museums and, archives , Nearly all the company's early correspondence is preserved at Syracuse
  34. But 18 (of 20 total) political prisoners managed to escape, the Gestapo, archives ,were completely destroyed, and Hitler became so insecure of the situation that
  35. Newsletter distributed by e-mail" in November 1994 and maintained Web, archives ,of the" goofy and informative" 800-word essays since January 1995,which
  36. In 1830 the national government started searching through their historical, archives ,for persons who could serve as national heroes. In Caesar's" De Hello Gallic
  37. Compression programs without having to modify or abandon their archiver. *The, archives ,use solid compression. Unlike an archiver that compresses each file in
  38. Marlin and grouper. Sweet potatoes Psychohistorical information from Anguilla's, archives ,suggest that Africans and Europeans formed two distinct, but perhaps
  39. A variety of programs recently shown on Channel 4,E4,More4 or from their, archives , However, some programs and movies are not available due to rights issues.
  40. May or may not be recorded. If it is recorded, a copy is stored in the church, archives ,at Independence, Missouri. A recipient may receive multiple evangelist's
  41. Hartnell & Patrick Trough ton. Following consolidations and recoveries the, archives ,are complete from the programme's move to color television (starting from
  42. Overseen by this department; the individual departments have their own separate, archives ,covering their various areas of responsibility. However, the Paul Hamlin
  43. To Darius warning him that Jerusalem is being rebuilt and advising that the, archives ,be searched to discover the decree of Cyrus. *6. Decree of Cyrus, second
  44. This team is now known as the Baltimore Ravens. The Browns name, history,and, archives ,would remain in Cleveland, and a new Browns team began play in 1999 after a
  45. Examples of these records include a large mass of governmental and family, archives ,which have not yet been processed, economic records such as census records
  46. Corps in Nakhchivan * Cooperation in the area of military history, military, archives , and museum work and military publication * Assistance on training, material and
  47. Main library is Croydon Central Library which holds many references, newspaper, archives , and a tourist information point (one of three in southeast London). Upper
  48. Libraries in the country, containing more than 23.5 million volumes, and 15, archives , In 2009,more than 7,200 books and brochures were published, along with 2,678
  49. And fiction books, ( as opposed to the state or institutional records kept in, archives ,) first appeared in classical Greece. In ancient world the maintaining of a
  50. Which was the temple of Saturn; but the regular depositary for all the, archives ,of the censors was in earlier times the Atrium Liberates, near the Villa

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