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  1. Illustrated with maps and watercolor renderings. The children kept themselves, busy ,devising plots about the people of Anglia, and its capital city," Glass Town "
  2. Bus to promote a brand or product, appearing at large public events, or touring, busy ,streets. The bus is sometimes staffed by promotions' personnel, giving out free
  3. By the A63. There is a ring road called the" Brocade" which is often very, busy , The building of another ring road is under consideration. Bordeaux has four
  4. Of a danger to non-Zionists, which he denied. At that time the British were, busy ,making promises. At a War Cabinet meeting, held on 31 October 1917,Balfour
  5. Only person who understood it well enough to add floating point features, was, busy , with the Disk II drive and controller and with Apple DOS, Apple turned to
  6. Here Augustin-Louis stayed for three years, and although he had an extremely, busy ,managerial job, he still found time to prepare three mathematical manuscripts
  7. It was an additional misfortune for Alexei that his father should have been too, busy ,to attend to him just as he was growing up from boyhood to manhood. He was left
  8. With users trying to get on, and many canceled their accounts due to constant, busy ,signals (this was often joked" AOL" standing for" Always Off-Line" ). A
  9. Would attack Blenheim in concert with Eugene's attack. With the French flanks, busy , Marlborough could cross the Rebel and deliver the fatal blow to the French at
  10. Died in 1949; Montgomery did not attend the funeral, claiming he was" too, busy ,". He was chairman of the governing body of St John's School, Leatherhead
  11. Loud and free: Hail to thee our alma mater: Acadia, hail to thee: Far above the, busy ,highway: And the sleepy town: Raised against the arch of heaven: Looks she
  12. Greatly increased the project's original cost estimates. Reworking such a, busy ,corridor without seriously restricting traffic flow required a number of
  13. Managing one of the most successful theaters in London made Stoker a notable if, busy ,man. He was dedicated to Irving and his memoirs show he idolized him. In London
  14. Quickly gathered. Marks's escort had not been so easy to find; they had been, busy ,drinking with friends and were finally discovered, drunk. Teach kept to his
  15. Meet or talk with him, yet dying of happiness, I would stammer out that I was ", busy ,today. " But almost every afternoon, toward the end of working hours, he came
  16. And the Agora (the meeting point of ancient Athenians),away from the, busy ,city center. The hills of Athens also provide green space. Lycabettus
  17. States. In the 1930s Italy designed the world's only triple Decker bus for the, busy ,route between Rome and Tripoli that could carry eighty-eight passengers. It was
  18. Messages indicating that the printer was busy , and what the job was that it was, busy ,with. Routing Table Maintenance Protocol RTMP was the protocol by which routers
  19. Operations; the island was within easy reach of the Florida Strait and its, busy ,shipping lanes filled with European vessels going to and from Europe. New
  20. Telecom's Pres tel service, and the on-line magazine Micronet 800 who were, busy ,giving away modems with their subscriptions. The most popular form of on-line
  21. Of Sharp APL to be more in accordance with his vision. As other vendors were, busy ,developing APL interpreters for new hardware, notably Unix-based microcomputers
  22. Waiting to print to display status messages indicating that the printer was, busy , and what the job was that it was busy with. Routing Table Maintenance Protocol
  23. By Frank Folk, an American Airlines executive, for a Boeing 727 replacement on, busy ,short- to medium-range routes such as the United States transcontinental flights.
  24. Also offer marine passenger service. Ship traffic in the area is seasonally, busy ,with cruise ships. See Also External links
  25. Army of Darkness because he had done a good job on Evil Dead II, but he was, busy ,on rewrites for the Clint Eastwood film, The Rookie. After the good experience
  26. This catastrophe with prehistoric flood myths. History The Black Sea was a, busy ,waterway on the crossroads of the ancient world: the Balkans to the West, the
  27. The Messenger of Allah when he went out of Hakka while the Mushrikeen were, busy ,looking for you. " Abu Bakr said," We set out from Hakka, walking day and
  28. Status queries, handled by separate ATP transactions. Even while it was, busy ,servicing a print job from one client, a PAP server could continue to respond
  29. Road—started construction in 2008. There are also plans for major upgrades to, busy ,sections of South Road, including road widening and underpasses of Anzac
  30. Apartment to seek his approval. When Speer entered, the new Chancellor was, busy ,cleaning a pistol, which he briefly laid aside to cast a short, interested
  31. Even in the most secret chamber" ( Shabbat 64b). *"It is well that people, busy ,themselves with the study of the Law and the performance of charitable deeds
  32. 2007. ) Transportation The Port of Mobile,Alabama's only saltwater port, is a, busy ,seaport on the Gulf of Mexico with inland waterway access to the Midwest by way
  33. Soon as engagements between the main ships on either side would keep enemy guns, busy ,directed at larger targets. Destroyers should also be ready to immediately
  34. The ATA host interface. A useful mental model is that the host ATA interface is, busy ,with the first request for its entire duration, and therefore can not be told
  35. It stands on the east bank of the Nile at the first cataract and is a, busy ,market and tourist center. The modern city has expanded and includes the
  36. The Bay Airdrome had its gala christening party in 1930. The airfield was a, busy ,place, as an early home base for Coastal Air Freight, Varney Air Lines, West
  37. According to Benjamin Thorpe" Grimm says the word emblem, emla, signifies a, busy ,woman, from AMR, ambr, aml, ambl, assiduous labor; the same relation as Media
  38. Bill and Gloria Gather, winners of five Grammys. Gather Studios is a very, busy ,recording center for different types of music. It is especially known for
  39. Another semiaquatic rodent. In computer science In computability theory,a, busy ,beaver (from the colloquial expression for" industrious person" ) is a
  40. To his daughter Manner. But at the time of the premiere of Figaro, Salieri was, busy ,with his new French opera Les Horace's. In addition, when Lorenzo The Monte was
  41. Use. The critical branch predictor unit, essential to keeping the pipeline, busy , was enhanced compared to what was on board the K6. Deeper pipe lining with more
  42. This period mostly a mix of open land, farms and ranches, with a small though, busy ,wharf by the bay. It was not yet" Berkeley," but merely the northern part of
  43. Teach could not escape out to sea. Teach, on the other side of the island, was, busy , entertaining guests and had not set a lookout. With Israel Hands ashore in Bath
  44. Best tool to bring prospective buyers and tourists who kept hotels reasonably, busy , The tourist development, aside from construction, also brought numerous
  45. The city's suburbs, or farther away in the surrounding area. This leads to a, busy ,rush hour, and regular traffic jams. Statistically, Aarau has the most jobs per
  46. Harassing the battleships, and to harass the enemy's battleships if they were, busy ,fighting battleships. Also, the Invincible could operate as the fast wing of
  47. Revolutionary War. It was an era of constitution writing—most states were, busy ,at the task—and leaders felt the new nation must have a written constitution
  48. And sparse, emphasizing idealized landscapes, but Ming Dynasty paintings are, busy ,and colorful, and focus on telling stories via setting and composition. Japan
  49. The efforts of civic and business leaders to foster Atlanta as the" city too, busy ,to hate. " African Americans became a majority in the city by 1970,and
  50. Its own road again southwest of the city, when it splits from Highway 71 in a, busy ,interchange in Oak Hill known as" The Y." Highway 71 continues as far west as

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