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  1. Giving rise to reproductive cells called microspores that develop into a new, organism ,after dispersal. This method of reproduction is found for example in conical
  2. Pyrrolidine trait is restricted to several microbes, and only one, organism ,has both Ply and Sec. Of the 22 standard amino acids,8 are called essential
  3. Immune cells from attacking bacteria in the pus, or from reaching the causative, organism ,or foreign object. Abscesses must be differentiated from empress, which are
  4. Rusticana (horseradish),Matthias (stock),Arabidopsis Thailand (model, organism ,) and many others. Distribution The family is cosmopolitan, but is concentrated
  5. To study the effect of that increase in neural activity on the behavior of the, organism , For example, PAC expression in certain neurons has been shown to alter the
  6. And in other organism s, such as humans. Whether a spore is to grow into an, organism ,depends on the combination of the species and the environmental conditions of
  7. In definition, the term" amoebic" does not provide identification of an, organism , and is better understood as description of locomotion. When used in the
  8. Another individual's brood, is more common among birds than any other type of, organism , After a parasitic bird lays her eggs in another bird's nest, they are often
  9. Computer embraces the" Ascent to Transcendence" in which humans join the hive, organism ,in" godhood ". Thus, Alpha Centauri closes" with a swell of hope and wonder
  10. Completely in their life-cycles. Types Fission In binary fission the parent, organism ,is replaced by two daughter organism s, because it literally divides in two.
  11. Science at all in modern times. He placed emphasis on the type (s) of soul an, organism ,possessed, asserting that plants possess a vegetative soul, responsible for
  12. Body. Nothing approaching this level of detail is available for any other, organism , and the information has been used to enable a multitude of studies that would
  13. Costly net changes that are necessary with other materials. The resistance of, organism ,growth on copper alloy nets also provides a cleaner and healthier environment
  14. In Mexico City. Notes Albinism (from Latin Albus," white "; see. While an, organism ,with complete absence of melanin is called an albino (, or ), an organism with
  15. Similarities to the interactions between the many parts (cells, genes ) of an, organism , but are distinguished by the ability of each individual to reproduce
  16. And cross-pollination, and molecular techniques that genetically modify the, organism , Domestication of plants has, over the centuries increased yield, improved
  17. Portion of consumed food that cannot be digested by the digestive system of an, organism ,Other meanings * Ash (Persian food),similar to soup but thicker, which is
  18. Unchecked. The player discovers that Planet is a semi-dormant sentient hive, organism ,that will soon experience a metamorphosis which will destroy all human life. To
  19. By MRSA is rapidly changing. In the past 10 years, infections caused by this, organism ,have emerged in the community. The 2 MRSA clones in the United States' most
  20. The genetic code from an mRNA template, which is an RNA copy of one of the, organism ,'s genes. Twenty-two amino acids are naturally incorporated into polypeptides
  21. Grow into fully matured individuals which eventually break away from the parent, organism , Vegetative reproduction is a type of asexual
  22. Symbioses, the algae supply photosynthesis (organic substances) to the host, organism ,providing protection to the algal cells. The host organism derives some or all
  23. From acute cellular injury, apoptosis,in general, confers advantages during an, organism ,'s life cycle. For example, the differentiation of fingers and toes in a
  24. Objectives. A common identification assay involves culturing a sample of the, organism ,deep within a block of nutrient agar. Cells will attempt to grow within the gel
  25. On. Frogs and toads however have a tadpole stage, which is a totally different, organism ,that is a grazing algae or on growth or filtering plankton until a certain size
  26. The cosmos. The individual, Earth,and its environment are viewed as a single, organism , all parts of which are correlated with each other. Cycles of change that are
  27. Takes place by fission, with open mitosis. Under unfavorable conditions,the, organism ,will form a cyst, which is multiwalled and covered in spikes. While encysted
  28. Term" android" can mean either one of these, while a cyborg (" cybernetic, organism ," or" bionic man" ) would be a creature that is a combination of organic and
  29. Opportunity Adaptive radiations often occur as a result of an, organism ,arising in an environment with unoccupied niches, such as a newly formed lake
  30. As photophobia, nystagmus and astigmatism. Lack of skin pigmentation makes the, organism ,more susceptible to sunburn and skin cancers. Classification in humans Glasses
  31. Biotic material, which is derived from living organism s, *Biotic potential,an, organism ,'s reproductive capacity, or *Biotic Baking Brigade, an unofficial group of
  32. Of Seeing. " The most characteristic fact about the functioning of the total, organism , or any part of the organism , is that it is not constant, but highly variable.
  33. Or take such a form at some point in their life-cycle. The most famous such, organism ,is Amoeba Proteus; the name amoeba is variously used to describe its close
  34. baker's yeast),resulting in a 'mother' and 'daughter' cell. The offspring, organism ,is smaller than the parent. Budding is also known on a multicellular level; an
  35. Fragmentation is a form of asexual reproduction where a new, organism ,grows from a fragment of the parent. Each fragment develops into a mature
  36. Leading to cell damage, death of the cell, and eventually death of the, organism , * Dirt often consists of fats and oils, which are sparingly soluble in water.
  37. Johnston with a statue on the South Mall. An android is a robot or synthetic, organism ,designed to look and act like a human. Although" android" is used almost
  38. To the host organism providing protection to the algal cells. The host, organism ,derives some or all of its energy requirements from the algae. Examples are as
  39. History, from ancient to modern warfare. In zoology, an ambush predator is an, organism ,which uses ambush tactics to capture prey. History In ancient times, an ambush
  40. To adversely affect the population performance or individual physiology of the, organism ,significantly. Whereas a biotic stress would include such living
  41. Which delays the metamorphosis and increases the intelligence of the hive, organism , Finally, the player or the computer embraces the" Ascent to Transcendence "
  42. The enormous diversity of chemical reactions necessarily catalyzed by a living, organism , Silicon, in contrast, interacts with only a few other atoms, and the large
  43. Fact about the functioning of the total organism , or any part of the, organism , is that it is not constant, but highly variable. " Nevertheless, the topic of
  44. Nature a political animal. " Aristotle conceived of politics as being like an, organism ,rather than like a machine, and as a collection of parts none of which can
  45. Jobs, etc.). These buildings seem like a cross between a building and a living, organism , nourishing and sheltering this futuristic dystopian society. J. G. Ballard
  46. Is no reason why evolution cannot tend towards simplicity if that makes an, organism ,better suited to its environment. The atom probe is a microscope used in
  47. To produce the color indigo. Arabidopsis Thailand is a very important model, organism ,in the study of the flowering plants (Angiosperms). Genera Image gallery
  48. Might indicate that anxiety is a protective mechanism designed to prevent the, organism ,from engaging in potentially harmful behaviors. Although single genes have
  49. An organism with complete absence of melanin is called an albino (, or ),an, organism ,with only a diminished amount of melanin is described as albino id. Albinism is
  50. Removing or modifying one component leads to an effect in another. In a living, organism ,this can have disastrous effects, often in the form of disease or disorder. A

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