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  1. Iranian journalist (d. 2008) * 1977 – Mark Spencer, American computer, programmer ,* 1978 – Rachel Roberts, Canadian model and actress *1979 – Jeremy Guthrie
  2. Because it is not used all the time),but places the burden on the, programmer ,to know when it is necessary. Because XOR is linear, an attacker may be able to
  3. An example ". But what about a simulation or execution of the real thing? The, programmer ,must translate the algorithm into a language that the
  4. Never imagine I would see anything like that here ". Artwork Lagos, a computer, programmer , was on his way to work and stuck in a traffic jam near the Pentagon when the
  5. Lovelace (1815–1852),who is sometimes credited as being the first computer, programmer , Features Ada was originally targeted at embedded and real-time systems. The
  6. Under a BSD style license by Click team - a company that includes the original, programmer , As of July 13th 2011,AMOS Professional has been unable under the UAE using the
  7. Will be shown on the screen or printed on paper.; Miscellaneous: * REM: holds a, programmer ,'s comment; often used to give a title to the program and to help identify the
  8. On this work, Lovelace is now widely credited with being the first computer, programmer ,Some biographers debate the extent of her original contributions. Dorothy Stein
  9. Be true, even without expanding the available instruction set available to the, programmer , Rogers observes that" It is... important to distinguish between the notion of
  10. With the compiler are open-source and so can be tweaked and recompiled by the, programmer ,if necessary. The official Blitz Max cross-platform GUI module (known as Max GUI
  11. Microsoft added an API routine that can be called at the discretion of the, programmer , This allows for better performance (because it is not used all the time)
  12. As 90 % of the infected horses during an epidemic. Bruce Parts is a computer, programmer ,and advocate in the open source community. He created the Open Source
  13. Micromanage small chunks of code. Jaguar's development tools left much to the, programmer ,'s own implementation, as documentation was incomplete. Writing game-code was
  14. 1973 – Kirby Morrow, Canadian voice actor *1974 – Johan Andersson, Swedish game, programmer ,* 1974 – Carsten Cancer, German footballer * 1974 – Akihito Gucci, Japanese
  15. Business involvement in open source, explains open source as a consequence of, programmer ,motivation and leisure. Organizations Parts is a former Debian Project Leader
  16. Of Bourbon Two Sicilian. *Alfonso John Romero, American video-game designer, programmer , and developer. *José Alfonso Bells y Sánchez, former Archbishop of San
  17. Of mathematics at The University of Texas at Austin and a Lisp developer and, programmer , Shelter is credited with the development of the GNU Common Lisp (GPL)
  18. Numbers using the machine, she has been described as the first computer, programmer , The modern computer programming language Ada is named in her honor.
  19. In other national variants of ISO/IEC 646,a German, French,or Swedish, etc., programmer ,using their national variant of ISO/IEC 646,rather than ASCII, had to write
  20. Storage pool that handles the low-level details of memory management; the, programmer ,can either use the default storage pool or define new ones (this is
  21. To check the length of the string, it overwrites the value of B: Although the, programmer ,did not intend to change B at all,B's value has now been replaced by a number
  22. Layout with the APL type ball print head inserted looked this way to the, programmer ,:: Some APL symbols, even with the APL characters on the type ball, still had to
  23. On the link loader of the underlying implementation, effectively BCPL gives the, programmer ,control of the linking process. The global vector also made it very simple to
  24. The same program in its human-readable source code form, enables a, programmer ,to study and develop the algorithm. Because the instructions can be carried out
  25. Michael FM Tie shan, Chinese bishop (b. 1931). * 2007 – Fred Fish, a computer, programmer ,on the GNU Debugger and" Fish disks" ( b. 1952) * 2008 – Monica Bovines
  26. Euclid's algorithm to compute the remainder would execute much faster if the, programmer ,had a" modulus" ( division) instruction available rather than just
  27. They can make the assembly of the program dependent on parameters input by a, programmer , so that one program can be assembled different ways, perhaps for different
  28. It is so easy to accommodate the" no change" behavior that any Brainfuck, programmer ,interested in portability should do so. Miscellaneous dialects Many people have
  29. American baseball player (b. 1910) * 2000 – Phil Katz, American computer, programmer ,(b. 1962) * 2000 – Will Mansion, English footballer (b. 1918) *2001 – Jim
  30. Notable contributions were the vi editor, and CSH. Joy's prowess as a computer, programmer ,is legendary, with an oft-told anecdote that he wrote the vi editor in a
  31. SUCCESSOR (e.g. L ← L+1),and DECREMENT (e.g. L ← L − 1). Rarely will a, programmer ,have to write" code" with such a limited instruction set. But Minsky shows (
  32. Only after the remainder is computed. Can the algorithms be improved?: Once the, programmer ,judges a program" fit" and" effective"—that is, it computes the function
  33. Experts, each person a specialist in some area of development. But the term, programmer ,may apply to a range of program quality, from hacker to open source contributor
  34. Andrew" Bridge" Bridge (born 28 February 1967) is an Australian computer, programmer ,best known as the author of and contributor to the Samba file server, and
  35. Announced that they would defend against Lotus' legal position and" fight for, programmer ,'s rights ". After 6 years of litigation, the United States Supreme Court
  36. Have been mitigated by a mature code-development environment, to unburden the, programmer ,from having to micromanage small chunks of code. Jaguar's development tools
  37. Bounds of an array, and array slicing, are directly available to the, programmer , Floating point algol68 test: (real a, b,c, d; print (( RPG," Enter d: "
  38. Would be entered and typed when that key was struck. For the first time,a, programmer ,could actually type in and see real APL characters as used in Iverson's
  39. Quality, from hacker to open source contributor to professional. And a single, programmer ,could do most or all of the computer programming needed to generate the proof
  40. Use of the language's PRINT statement to display the message (such as the, programmer ,'s name) to the screen. Often an infinite loop was used to fill the display
  41. Must provide a set of rules for extracting a square root. This means that the, programmer ,must know a" language" that is effective relative to the target computing
  42. Determinant. Microcomputer dialects often lacked this data type and required a, programmer ,to provide subroutines to carry out equivalent operations. Examples New BASIC
  43. Statements for program structuring purposes harmful for the productivity of the, programmer ,as well as the quality of the resulting code (" Go To Statement Considered
  44. For the purpose of reducing buffer overflows is disputable; it requires, programmer ,intervention on a per function call basis that is equivalent to intervention
  45. A computerand for this reason she is often cited in to be the first computer, programmer , However, the engine was never actually constructed to completion during
  46. Been used in an assembly language to identify the destination of the jump,the, programmer ,need only work on the changed parts with no regard to anything else; the
  47. An opcode in the ranges 88-8E,A0-A3,B0-B8,C6 or C7 by an assembler, and the, programmer ,does not have to know or remember which. These are sometimes known as
  48. Programming languages (such as COBOL and PL/I). These languages allow the, programmer ,to specify an implicit decimal point in front of one of the digits. For example
  49. Goths and conditional IF-THEN Goths can result in" spaghetti code" a, programmer ,can write structured programs using these instructions; on the other hand" it
  50. American photographer and film director *1962 – Jeff Minter, English video game, programmer ,*1964 – Estelle Moselle, actress,model & writer * 1965 – Peter Bezel

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