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  1. Establishment in the town was a saloon built by Harrison Pierce, a former, miller ,at the Bale Grist Mill. Napa's first general store was opened a year later in
  2. In 1891. An electrical generating plant was built in 1891 by pioneering flour, miller ,H. G. Lacey, bringing the first electric lights to the city. The Lacey Milling
  3. May contain a reference to Chaucer's work:" ... And so it was, later,as the, miller ,told his tale, that her face, at first just ghostly, turned a whiter shade of
  4. Also concerned philosophical and religious matters. In 1599, he ordered Italian, miller ,Pinocchio to be burned at the stake. A more famous case was the trial for
  5. Coarseness of ground flour produced by windmills in England was assessed by the, miller ,rubbing it between his thumb and forefinger. Thumb used for regulation It is
  6. Thin" ) and Moreno (" dark-haired" ); occupations,e.g. Moliere (", miller ,"),Záparo (" Shoe-maker" ) and Guerrero (" warrior" ); and geographic
  7. Tells a noble story, the boring character tells a very dull tale and the rude, miller ,tells a smutty tale. In some cases, the story within a story is involved in the
  8. Sassanian ruler, Yazdegerd III, fled from one district to another until a local, miller ,killed him for his purse at Mere in 651. By 674,Muslims had conquered Greater
  9. Under house arrest, and Campanella was imprisoned for twenty-seven years. The, miller ,Domenico Candela was also put to the stake on the orders of Pope Clement VIII
  10. Requirements for flour, unless the grits are ground from corn from which the, miller ,keeps part of the product for his fee. Three-quarters of grits sold in the U.
  11. The Milkmaid and Her Pail (La later et LE pot AU last, VII.10) *The, miller , his son and the donkey (Le meunière, son film, et l’ANE, III.1) *The Monkey
  12. Of the World ". It is headquarters to Iceland Foods, the world's the biggest rice, miller , Stuttgart is also home to Mack's Prairie Wings, known around the world as the
  13. His discovery, he was taunted with cries of" Come down, come down, thou wicked, miller , " All three royals were eventually captured, and by imprisoning the King
  14. Section of river up stream of the mill. This produced adequate power for the, miller ,to meet the needs of the local farmers and villagers. The mill still retains
  15. Name" 1994 Tsubasa 79" /> name" 2000 German 85" /> name" 2000, miller ," /> name" 2002 Chu 87" /> Popular culture
  16. Meier, farm administrator; akin to Mayor),Millers/Miller (German: Müller, miller ,), Šmits/Smite (German: Schmidt, smith ), Šulcs/Sulfa (German: Schulz
  17. Sacks often contained grains; thus the association of these knots with the, miller ,'s trade. Several knots are known interchangeably by these three names.
  18. To lecture about the dangers of drug use. A, miller ,'s not (also sack not or bag not) is a binding knot used to secure the
  19. The general populace was unable to read, signs that today would say cobbler, miller , tailor or blacksmith would use an image associated with their trade such as a
  20. Explanation for Pierrot's powdered face (he begins working-life as a, miller ,'s assistant),and the Pantomime of the Attorney (1865),which casts Pierrot
  21. History Early history Kickers was formed in Sheffield as a steel foundry by the, miller ,Edward Kickers and his father-in-law George Naylor in 1828. Naylor was a
  22. On the south edge of land originally owned by George Bosley, a merchant and, miller ,in Virginia who had fled from there ahead of bounty hunters because he was also
  23. Set machinery a-whirring. Superstitious communities sometimes believed that the, miller ,must be in league with the fairies. In Scotland fairies were often mischievous
  24. Culture Some Nasreen tales also appear in collections of Aesop's fables. The, miller , his son and the donkey is one example. Others are The Ass with a Burden of
  25. 13 weeks heading the list. Story François Dubious (Roman Bone),a former, miller ,now unemployed, is forced to take odd jobs and live at the city jail with his
  26. Red Star thistle," caltrop" * Centaurea Cinerama – Velvet Centaurea," dusty, miller ," * Centaurea Cygnus – Cornflower,Bachelor's Button, Boutonniere Flower
  27. Corn to be milled after dark. So long as the locals believed this then the, miller ,could sleep secure in the knowledge that his stores were not being robbed. John
  28. In the heart of the city that was home to the 19th Century mathematical, miller , George Green. * http://www.thenewartexchange.org.uk/ New Art Exchange. – an
  29. To be transferred from one party to another. For example, a wheat farmer and a, miller ,could sign a futures contract to exchange a specified amount of cash for a
  30. His business from making steam engines for river boats while Tux ford began as a, miller ,and millwright. His mill was once prominent near Steinbeck Church, just to the
  31. The Revolutionary War. Edgar moved to Kaskaskia, Illinois in 1784,becoming a, miller ,and merchant in that town. File: Edgar County Illinois 1823. PNG|Edgar County
  32. Mid-20th century, with families bringing their own corn to be ground, and the, miller ,retaining a portion of the corn for his fee. In South Carolina, state law
  33. Theory about his death: he loved horses, and apparently he found out a, miller ,owned a magnificent one. When he went to the miller to negotiate about the
  34. Owner; otherwise their buildings would be burned. Tradition says one Cordon, miller ,overpaid by $200; Morgan promptly returned it to him. The town of Cordon was
  35. Name" 2008 Simpson" /> name" 1999 McPhail 69" /> name" 2000, miller ," /> and MAIN includes Aiman's syndrome. Name" 2002 sultan 20" /> The
  36. Name also has ties to Greek Mythology. In this myth, Argyris—a peasant born of, miller ,and a shepherd's daughter—was stricken with silver skin. He was said to have
  37. Original equipment. There are tours available May through October. The adjacent, miller ,'s house is the birthplace of former CT governor Wilbur L. Cross. More recent
  38. Common sails consist of a lattice framework on which a sailcloth is spread. The, miller ,can adjust the amount of cloth spread according to the amount of wind available
  39. A magnificent one. When he went to the miller to negotiate about the price,the, miller , upon seeing his Lord and military insignia, took interest in the money he was
  40. Contract (thereby losing additional income that he could have earned). The, miller , on the other hand, acquires the risk that the price of wheat will fall below
  41. Against counter-party risk. From another perspective, the farmer and the, miller ,both reduce a risk and acquire a risk when they sign the futures contract: the
  42. Of a non-canonical thinker is Carlo Ginzburg's study of a 16th-century Italian, miller , Pinocchio, in his seminal work The Cheese and the Worms. Although the field
  43. Apparently he found out a miller owned a magnificent one. When he went to the, miller ,to negotiate about the price, the miller , upon seeing his Lord and military
  44. A future risk: for the wheat farmer, the uncertainty of the price, and for the, miller , the availability of wheat. However, there is still the risk that no wheat will
  45. Was born in Nantucket, Massachusetts,on August 15, 1667,to Peter Folder,a, miller ,and schoolteacher and his wife Mary Morrill, a former indentured servant.
  46. As noted above, several distinct knots have historically been known as, miller ,'s, sack,or bag knots. To avoid ambiguity, these knots are listed below by the
  47. The villagers and their plight. Villagers *Risk 儀作 (Rakuten Dodo) — The, miller ,and village patriarch, referred to as" Grandad," who tells the villagers to
  48. Street and bought Louis Walter's gristmill. Louis Walter was the first, miller ,in Batesville and had owned the mill since 1858. In 1865,John F. Brink man
  49. Secure in the knowledge that his stores were not being robbed. John Fraser,the, miller ,of Whitehall claimed to have hidden and watched the fairies trying
  50. to A poor mistaken and bewildered offering Unknown to those bare souls of, miller ,blue A preindustrial process for production of indigo white, used in Europe

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