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  1. JPG|Pakistani side of the border crossing Image: Customs weigh-scale, torkham, afghanistan , JPG|Customs weighing scale Image: Customs declaration - Markham, afghanistan .
  2. S land could be subject to soil erosion and desertification. So people of, afghanistan , must be aware of these critical problems. Education is very important specially
  3. Forefather of Reynolds in area of Tarawa and Am Durban, and also they found in, afghanistan , ) * Barbara (forefather of Barbara Abbas living in Chemical, Bandi, Darer
  4. Afghanistan. JPG|Customs weighing scale Image: Customs declaration - Markham, afghanistan , JPG|Customs declaration room on the Pakistani side Image: Markham gate, Afghan
  5. Of Education (( Pashto; توران جنرال Too ran General). Political turmoil of, afghanistan , In 1973,while Mohammed Zahid Shah was in Italy, his cousin and former Prime
  6. Urge Congress to vote NO for any the escalation of U. S. troops in the war in, afghanistan , Already, the campaign has successfully helped retired Corporal Rick Reyes and
  7. Group for the 1973-1977 insurgency. After 2006 the group members fled to, afghanistan , where allegedly trained in small groups in bomb making by Indian Intelligence.
  8. The first Native American movie star Male a small village in safari, ghazni., afghanistan , Music * Male (musician),member of dubstep production duo Digital Mystic
  9. Operation Cherokee Sky north of ALAT, July 2002. File: Canadian soldiers, afghanistan , JPG|3PPCLI during Operation Cherokee Sky north of ALAT, July 2002. 2003–2005
  10. States that Firuzkuh was destroyed by the Mongols in 1222. Gallery File: Jam, afghanistan , ghorprovince Islamic architecture. JPG|Minaret of Jam, Decorative inscriptions
  11. Zimri is also living in Coralie. Zimri is respectable and educated nation in, afghanistan , as well as in Pakistan. Due to some clashes some of MRI migrated from
  12. To be originally Pashtuns. Some Chokers of northwest Punjab and areas beside, afghanistan , use their tribe name as khokharzai and claim afghans. Origin The Shikhar
  13. Yemen, october-december 2000. • Participated in operation enduring freedom, afghanistan , and Pakistan, march 2002. • Participated in operation Iraqi freedom, iraq
  14. Catholic Encyclopedia Article Parana Its roots are in the par wan province of, afghanistan , however today family members extend to all parts of the globe. See family tree

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