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  1. Renewed for a five-year term in 38 BC, broke down when Octavian came to, perceive ,Caesarion, the son of Julius Caesar and the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, as a
  2. Whilst our knowledge of concrete, physical objects is based on our ability to, perceive ,them, and therefore to causally interact with them, there is no parallel
  3. Example, include: (1) How are we able to recognize objects?, ( 2) Why do we, perceive ,a continuous visual environment, even though we only see small bits of it at
  4. Ignoring the perceive d or biospheric context, or the cognitive mechanisms that, perceive ,and invent categories *or for relying on a complex empirical process of
  5. Should inflict on the character. Stuff governs how non-player characters, perceive ,and respond to the character: characters with good stuff will often receive
  6. The way to express in terms understandable to my contemporaries what I inwardly, perceive ,directly as the truth? ' Steiner took a leading role in the Theosophical
  7. Lenses, allowing accommodation for vision in air and water. This allows them to, perceive ,ultraviolet light, which is involved in courtship. Many birds show plumage
  8. For verbal report, reasoning,and the control of behavior. So, when we, perceive , information about what we perceive is access conscious; when we introspect
  9. Of reason and create a life worthy of ourselves and of the goals we only dimly, perceive , " (Last paragraph of Sakharov's Nobel Lecture, December 11, 1975)
  10. Red Beard initially, Yasumoto comes to admire his wisdom and courage, and to, perceive ,the patients at the clinic, whom he at first despised, as worthy of compassion
  11. He envisages both how individuals conceive crime and how populations, perceive ,it, based on societal norms. Etymology The word crime is derived from the Latin
  12. In his doctoral thesis, Adriaan de Groot showed that chess masters can rapidly, perceive ,the key features of a position. According to de Groot, this perception, made
  13. But if set to a frequency outside the human audible range then the ear can't, perceive ,the square wave, only the difference between the speaker being switched on and
  14. Developed in ants than in other hymenopteran groups. Like other insects, ants, perceive , smells with their long, thin and mobile antennae. The paired antennae provide
  15. However, he was never able to make a living with his art, and,as he began to, perceive ,most of the proletarian movement as" putting unfulfilled political ideals
  16. Between 10 and 40 Hz; the lowest frequency sound a human can typically, perceive ,is 20 Hz. Blue whale calls last between ten and thirty seconds. Blue whales off
  17. Dispersive powers must also be different (according to 4). Newton failed to, perceive ,the existence of media of different dispersive powers required by achromatic;
  18. Governments use laws and regulations to point business behavior in what they, perceive ,to be beneficial directions. Ethics implicitly regulates areas and details of
  19. Physical responses to" Directing" often occur underneath one's ability to, perceive , As freedom of expression or movement is the objective, the most appropriate
  20. Anthropologist Matt Thorn argues that Japanese animators and audiences do not, perceive ,such stylized eyes as inherently more or less foreign. However, not all anime
  21. To have considerable structure. Immanuel Kant asserted that the world as we, perceive ,it is organized according to a set of fundamental" intuitions ", which include
  22. May sound non-native or unintelligible. Speakers of a given language usually, perceive ,one phoneme in their language as a single distinctive sound in that language
  23. Their political positions. ) Some observers argue that, while academics often, perceive ,themselves as members of an elite, their influence is mostly imaginary: "
  24. The sanded; the baby boy to have strength and grow up to trust in God and, perceive ,Him three times a year; the model for unhesitatingly performing the ritual; to
  25. Which in turn was derived from αἰσθάνομαι (aisthanomai, meaning " I, perceive , feel, sense "). The term" aesthetics" was appropriated and coined with new
  26. Of names Confucius believed that social disorder often stemmed from failure to, perceive , understand, and deal with reality. Fundamentally, then,social disorder can
  27. Practices and/or policies in academia. Description Anti-intellectuals often, perceive ,themselves as champions of ordinary people and as defenders of populism against
  28. View the world rather than how they act in it. " We believe that the ability to, perceive ,other people's actions as meaningful is critical for altruism ", said lead
  29. Transformation and purification, of the body in the resurrection. Some authors, perceive ,Augustine's doctrine as directed against human sexuality and attribute his
  30. Arcseconds per pixel is the maximum amount of detail that the human retina can, perceive , Raymond Sonar, president of Disparate Technologies, however,stated that
  31. And the control of behavior. So, when we perceive , information about what we, perceive ,is access conscious; when we introspect, information about our thoughts is
  32. S idea of these two concepts should be way above any common man's and many, perceive ,Tagore as a 'Manana' Artist in the realm of literature. This concept of
  33. Manipulated images, calling into question reality and our ability to accurately, perceive ,and remember it. These thematic elements provide an atmosphere of uncertainty
  34. 12 embossed dots encoding 36 different sounds was too difficult for soldiers to, perceive ,by touch, and was rejected by the military. In 1821, he visited the National
  35. Only a few bears but create a climate of conflict as farmers and ranchers may, perceive ,all losses as due to bears and advocate the preventive removal of all bears.
  36. Voting. Some voters will support only their single favored candidate when they, perceive ,the other candidates more than competitors to their preferred candidate than as
  37. Abstraction is the nexus of the soul and body, for the material body may only, perceive ,material objects, while the immaterial soul may only receive the immaterial
  38. Nor decay, that perpetually yielded fresh materials from which everything we, perceive ,is derived. He proposed the theory of the ape iron in direct response to the
  39. Infinite negative charge for the universe. Dirac tried to argue that we would, perceive ,this as the normal state of zero charge. Another difficulty was the difference
  40. According to a set of fundamental" intuitions ", which include object (we, perceive ,the world as a set of distinct things); shape; quality (color, warmth,etc.);
  41. Disappear into the depths to sound. These fish, barely sensitive to light, they, perceive , the slightest vibrations in the air and take refuge in the murky river's depth
  42. Not cause phenomena, but rather phenomena are simply the way by which our minds, perceive ,the Noumea, according to the Principle of Sufficient Reason. This is explained
  43. Of them are hostile to Israel because they support the weak side, which they, perceive ,the Palestinians to be. " In early 2010,the Swedish publication The Local
  44. Priorities, the colony of Chad ranked near the bottom, and the French came to, perceive ,Chad primarily as a source of raw cotton and untrained labor to be used in the
  45. Difference in efficacy between older and newer antidepressants, clinicians, perceive , the newer drugs, including SSRIs and Saris, to be more effective than the older
  46. It in some way. Vision and hearing are two dominant senses that allow us to, perceive ,the environment. Some questions in the study of visual perception, for example
  47. Assumed adaptations to past circumstances, will stop after learning to, perceive ,and prevent them. End-gaining Another example is the term" end-gaining ". This
  48. That appear to show animals holding beliefs about things they cannot directly, perceive ,— Donald Griffin's 2001 book Animal Minds reviews a substantial portion of the
  49. As the first chairman of RSF from 1986 to 1987. The Continuity IRA and RSF, perceive ,themselves as forming a" true" Republican Movement. Structure and status The
  50. Or Ones, that indicated the possibility that a person might be able to, perceive ,targets at a distance removed from the physical body. Later investigations have

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