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  1. System of accounting which was followed by all its local farm managers. Each, administrator ,on each subdivision of the estate drew up his own little accounts, for the
  2. Painting a picture of an intelligent, scholarly,well-read, and conscientious, administrator ,with an eye to detail and justice. Thus, Claudius becomes an enigma. Since the
  3. d. 1958) *1889 – Richard Plucks, German SS officer and concentration camp, administrator ,(d. 1945) *1891 – Laura Gil pin, American photographer (d. 1979) * 1891 –
  4. Arrested Development (TV Series),a Fox Network comedy *Art director,the, administrator ,in charge of art and design for a magazine or newspaper *Assistant director, a
  5. BOTH),a fictional character created by Simon Travails, is a rogue system, administrator ,who takes out his anger on users (often referred to as users),colleagues
  6. Objects or attributes as well. Organizational Units are an abstraction for the, administrator ,and do not function as containers; the underlying domain is the true container.
  7. May change its form or shape, its mass always remains the same. He was an, administrator ,of the" Fermi General" and a powerful member of a number of other
  8. d. 2000) * 1915 – Alfred Rousseau, French Canadian businessman and, administrator ,(Discarding Group) (d. 1985) *1919 – Malcolm Forbes, American publisher (
  9. Grew up in a middle-class English household. Henry worked as a playwright, administrator ,and faculty member during the early years of The American Academy of Dramatic
  10. Will usually result in the target program crashing and could alert the system, administrator ,to the attacker's activities. Another problem is that the Nosed requires a
  11. Columnist (d. 1997) *1918 – Louis Applebaum, Canadian composer, conductor and, administrator ,(d. 2000) *1920 – John Demjanjuk, Ukrainian-born American autoworker
  12. The Vicar of St Mark's, Kennington, was the second son of the noted Indian, administrator , Sir Robert Montgomery, who died a month after Bernard's birth. Bernard's
  13. From abusing the least favored part of the population. Remembered as a notable, administrator , Alfonso III founded several towns, granted the title of city to many others and
  14. Also been released. By extension, the term is also used to refer to any system, administrator ,who displays (or wishes he could get away with) the qualities of the original
  15. Argentinean visual artist * 1956 – Di lip Vengsarkar, Indian cricketer and, administrator ,* 1960 – Warren Haynes, American guitarist and songwriter * 1960 – John
  16. And Economics (PPE). She worked for Unilever (1973–75) and then as an, administrator ,at the University of London (1975–87) before entering Parliament. Councillor
  17. Foundation for the modern states of Germany and France. Administration As an, administrator , Charlemagne stands out for his many reforms: monetary, governmental,military
  18. Fingers of his hand. Shasta Khan, however,survived and was re-appointed the, administrator ,of Bengal going on to become a key commander in the war against the Atoms. It
  19. Responsible for the unification of Germany. He was a skilled political, administrator ,and leader, and effectively reversed the decline of the Teutonic Order, until
  20. Joachim Stretch, East German footballer *1952 – Ron Distemper, American space, administrator ,*1956 – Peter 'Possum' Bourne, New Zealand rally driver (d. 2003) * 1957 –
  21. To then diocese of Cádiz y Algeciras),whose bishop was usually the apostolic, administrator ,of Ceuta. The agreement was not implemented until 1879. Geography Ceuta is
  22. Boundary, the only true security boundary is the forest itself and an, administrator ,of any domain in the forest must be trusted across all domains in the forest.
  23. Of the Lieutenant-Governor, the Governor General in Council may appoint an, administrator ,to execute the duties of the office. In practice, this is usually the Chief
  24. Albuquerque rewarded him by appointing him chief" Again" of the city,an, administrator ,and representative of the Hindu and Muslim people, as a knowledgeable
  25. To the group object for that OF. A common workaround for an Active Directory, administrator ,is to write a custom PowerShell or Visual Basic script to automatically create
  26. 1875 * Sir Henri Clear Taschereau – October 7,1878, Ashok Maurya or Ashoka (, administrator , In the history of India, Ashoka is referred to as Samara Chakravartin Ashoka
  27. Of James A. B. Shear, a literary scholar untutored in science but a capable, administrator ,and fund-raiser, to Throop's presidency in 1908. Shear persuaded retired
  28. Who was the spiritual teacher of the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka. As, administrator ,Ashoka's military power was so strong that he was able to crush those empires
  29. For 1975 *Jean-Lou Chateau (2006–present),civil engineer and educational, administrator ,In media and popular culture Caltech has appeared in several works of popular
  30. That verifies his or her password and specifies whether he or she is a system, administrator ,or normal user. Active Directory uses Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (
  31. Andrew II issued the Golden Bull of 1222. Saxony Between 1220 and 1230,a Saxon, administrator , Like von Regrow, composed the Sachsenspiegel, which became the supreme law
  32. As King of the Lombards Gilbert went along as primicerius palate, a high, administrator ,of the satellite court. As the friend and adviser of Pepin, he assisted for a
  33. Claimant to the title, his wife Irene Domain. Lassen was the effective, administrator ,of the Empire during Alexios' long absences in military campaigns: she was
  34. Undertook a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, the first bishop from England to do so. As, administrator ,of the Diocese of Hereford, he was involved in fighting against the Welsh
  35. RN (11 October 1738 – 31 August 1814) was a British admiral and colonial, administrator , Phillip was appointed Governor of New South Wales, the first European colony
  36. Education that is meant. Within the public school system the chief, administrator ,of a school is generally" the principal ", as in the United States, but the
  37. Despite his lack of experience, Claudius proved to be an able and efficient, administrator , He was also an ambitious builder, constructing many new roads, aqueducts,and
  38. British automobile fatality *1897 – Sir William Nervous, British colonial, administrator , Governor-General of New Zealand (b. 1821) *1901 – Edmond Audrey, French
  39. Profession, and in 1513 became archbishop of Magdeburg at the age of 23 and, administrator ,of the Diocese of Halberstadt. In 1514, he obtained the Electorate of Mainz, and
  40. Of what could not possibly be determined precisely, and James Webb used his, administrator ,'s judgement to change the estimate to $20 billion before giving it to Vice
  41. France and Germany, he is revered as a hero of epic proportions. Skilled as an, administrator ,and ruler, Martel organized what would become the medieval European government:
  42. His taster, Xenophon,his doctor, or the infamous poisoner Locust as the, administrator ,of the fatal substance. Some say he died after prolonged suffering following a
  43. S assistant; this too has become a general term for a junior or trainee system, administrator , Early BOTH editions took place in a university, moving on to an office
  44. Into 22 bases (paragraph) governed by a military commander and a civilian, administrator , and each had a judge, a prosecutor and a public defender. Massoud's policies
  45. Flight. The only person who needed some convincing was James E. Webb, the NASA, administrator , With the rest of his agency in support of the new mission, Webb eventually
  46. In some Latin phrases (such as ad lib or ad nauseam) *Athletic director,the, administrator ,of the athletics program, usually at an educational institution *United States
  47. Machine, it registered a name for itself on that machine, as chosen by a human, administrator , At this point, NBP provided a system for checking that no other machine had
  48. Object placement within an OF. In Active Directory it is a separate step for an, administrator ,to assign an object in an OF to be a member of a group that is also within that
  49. Died in 1987 and Shirr in 2007. Belated recognition In October 2008,NASA, administrator ,Michael D. Griffin awarded the crew of Apollo 7 NASA's Distinguished Service
  50. 1991 – Stanley Hawks, British-born Australian film producer, director and, administrator ,(b. 1905) *1993 – David Forest, leader of Branch Dravidians (b. 1959) * 1993

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