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  1. The woman of the house to work in her 'workspace ', as he often called the, kitchen , yet keep track of and be available for the children and/or guests in the
  2. Banquets with over 100 dishes served at a time, employing countless imperial, kitchen ,staff and concubines to prepare the food. Over time, many royal dishes became
  3. Combination with other food. In a home, most food preparation takes place in a, kitchen , Some preparation is done to enhance the taste or aesthetic appeal; other
  4. Persons may contain only a single large room. Food is prepared in a separate, kitchen ,located near the house but usually behind it. Toilet facilities consist of
  5. In through the kitchen window, to find Muddy Waters' band sleeping on the, kitchen ,floor. Although Cyril Davies left the group in 1963,Blues Incorporated
  6. Coordinator. Lastly, on the first floor there is a house common room with a, kitchen ,and two couches.
  7. A performance. They entered the accepted way, by climbing in through the, kitchen ,window, to find Muddy Waters' band sleeping on the kitchen floor. Although
  8. Only once),temporary meadows for mowing or pasture, land under market and, kitchen ,gardens and land temporarily fallow (less than five years). Abandoned land
  9. A master of still life, and is also noted for his genre paintings which depict, kitchen ,maids, children,and domestic activities. Carefully balanced composition, soft
  10. The West. They rode in Colonist cars that had sleeping facilities and a small, kitchen ,at one end of the car. Children were not allowed off the train, lest they
  11. Narrower with each level having only four rooms. Each level also has its own, kitchen , but these are much smaller than in the Upper Houses. The Lower Houses do have
  12. Cabins for up to 180 people, and a recreation hall and dining hall with full, kitchen ,facilities. Cornet Bay is a busy boat launch facility, with six saltwater ramps
  13. Notable weakness, oft mentioned when she is being" courted," is her lack of, kitchen ,skills. Family members cringe when, for plot reasons, Elly takes over the
  14. Carnage in 1702. The house retains some original medieval features, including a, kitchen , fire places and beam-and-board ceilings. The Gordon Highlanders Museum tells
  15. A separation of a sink and a source. In a highly viscous medium, a two-beater, kitchen ,mixer causes a dipole flow field. *An acoustic dipole is the oscillating
  16. Back to back. A detached building belonging to each contains a bath and a, kitchen , One of these diminutive convents is appropriated to the" oblate" or novices
  17. 2 February 2004) Cuisine (from French cuisine," cooking; culinary art;, kitchen ,"; ultimately from Latin conquered," to cook" ) is a characteristic style of
  18. Expression celery d'Italic. Celery's surprisingly late arrival in the English, kitchen ,is an end-product of the long tradition of seed selection needed to reduce the
  19. Chamber," his hall, now used for the Westminster King's Scholars, and the, kitchen ,and butteries beyond. York St Mary's Abbey, York,of which the ground-plan is
  20. Diverted to pass through as a supply of fresh water. The open area of the, kitchen ,chimney is large enough to take a whole ox for roasting. The surround to the
  21. A San Francisco Chinese restaurant in the 1970s. The theater and demonstration, kitchen ,underneath the library at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New
  22. Edward Alan" Ted" Beckham (b. Edmonton, London,July–September 1948),a, kitchen ,fitter, who married at the London Borough of Hackney in 1969,He regularly
  23. By the" refectory" ( K),from the west end of which by a vestibule the, kitchen ,(L) is reached. This is separated from the main buildings of the monastery
  24. Consists of three floors. The lower floor contains a common room equipped with, kitchen ,facilities, couches and a television. The upper floors each have their own
  25. The" nouns of location" in ma- (e.g. " Desk, office " < k-t-b" write ",", kitchen ," < box" cook" ). The only three genuine suffixes are as follows: *The
  26. With his spirit. " In a 1956 essay, Pasternak recalled," It was from the ..., kitchen ,that my father's remarkable illustrations to Tolstoy's Resurrection were
  27. 7,000 m2 and three floors: basement, landing and second floor. The auditorium, kitchen , laundry, medical center, and the administration are at basement level. The
  28. Of America in Hyde Park, New York is named for him. Danny referred to his, kitchen ,as" Ying's Thing ". While filming The Madwoman of Maillot in France, he
  29. Facilities, couches and a television. The upper floors each have their own, kitchen ,and dining area. All except North House have a very high bathroom ratio, with
  30. Of the church, and is distinctly separated from the monastic buildings. The, kitchen , buttery and offices are reached by a passage from the west end of the
  31. Which is much the larger, contains the granaries and storehouses (K),and the, kitchen ,(H) and other offices connected with the refectory (G). Immediately
  32. And poultry-yard (m),and the dwelling of the keeper (n). Hard by is the, kitchen ,garden (o),the beds bearing the names of the vegetables growing in them
  33. Else on the show, including Miss Jane and the Drys dales). Other than their, kitchen ,wars, relations between Granny and Pearl were generally friendly. The second
  34. The house,Scott's descendants developed the Morris Garden and the impressive, kitchen ,garden. Much of the gardens and landscape remain as they were in the time of
  35. It to rain in North Wales. The children were moaning ... I was sitting at the, kitchen ,table with nothing else to do, and I wrote the first few paragraphs of a
  36. By half-length compositions of children saying grace, as in Le Benedict, and, kitchen , maids in moments of reflection. These humble scenes deal with simple, everyday
  37. Origin. Archaeological evidence dating back to the 9th century, consisting of, kitchen ,utensils needed to prepare this dish, has been found in this part of the world.
  38. Floor of the mansion, together with a telephone exchange, a teleprinter room,a, kitchen ,and a dining room. The top floor was allocated to MI6. The prefabricated wooden
  39. Of Salads (hymns). # Hangar - A communal vegetarian meal also call free, kitchen ,is an important feature of the Sikh way of life, and food is served to everyone
  40. Conductor in his formal railway uniform, standing waiting at the door of the, kitchen ,as if he were standing on a railway platform at the door of a compartment that
  41. By stuntmen dressed as Native Americans. Pearl and Granny often fought for, kitchen ,supremacy. Pearl once told Granny" a blood cousin trumps a mother-in-law ".
  42. Name of" Cloister of Silence ". In contrast, within the Abbey is the massive, kitchen ,with a running stream specially diverted to pass through as a supply of fresh
  43. The 1960s onwards. Some Mark 1 catering cars had mixed bogies—a B5 under the, kitchen ,end, and a B4 under the seating end. Some B4 fitted Mark 2s,as well as
  44. Of mud-brick designed to remain cool in the heat of the day. Each home had a, kitchen ,with an open roof, which contained a grindstone for milling flour and a small
  45. This game is often played in houses, usually on an carpeted garage or, kitchen ,floor. ) The wagers are made in cash, never in chips, and are usually thrown
  46. As Jennie),20 years old, was hit by a stray bullet that passed through her, kitchen ,in town while she was making bread. Nearly 8,000 had been killed outright;
  47. That her father invented the dish when a Fourth of July 1924 rush depleted the, kitchen ,'s supplies. Carding made do with what he had, adding the dramatic flair of the
  48. Skills. Family members cringe when, for plot reasons, Elly takes over the, kitchen , Rock-like donuts and cookies, for example, are a plot function in an episode
  49. It has three single washrooms and one larger communal one, as well as its own, kitchen , This floor is home to the residence don, who has a larger room with a private
  50. Own brew house and bakehouse, and that for travelers of a superior order has a, kitchen ,and storeroom, with bedrooms for their servants and stables for their horses.

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