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  1. Hours for 240Am. As with most other actinides, the isotopes of americium with, odd ,number of neutrons have relatively high rate of nuclear fission and low
  2. 675 big guns, about 4750 mounds of gunpowder in boxes,7828 shields,1000, odd , ships,and 173 stores of rice. But, Mir Lumley II conquered only the soil of
  3. On the nuclide. Of the 255 known stable nuclides, only four have both an, odd ,number of protons and odd number of neutrons: hydrogen-2 (deuterium)
  4. Of Jack Kerouac inspired him to take poetry more seriously. Though he took, odd ,jobs to support himself, in 1955,upon the advice of a psychiatrist, Ginsberg
  5. Frac \; \rho \quad\box n-m \box and Rim_n (\rho)=0 if n-m is, odd , The first few Bernie polynomials are: where \rho is the normalized pupil
  6. To antisymmetry plus reflexivity. Examples The relation" x is even, y is, odd ," between a pair (x, y ) of integers is antisymmetric:::: The divisibility
  7. Fletch is called the" index fetch" or" cock feather" ( also known as" the, odd ,vane out" or" the knocking vane" ) and the others are sometimes called the "
  8. Socially-useful reduction of the paranoid, deluded,distressed, bizarre and, odd ,into semi-vegetative zombies? " Use of this class of drugs has a history of
  9. N't care" while a British person may answer," I don't mind ". Either sounds, odd ,to the other. In BRE the phrase I can't be arsed (to do something) is a very
  10. The KTM powers of the even divisors of n minus the sum of the KTM powers of the, odd ,divisors of n.: r_8 (n) = 16\sigma_3^ Adopt the convention that Ramanujan's
  11. The 255 known stable nuclides, only four have both an odd number of protons and, odd ,number of neutrons: hydrogen-2 (deuterium),lithium-6,boron-10 and
  12. Out for Hollywood, California. Initially, Rand struggled in Hollywood and took, odd ,jobs to pay her basic living expenses. A chance meeting with famed director
  13. Dots, \floor x\floor. \; Miscellaneous Let m AMD n be distinct, odd , and positive. Then the Jacobi symbol satisfies the Law of Quadratic
  14. Team) and reduce his studies to part-time. To earn money, he also took, odd ,jobs: as private tutor, car parts clerk and assistant at the Meteorological
  15. Row of contacts are all connected to the common ground bus and attached to the, odd ,numbered conductors of the cable. The top row of contacts are the even-numbered
  16. Crocodiles tend to be more dangerous to humans than alligators. Another, odd ,trait recently discovered is that both caimans and the American Alligator have
  17. Universal: *"Yesterday the boss presented the committee me" sounds at least, odd , if not incorrect. ) The most ubiquitous auxiliary, izan, can be used in any of
  18. Machines, each location being six bits labeled B, A,8,4,2 and 1,plus an, odd ,parity check bit (C) and a word mark bit (M). For encoding digits 1 through
  19. Helen (born 1965). In early 1964,Benny and Christina joined a group with the, odd ,name" Everett Spelmanslag" (" The Electricity Board Folk Music Group" )
  20. Results In every known case, the numbers of a pair are either both even or both, odd , It is not known whether an even- odd pair of amicable numbers exists, but if it
  21. Retain their arithmetical values; this means that the series are restricted to, odd ,powers of the unmarked variables. The nature of the reproduction consists in
  22. Set); see almost. A simple example is that almost all prime numbers are, odd , (Two is a prime number. ) When speaking about the reals, sometimes it means "
  23. Cases the master transmit will begin in even slots and the slave transmit in, odd ,slots. Bluetooth provides a secure way to connect and exchange information
  24. Including maltose. Animals and beer Many animals like beer which may seem, odd ,as it is only produced by humans, but beer-like liquids are found in nature.
  25. Formula (\track) is the Legendre symbol, defined for all integers a and all, odd ,primes p by: \left (\franc\right) = \begin \; \; \,0\box a \equiv 0 \mod
  26. To the text she speaks out flagrantly against the dishes as she“ … think it an, odd ,jumble of trash. ” Reinforcing the anti-French sentiment was the French and
  27. Grandfather Ephraim taught him Swedish folk music, traditional music, and the, odd ,sch lager. Benny recalls the first records he bought were" Du Best Music" by
  28. Of the elements of the multiplicative group of integers modulo n. For powers of, odd ,primes and for 2 and 4,λ (n) is equal to the Euler patient function of n;
  29. 1. \end The quadratic character (mod n) is denoted by the Jacobi symbol for, odd ,n (it is not defined for even n. ):: \Big (\franc\Big) = \left (
  30. Of D3d as subgroups. The symmetry group contains inversion if and only if n is, odd , The rotation group is DN of order 2n,except in the case of a tetrahedron
  31. Vertical retrace; it also indicates whether each field represents even or, odd ,lines in interlaced systems (depending on whether it begins at the start of a
  32. It does, the even number must either be a square number or twice one, and the, odd ,number must be a square number. Also, every known pair shares at least one
  33. Are functions of these magnitudes which, when expanded in series, contain only, odd ,powers, for the same reasons as given above. On account of the aberrations of
  34. Vertical retrace; it also indicates whether each field represents even or, odd ,lines in interlaced systems (depending on whether it begins at the start of a
  35. Defined as: ZN_n (\rho, \phi) = Rim_n (\rho)\, \cos (m\, \phi) \! And the, odd ,Bernie polynomials as: ZN_n (\rho, \phi) = Rim_n (\rho)\, \sin (m\, \phi)
  36. Vols. xxiv. xxvi. ) the numerical orders of the image, are consequently only, odd ,powers; the condition for the formation of an image of the MTV order is that in
  37. Overall wavefront may be isolated and quantified separately. There are even and, odd ,Bernie polynomials. The even Bernie polynomials are defined as: ZN_n (\rho
  38. A signal in 525-line NTSC is: * pre-equalizing pulses (6 to start scanning, odd ,lines,5 to start scanning even lines) * post-equalizing pulses (5 to start
  39. 5 to start scanning even lines) * post-equalizing pulses (5 to start scanning, odd ,lines,4 to start scanning even lines) Each pre- or post- equalizing pulse
  40. Patterned after the similar annual event in the strip. Li'l Abner has one, odd ,design quirk that has puzzled readers for decades: the part in his hair always
  41. Pairs of electrons are arranged in simple repeating patterns of increasing, odd ,numbers (1,3,5,7. ), each of which represents a set of electron pairs with a
  42. A word of n bytes can contain up to (2n)−1 decimal digits, which is always an, odd ,number of digits. A decimal number with d digits requires ½ (d+1) bytes of
  43. And rocking—to high functioning individuals who may have active but distinctly, odd ,social approaches, narrowly focused interests, and verbose, pedantic
  44. Case of single-slot packets the master transmits in even slots and receives in, odd ,slots; the slave, conversely,receives in even slots and transmits in odd slots
  45. So he could" prove it wasn't torture. " Instead Muller stated" It is such an, odd ,feeling to have water poured down your nose with your head back ... It was
  46. The integers 0 to 7 under addition modulo 8),\math_4\plus\math_2 (the, odd ,integers 1 to 15 under multiplication modulo 16),or
  47. Et al. (2003) reconstruct them as follows: 1 Manchu /son/" single, odd ,". 2 Old Bulgarian /theorem/" second ". 3 Titan has" 2" (
  48. n)&\box n \box\\ \sum_DKK -\sum_Duke\box n \box. \end That is, if n is, odd , OK* (n) is the sum of the KTM powers of the divisors of n,i.e. OK (n)
  49. Suitable for him or her. Some of the worlds they visit are mundane, some very, odd , and others follow science fiction or fantasy conventions. World War II
  50. In odd slots; the slave, conversely,receives in even slots and transmits in, odd ,slots. Packets may be 1,3 or 5 slots long but in all cases the master transmit

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