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  1. From Mexico itself. The resort area is divided into two: The north end of the, bay ,is the“ traditional” area, where the famous in the mid 20th century
  2. Belt and The Sound (Ö/Öresund),connect the Baltic Sea with the Attempt, bay ,and Skagerrak strait in the North Sea. Land uses The Baltic Sea drainage basin
  3. Explained that the town is built in such a way that it" turns its back on the, bay , with the result that it's impossible to see the sea, you always have to go to
  4. Have a rear-wheel drive configuration as it would have no space in the engine, bay ,for a differential and other components required to power the front wheels. In
  5. As Johnny Weissmuller and John Wayne are located, is on the northern end of the, bay , This is where the boardwalk and main square are and today the area is filled
  6. Established a naval base and penal colony on Chatham Island in the southeast, bay ,of Great Andaman. The settlement is now known as Port Blair (after the Bom bay
  7. PFS-1) was a small satellite released into lunar orbit from the SIM, bay , Its main objectives were to study the plasma, particle,and magnetic field
  8. Is similar to the Mediterranean bay , but has a stronger flavor. *Indian, bay ,leaf (also ten pat, tejpat, tejpata तेजपत्ता or Tamalpatra तमालपत्र or Biryani
  9. Brazil, they sailed south along the coast of South America to Rio de Janeiro's, bay , If his own account is to be believed, he reached the latitude of Patagonia
  10. http://viewthathome.co.uk/Documents/Ajaccio.html Panorama of Square overlooking, bay ,here. *The house in which Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769 is preserved as
  11. Is that the name was related to swamp and originally meant" enclosed sea, bay ," as opposed to open sea. Other possible origin of name Balticum is the Gaelic
  12. Roller coaster which must have given riders a tremendous view of the, bay , The Cottage Baths were available for rent. Neptune Beach's two huge outdoor
  13. Southwest from Mexico City. Acapulco is located on a deep,semicircular, bay ,and has been a port since the early colonial period of Mexico’s history. It is
  14. A crescent-shaped peninsula will be set up on the open sea. The project of the, bay ,of Algiers will also comprise six small islands, of which four of round form
  15. Called chestnut by most other breed registries. Other recognized colors include, bay , black, brown,buckskin, palomino,gray, dun,red dun, grullo (also
  16. Buried in St. Mary's churchyard, beneath the castle walls, and overlooking the, bay , Charlotte commissioned a stone to be placed over her grave, with the simple
  17. Hour and seven minute spacewalk to retrieve exposed film from the instrument, bay ,on the exterior of the CSM. The ascent stage of lunar module Challenger
  18. Arrive were admitted and paid, with the red rope now used to keep latecomers at, bay , The Council The presidency of the Boyle rotated monthly amongst the ten
  19. Are a number of beaches in the Acapulco Bay and the immediate coastline. In the, bay ,proper there are the La Angola (in the Queered),Cal eta, Caletilla
  20. Booms. Released from the Service Module's Scientific Instrument Module (SIM), bay , on April 24, 1972 at 21:56:09 UTC, the subsatellite's mission was to measure
  21. They arise even when the conscious mind would prefer to hold them at, bay , The rational mind is, for Schopenhauer, a leaf borne along in a stream of
  22. For admission to the park. Strong swimmers or even waders could sneak in on the, bay ,side, just by swimming around the fence. Some resort homes and buildings
  23. Full flavor until several weeks after picking and drying. Taxonomy The term ", bay ,leaf" is used to refer to several other plants besides the leaves of L.
  24. Town plan Alto proposed a line of separate marble-clad buildings fronting the, bay ,which would house various cultural institutions, including a concert hall
  25. Dun, grullo (also occasionally referred to as blue dun),red roan, blue roan, bay ,roan, perlino, cremello, and white. In the past, spotted color patterns were
  26. Recorded in Vesta Decorum an older name Gandhi," -via" being Old Norse for ", bay ,", which implies that the Vikings correctly regarded it as an inlet of the sea.
  27. Away by the sea. On the east of the mole was the Great Harbor, now an open, bay ,; on the west lay the port of Ernesto, with its inner basin Kilotons, now vastly
  28. Shah occupied the throne, the Maratha Empire — which Aurangzeb had held at, bay , inflicting high human and monetary costs — consolidated and launched effective
  29. On four concentric half-circles of canals with their ends emerging at the IJ, bay , Known as the Grachtengordel, three of the canals were mostly for residential
  30. Its northern corner) and most of the oblast of Chernivtsi) *Montenegro (, bay ,of Boa Motors, the coast and the immediate hinterland around the cities of
  31. Concentric canal plan, covering the area between the Hostel river and the IJ, bay , has never been implemented. In the following centuries, the land was used for
  32. Sea, both as a leisure pursuit, and as training for open water competition. The, bay ,provides safety from the currents, although the adventurous swim round to the
  33. Laurel, Oregon myrtle, and pepper wood, is similar to the Mediterranean, bay , but has a stronger flavor. *Indian bay leaf (also ten pat, tejpat, tejpata
  34. Aromatic leaf of the bay laurel (Taurus nobility, Lauraceae ). Fresh or dried, bay ,leaves are used in cooking for their distinctive flavor and fragrance. The
  35. Areas which are protected. In addition to sunbathing, the beaches around the, bay ,offer a number of services, such as boat rentals, boat tours, horseback riding
  36. At the Park's high-point offers the most complete view of Barcelona and the, bay , It is possible to view the main city in panorama, with the Sagrada Família and
  37. Other plants besides the leaves of L. nobility. These include: *California, bay ,leaf - the leaf of the California bay tree (Umbellularia California),also
  38. Amiga 1200,but on a motherboard which could fit into a standard 5 1/4" drive, bay , It features either a 68020 or 68030 CPU, with a redesigned AGA chipset, and
  39. Area, which the Māori may have been trying to protect. Tasman named the, bay ,Murderers' Bay (now known as Golden Bay) and sailed north, but mistook Cook
  40. Of L. nobility. These include: *California bay leaf - the leaf of the California, bay ,tree (Umbellularia California),also known as California laurel, Oregon
  41. Thermal insulation material used to line the oxygen shelf compartment in this, bay , The resulting pressure inside the compartment popped the bolts attaching the
  42. Flower the first year from seed,e.g. foxglove and stock. Bay leaf (plural, bay ,leaves) refers to the aromatic leaf of the bay laurel (Taurus nobility
  43. Pressure beyond its limit and the tank dome failed, filling the fuel cell, bay ,(Sector 4) with rapidly expanding gaseous oxygen and combustion products. It
  44. The Pythias Games were held in Apollo's honor every four years at Delphi. The, bay ,laurel plant was used in expiatory sacrifices and in making the crown of
  45. South shore of the island was. Alameda Point and South shore are built on, bay ,fill. Not all of Alameda Island is part of the City of Alameda. Although nearly
  46. Zone will accompany the project. The second project will relate to the, bay ,of Algiers and aims to revitalize the sea front. The development of the sea
  47. This in turn led to the building of a deeper water pier a little around the, bay ,at Hawkcraig, and to the development of hotels and many of the other services
  48. Owned and operated the beach on their own, even filling in a section of the, bay ,to add an olympic-size swimming pool and an exceptional roller
  49. And stock. Bay leaf (plural bay leaves) refers to the aromatic leaf of the, bay ,laurel (Taurus nobility, Lauraceae ). Fresh or dried bay leaves are used in
  50. The isle of Mario and finally including the marine Waters of the Rio Pará, bay ,in its entire length. Guido Kelli, director of science at the Brazilian

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