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  1. And radius, a IN nanotube is an electrical insulator with a band gap of ~5.5 eV, basically ,independent of tube chirality and morphology. In addition, a layered IN
  2. Molds). These two phyla use amoebic movement in their feeding stage. One is, basically ,a giant multinucleate amoeba, while the other lives solitary until food runs
  3. S very large L1 cache and the exclusive design which turns the L2 cache into, basically ,a" victim cache ", the need for high L2 performance and size was lessened. AMD
  4. Authority. Spinoza may have had access to a circle of friends who were, basically ,heretics in the eyes of tradition. One of the people he may have known was
  5. An example of FGD is the wet scrubber which is commonly used. A wet scrubber is, basically ,a reaction tower equipped with a fan that extracts hot smoke stack gases from a
  6. Defense del Pueblo Analog (literally" Defender of the Andalusian People ", basically ,an ombudsperson),the Consultative Council, the Chamber of Accounts, the
  7. Others on August 20, 1988,indicate al-Qaeda was a formal group by that time: ", basically ,an organized Islamic faction, its goal is to lift the word of God, to make His
  8. A mechanical device. Computer algorithms In computer systems, an algorithm is, basically ,an instance of logic written in software by software developers to be effective
  9. The lower voltage requirement and higher heat rating resulted in CPUs that were, basically ," cherry-picked" from the manufacturing line. Being the best of the cores off
  10. Was created by Ira Heli-ski — Atari's chief Industrial Designer. The ST was, basically ,wedge shaped, featuring bold angular lines and a series of grilles cut into the
  11. He judged that their net effect would be beneficial and would not undermine the, basically ,free character of the system. He did not wear the Adam Smith necktie. " In
  12. External things and also our own direct, inner experience. Since everything is, basically ,Will, then humans and animals are fundamentally the same and can recognize
  13. Ministry's Bureau of Fisheries, as saying that China's figures were ", basically ,correct ". However, the FAO accepts there are issues with the reliability of
  14. Changed for the purpose of passing on the changes to their offspring. There are, basically ,two ways of implementing a gene therapy treatment: # Ex Vito, which means "
  15. Manning in" if lives weren’t in danger ... Manning was in a war zone and, basically ,trying to vacuum up as much classified information as he could, and just
  16. Consequently, as a nucleotide, it (and its relatives ADP and AMP) is, basically ,a monomer of RNA. ATP is highly soluble in water and is quite stable in
  17. Syllables of several words, such as Interpol = International + police. It is, basically ,a variant of the acronym. Syllabic abbreviations are usually written using
  18. In the basins of rivers through which salmon went upstream. A village consisted, basically ,of a paternal clan. The average number of families was four to seven, rarely
  19. 1993,French and Russian nuclear consultants declared operating conditions, basically ,safe. Continuation of the blockade into 1994 gave added urgency to the decision
  20. Scientist who supported Christiaan Huygens' wave theory of light, which was, basically ,ignored by the rest of the scientific community. In the 18th century Newton's
  21. When a PAP connection was opened, each end sent the other an ATP request which, basically ,meant" send me more data ". The client's response to the server was to send a
  22. A consistent proponent of polyamory. In the United States" free thought was a, basically ,anti-christian, anti-clerical movement, whose purpose was to make the
  23. AFL logo, specifically the" A" and the six stars surrounding it. The AFC logo, basically ,remained unchanged from 1970 to 2009. The 2010 NFL season introduced an updated
  24. Processes and expands the legal protection against the authorities. The Wife, basically ,applies for the entire public administrative activities of federal agencies as
  25. A number r + is can be identified with a point (r, s ) in the plane, C is, basically ," the same" as the Cartesian product R×R (" the same" meaning that any point
  26. To happen, considering Bolivia's weak position globally. The Banner government, basically ,continued the free-market and privatization-policies of its predecessor. The
  27. ²" … several secondary metatonic processes happened … in Korean, basically ,in the verb subsystem: all verbs have a strong tendency towards low pitch on
  28. Information. Therefore, we see that an AM signal's spectrum consists, basically ,of its original (2-sided) spectrum shifted up to the carrier frequency.
  29. Also be equipped with internal Casandra, which requires no pump. It works on, basically ,the same principle as external units, but relies on convection to move wort
  30. Fashion (as in Watt or Buys). Another approach is to say that“ art” is, basically ,a sociological category, that whatever art schools and museums and artists
  31. As" The Red and The Black" ( an ode to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and, basically ,a sped-up rewrite of" I'm On the lam ", from the debut album)," Hot Rails
  32. Three types may be augmented with syllabic glyphs. Critic, for example, is, basically , an ahead, but has syllabic letters for. (These are the only time vowels are
  33. Cities with this climate, Baku does not see extremely hot summers. This is, basically ,due to its northerly latitude and the fact that it is located on a peninsula on
  34. Only provides general recommendations for a standard placement of stress, basically ,to place a high-pitched weak stress (weaker than that of Spanish, let alone
  35. Can be also derived from Art. 20 I GG. The general administration law is, basically ,ruled in the Administrative Procedures Law (Verwaltungsverfahrensgesetz Wife
  36. Which means" human" ( particularly as opposed to kazoo, divine beings), basically , neither ethnicity nor the name of a race, in the Hokkaido dialects of the Ainu
  37. Letters for. (These are the only time vowels are indicated. ) Cyrillic is, basically ,a true alphabet, but has syllabic letters for (я, е,ю); Coptic has a letter
  38. Of 2010 (such as the 68HC12,the PIC micro, the 8051 and several others) are, basically ,accumulator machines. Modern CPUs are typically 2-operand or 3-operand
  39. A variety of colors as well as varying degrees of refinement, though format is, basically ,constant. Height and Weight The standards call for a hound from; its height is.
  40. Association's Phoenix Suns. " In the earliest days, the Diamondbacks operated, basically ,as a subsidiary of the Suns; several executives and managers with the Suns and
  41. Unrest in the Ivory Coast,2010/2011,were not officially confirmed. Angola is, basically ,interested in the participation of the FAA operations of the African Union and
  42. After death of an individual. The power of testamentary disposition is, basically ,limited to one-third of the net estate (i.e. the assets remaining after the
  43. Of premature death. Like its native relative the Horthy Soraya, the borzoi is, basically ,a very sound breed. OCD, hip and elbow dysplasia have remained almost unknown
  44. Market economists such as Friedrich Hayek, although Rudd describes himself as ", basically ,a conservative when it comes to questions of public financial management "
  45. 1929) for support of philosophical idealism" the thesis that reality is, basically ,mental ". Charles De Koninck points out that Eddington believed in objective
  46. Sense sketches for the future symphony. The Choral Fantasy Opus. 80 (1808), basically , a piano concerto movement, brings in a chorus and vocal soloists near the end
  47. Buckling Romanticism Key dates: 1800-1880 Romanticism was, basically ,a reaction against Neoclassicism, it is a deeply-felt style which is
  48. By their unique motions. It is instrumental for keeping time, in that UTC is, basically ,the atomic time synchronized to Earth's rotation by means of exact
  49. Do not provide AGP slots, only PCIe slots). An" AGP Express" slot is, basically ,a PCI slot (with the electrical power of two) in the AGP form factor. While
  50. Portable a / c unit also required periodic emptying of a condensate water tank (, basically ,the water/humidity removed from the air) but modern units are designed in such

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