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  1. Reincarnations. This succession leads toward an eventual liberation. One, consequence ,of the Hindu and Spiritist beliefs is that our current lives are also an
  2. Depiction of scenes of mental and physical cruelty and approach to divorce. The, consequence ,was that Charlotte's novels, along with Emily's Withering Heights, continued
  3. Of the assassination was anti-Jewish pogroms and legislation. A third, consequence ,of the assassination was that suppression of civil liberties in Russia and
  4. February 1929,Hayek warned that a coming financial crisis was an unavoidable, consequence ,of reckless monetary expansion. Economist Steve H. Hank identifies the
  5. Constructions, including the pyramids, but its use may have been an unintended, consequence ,of the ancient Egyptian practice of combining the use of knotted ropes with an
  6. His legacy, specifically which vassal kings would belong to which brother. As a, consequence ,they were divided, defeated and scattered the following year in the Battle of
  7. Of the World War II–era, yet its complement of aircraft is roughly the same—a, consequence ,of the steadily increasing size and weight of military aircraft over the years.
  8. To mainland Greece. In the most famous version of her myth, her birth was the, consequence ,of a castration: Cronus severed Uranus' genitals and threw them behind him
  9. Are forced to operate as though rates were set appropriately, because the, consequence ,of a single entity deviating would be a loss of business. Robert Murphy has
  10. However, the majority of Arabized Berber claims an Arab heritage, which is a, consequence ,of the Arab nationalism of the early 20th century. The Berber speakers live
  11. Use the term ` inflation' to refer to the phenomenon that is an inevitable, consequence ,of inflation, that is the tendency of all prices and wage rates to rise. The
  12. In chemistry, Schrödinger,Pauling, Mulliken and others noted that the, consequence ,of Heisenberg's relation was that the electron, as a wave packet, could not be
  13. State, so that the principle of the division of power is not maintained. As a, consequence , Angola has no longer a presidential system, in the sense of the systems
  14. The anarchy that became endemic on the Empire's North-Western frontier as a, consequence ,ensured that Nadir Shah's invading forces, half a century later, faced little
  15. Atom attached to the rear carbon can vary freely between 0° and 360°. This is a, consequence ,of the free rotation about a carbon – carbon single bond. Despite this apparent
  16. Who pretends to fight inflation are in fact only fighting what is the inevitable, consequence ,of inflation, rising prices. Their ventures are doomed to failure because they
  17. Perspective, the proportions of men and horses, and fortification. However, one, consequence , of this shift in emphasis was that during the last years of his life, Dürer
  18. For the crime alleged against them is evident, to be worried and tormented as a, consequence ,of accusations which have not the least foundation in truth ... ". Nevertheless
  19. Considered to have been fulfilled through Abraham's seed, Jesus. It is also a, consequence ,of this promise that Christianity is open to people of all races and not
  20. Phi\text\Sigma \dash \phi that is, for any statement that is a logical, consequence ,of \Sigma\, there actually exists a deduction of the statement from \Sigma\,
  21. Of atomic orbitals. It follows that the shapes of atomic orbitals are a direct, consequence ,of the wave nature of the electrons. A number of modes are shown below together
  22. Anti-pagan riots with public and private religious imagery destroyed. As a, consequence , Egypt's pagan culture was continually in decline. While the native population
  23. Crippling bouts of nausea at the mere thought of violence. As an unintended, consequence , the soundtrack to one of the films — Beethoven's Ninth Symphony — renders
  24. 368 BC. In the summer of that year Leonidas was again sent into Thessaly, in, consequence , of fresh complaints against Alexander. Accompanied by Armenian, he went merely
  25. Chemical research into astatine is limited by its extreme rarity, which is a, consequence ,of its extremely short half-life. The halogens get darker with
  26. Gave the following account: Huxley's agnosticism is believed to be a natural, consequence ,of the intellectual and philosophical conditions of the 1860s,when clerical
  27. To another that treats the Adamic language as the product of Adam. This had the, consequence ,that it could not any longer be regarded immutable, and hence Hebrew could not
  28. Chemical properties Each element has a specific set of chemical properties as a, consequence ,of the number of electrons present in the neutral atom, which is Z. The
  29. Design-based) analysis of randomized experiments, where it is a necessary, consequence ,of the randomized design and the assumption of unit treatment additivity. If
  30. 34) where the essence," ideas ", of the world are shown. Art is the practical, consequence ,of this brief aesthetic contemplation as it attempts to depict one's immersion
  31. Leads to a decrease in the amount of pro-apoptotic agonists. As a, consequence , the balance of anti-apoptotic and pro-apoptotic effectors is upset in favor
  32. Should be probabilistic in the sense of the Copenhagen interpretation. ) As a, consequence , it is not necessary to explicitly cite Einstein's axioms, the more so since
  33. Record compared with adults. It has been suggested that this phenomenon is a, consequence ,of life history, rather than bias, and that fossils of juvenile Albertosaurus
  34. Had no longer the energy required to undertake the task suggested to him. The, consequence ,was that the relations between father and son became more strained. The latter
  35. Of an agate, freed from its matrix, is often pitted and rough, apparently in, consequence ,of the removal of the original coating. The first layer spread over the wall of
  36. In jobs for Africans, under the condition that they spoke Portuguese. As a, consequence ,of all this, the African“ lower middle class” which at that stage formed in
  37. Met Diego Velázquez, who obtained commissions for his work from Spain. As a, consequence ,there are four chimney-pieces by Asgard in the Royal Palace of Harangue, and
  38. First. Binary system With the orbital period of 79.91 years, This is a, consequence ,of the binary's moderate orbital eccentricity e = 0.5179 From the orbital
  39. In 1934,he married Simone Hie, a morphine addict, but the marriage ended as a, consequence ,of infidelities on both sides. In 1935,he founded Theater Du Travail (Worker
  40. In the 19th and early 20th century, and ruled over it for about 50 years. As a, consequence , both countries share cultural aspects: language (Portuguese) and main
  41. On the monarchy as a result of the Russian Revolution of 1905. A second, consequence ,of the assassination was anti-Jewish pogroms and legislation. A third
  42. Slain, according to Gregory of Tours, by Clovis himself. The most serious, consequence ,of this battle was not the loss of their possessions in Gaul to the Franks;
  43. Are also much more fuel-efficient at normal flight speeds than rockets. As a, consequence , nearly all high-speed and high-altitude aircraft use jet engines. Use of a
  44. And 19th centuries. Ernst May claimed that there was" nothing of any real, consequence ,in biology after Lucretius and Galen until the Renaissance. " Aristotle's
  45. Research in this area has been inconclusive; aluminum accumulation may be a, consequence ,of the disease rather than a causal agent. In any event, if there is any
  46. Vehicle altitude and ground speed. This was later determined to be an unintended, consequence ,of the software patch. After the astronauts cycled the landing radar breaker
  47. Taken to be an older ISO 8601-style format where 2-digit years were allowed. A, consequence ,of the different short-form of dates is that in the UK, many people are
  48. Original" habitat ", but in the cities—and again above all in Luanda. As a, consequence , more than half the population is now living in the cities which, from the
  49. In the assembly tended to be filled by different persons. In part this was a, consequence ,of the increasingly specialized forms of warfare practiced in the later period.
  50. Who initially considered Schopenhauer his mentor. Animal welfare As a, consequence ,of his philosophy, Schopenhauer was very concerned about the welfare of animals

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