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  1. For a priest or deacon who assists the parish priest. Non-parochial priests may, earn ,their living by any vocation, although employment by educational institutions
  2. A goalkeeper for the university team) and reduce his studies to part-time. To, earn ,money, he also took odd jobs: as private tutor, car parts clerk and assistant
  3. Her novel Little Women in 1868. Alcott is often criticized for his inability to, earn ,a living and support his family; he often relied on loans from his
  4. 433,and the troops Attila provided against the Goths and Baghdad had helped, earn ,him the largely honorary title of magister minimum in the west. The gifts and
  5. Games, the player characters are often professional adventurers, who, earn , wealth and fame by adventure, such as undertaking hazardous missions, exploring
  6. Pro (formerly the Night of Champions). Placings at such competitions in turn, earn ,them the right to compete at the Mr. Olympia; the title is considered to be the
  7. In higher Classes of Service,i.e. Premium Economy, Business or First, will, earn , extra BA Miles and Tier Points. As of August 2009,Tier Points can be earn ed on
  8. Also dominated by American Quarter Horse. Large purses allow top competitors to, earn ,over a million dollars in some of these events. The breed is not only
  9. As an amateur and has earn ed a" pro card" from the CFBB. Professionals, earn ,the right to compete in sanctioned competitions including the Arnold Classic
  10. One year as an assistant on the Orlando Rangers in 1957,he helped the Rangers, earn ,a berth in Silver Cup X. His master's thesis was entitled Flank Formation
  11. Percentage of royalties earn ed against returns. In some countries, authors also, earn ,income from a government scheme such as the ELR (Educational Lending Right)
  12. Alberta tax system maintains a progressive character by allowing residents to, earn ,$16,161 before becoming subject to provincial taxation in addition to a variety
  13. A chain in which a player owns stock is acquired by a larger chain, players, earn , money based on the size of the acquired chain. At the end of the game, all
  14. At an inn. Turing's natural inclination toward mathematics and science did not, earn ,him respect with some teachers at Seaborne, whose definition of
  15. And is shown or raced successfully in sanctioned AQUA events, the horse can, earn ,its way from the appendix into the permanent studbook, making its offspring
  16. To play in online tournaments, to compile lists of friends, and to, earn ,money playing Bridge. Bridge Base Online also has a Graph feature showing
  17. For a teaching position. As the daughter of a poor clergyman, she needed to, earn ,a living. Her father had no private income and the parsonage would revert to
  18. Production capacity for businesses around the world. Businesses in a barter, earn ,trade credits (instead of cash) that are deposited into their account. They
  19. Collect energy and race for the highest possible speeds and the fastest players, earn ,a place in the Audi apartments located in a large tower in the center of the
  20. As the university's traditional face-to-face programs, and students, earn ,many of the same degrees as those who attended courses in person. As of
  21. Score twice as United stormed 3–0 ahead, although the hosts came back to, earn ,a 3–3 draw. However, United maintained their aggregate lead to reach the last
  22. One such school is Washtenaw Technical Middle College, a school where students, earn ,an associate's degree at Washtenaw Community College and a high school diploma
  23. Full season, when the Falcons went 11–5,winning their third division title and, earn ,a first-round bye into the playoffs. In the divisional playoffs, the Falcons
  24. Also recruit (sponsor) and train other people to become IBO's. Each IBO may, earn ,income both from the retail markup on any products they sell personally, plus a
  25. Of ground-level bases. By 1796,a version of the game was well-known enough to, earn ,a mention in a German scholar's book on popular pastimes. As described by
  26. On publication. An author's contract may specify, for example, that they will, earn ,10 % of the retail price of each book sold. Some contracts specify a scale of
  27. Earned runs proceed from the theory that the pitcher has sole responsibility to, earn ,strikes against opposing batter (s) until at least three batters are retired
  28. By Sega and Sony in May 1995 and September 1995,respectively. " Jaguar did, earn ,praise with titles such as Tempest 2000,Doom, and Wallenstein 3D. The most
  29. Of the sponsored shows. However, radio station owners soon realized they could, earn ,more money by selling sponsorship rights in small-time allocations to multiple
  30. Regular games. These clubs offer various features, such as opportunities to, earn ,ABL master points, to play in online tournaments, to compile lists of friends
  31. Launched their joint venture, enabling,among other things, frequent flyers to, earn ,and redeem miles on each other's flights. Less than a week after American's
  32. Native Britons, whose Christian church survived the departure of the Romans, earn ,Bede's ire for refusing to help convert the Saxons; by the end of the Historian
  33. A common denominator. Workers were paid in grain; a simple laborer might, earn ,5½ sacks (200 kg or 400 lb) of grain per month, while a foreman might earn
  34. Education and a practicum (or internship) for practical experience to, earn ,a license to practice architecture. The practical, technical,and academic
  35. Her that the best way to find Eros was to find his mother, Aphrodite,and, earn ,her blessing. Psyche found a temple to Aphrodite and entered it. Aphrodite
  36. To a higher percentage rate at higher sale thresholds). An author's book must, earn ,out their advance before any further royalties are paid. For example, if an
  37. In trust for the citizens of his empire. He made caps and copied the Quran to, earn ,money for his use. He did not use the royal treasury for personal expenses or
  38. And upload them to websites which they also put advertisements on to, earn ,money, which violates copyright laws in many countries. The ethical
  39. Grace for salvation, and reject so-called Plagiarism, which would make man, earn ,salvation through good works. Not all Christian sects accept this doctrine
  40. In light,18th-century sculpture. Leaving the Petite Cole in 1857,Rodin would, earn ,a living as a craftsman and ornamenter for most of the next two decades
  41. Earn 5½ sacks (200 kg or 400 lb) of grain per month, while a foreman might, earn ,7½ sacks (250 kg or 550 lb). Prices were fixed across the country and
  42. Graduates from the University of Michigan and heads for Broadway to, earn ,his fortune and the security to pursue his one true dream of writing the great
  43. However, the group rigorously toured discos, clubs and even country fairs to, earn ,a reputation for themselves. The group's big break came when, at the end of
  44. Video released by Capitol Records. “ Skills to Pay the Bills” later went on to, earn ,the Recording Industry Association of America’s (R. I. A. A.) gold sales
  45. Education at Billion, Huxley was financially indebted to his father and had to, earn ,a living. He taught French for a year at Eton, where Eric Blair (later to
  46. Father, William Carnegie, started off working in a cotton mill but then would, earn ,money weaving and peddling linens. His mother, Margaret Morrison Carnegie
  47. By physical beauty. One study found that people low in physical attractiveness, earn ,5 to 10 percent less than ordinary looking people, who in turn earn 3 to 8
  48. By hand, which she did secretly in her room, and took pride in her ability to, earn ,money" as if she were a man. " Torvald's new job promises to finally liberate
  49. Of its copper and iron reserves is expected to start in 2013,which would, earn ,billions of dollars in royalties and taxes every year for the next 100 years.
  50. And the companies are once again hotel chains. The object of the game is to, earn ,the most money by developing and merging hotel chains. When a chain in which a

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