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  1. Maintenance to counteract the erosive effects of severe weather. North American, trail ,marks are sometimes called" ducks" or" duckies ", because they sometimes
  2. Glaciers. Such cairns are often placed at junctions or in places where the, trail ,direction is not obvious, and may also be used to indicate an obscured danger
  3. The introduction in the 15th Century of a dedicated field carriage with axle, trail ,and animal-drawn limber—this produced mobile field pieces that could move and
  4. This part of the Oregon Trail, from The Dallas to Fort Vancouver, was the, trail ,'s the most treacherous stretch, which prompted the 1846 construction of the Barlow
  5. In dressage and can be good jumpers. They are also used for recreational, trail ,riding and in mounted police units. With the internationalization of the
  6. With the door almost closed, it turns backwards (i.e. the silver sides, trail ,). This demonstrates black-body radiation from the black sides of the vanes
  7. Rocks along the length of Manhattan Island. Upon the arrival of the Dutch,the, trail ,soon became the main road through the island from Noon Amsterdam at the
  8. Upon another could be the result of accident or nature rather than intentional, trail ,marking. Coastal cairns, or " seamarks ", are also common in the northern
  9. Of the Philippine army's elite Scout Rangers, who had been on the terrorists ', trail , attacked them around midday on the island of Basil an, an Abu SAAF stronghold
  10. A short ski trail called Arnold's Run, named after Schwarzenegger in 2001. The, trail ,is categorized as a black diamond, or most difficult, for its terrain. People
  11. Used an immature form of skating kicking extra speed with one foot (, trail ,being in the middle of trace matured technique was not appropriate). This
  12. Other ants. In species that forage in groups, a forager that finds food marks a, trail ,on the way back to the colony; this trail is followed by other ants, these ants
  13. The colony; this trail is followed by other ants, these ants then reinforce the, trail ,when they head back with food to the colony. When the food source is exhausted
  14. He leaves you dangling at the end of each bridge, lets the band punctuate the, trail ,of words he's squeezed into his lines, which gives it a reluctant soft-shoe
  15. Challenge by driving autonomously for 131 miles along an unrehearsed desert, trail , In February 2011,in a Jeopardy! Quiz show exhibition match,IBM's question
  16. Two national historic sites, three national historic trail s, a national scenic, trail , 11 national forests, two national grasslands,41 national wilderness areas
  17. Laying any mines when an oil leak meant she was laying a visible surface, trail ,astern. Zeppelins The Germans maintained a fleet of Zeppelins that they used
  18. Poirot mocks a rival" bloodhound" detective who focuses on the traditional, trail ,of clues that had been established in detective fiction by the example of
  19. Her campaign. Some worried that as an ex-president, he was too active on the, trail , too negative to Clinton rival Barack Obama, and alienating his supporters at
  20. Campaign from his home in Marion, Ohio,but Coolidge took to the campaign, trail ,in the Upper South, New York, and New England. On November 2,1920,Harding and
  21. Closed on 1 October 1937. * The Great Western Greenway is a Greenway rail, trail ,that follows the line of the former Midland Great Western Railway branch line
  22. At that point there are likely to be meteor showers as Earth passes through the, trail ,of debris. The Perseid meteor shower occurs every year between August 9 and
  23. With a white crown, a pink bill, and long, dark gray wingtip feathers which, trail ,to the ground. Habitat Blue Cranes are birds of the dry, grassy uplands which
  24. Failed to find it at all. Beagles are better at ground-scenting (following a, trail ,on the ground) than they are at air-scenting, and for this reason they have
  25. Transportation The White Pine Trail's northern terminus is in Cadillac. The, trail , which stretches and originates from Comstock Park, follows an abandoned
  26. As a sudden drop, or a noteworthy point such as the summit of a mountain. Most, trail ,cairns are small, a foot or less in height, but may be built taller to
  27. The late 1960s,many Western travelers were using these as part of the hippie, trail , In 1973,while King Zahid Shah was on an official overseas visit, Daoud Khan
  28. Also common in wooded areas and can occasionally be seen on the MKT recreation, trail , Populations of Bald Eagles are found by the Missouri River. The city is on the
  29. Park, follows an abandoned railroad bed into the center of the city. The, trail ,is paved from the village of Leroy 16 miles north to Cadillac. Local media
  30. Four children. In 2000,Yeager met actress Victoria Scott D'Angelo on a hiking, trail ,in Nevada County and started dating shortly thereafter. The pair married in
  31. The brush destination of Manhattan by its Native American inhabitants. This, trail ,originally snaked through swamps and rocks along the length of Manhattan Island
  32. Turtle Farm, the production of gourmet sea salt, and the Mastic Trail, a hiking, trail ,through the forests in the center of the island. The Nationalist for the
  33. His signature chants include" let's get some runs" when the D'Backs, trail ,in late innings. Sutton's father is Hall of Fame pitcher and current Atlanta
  34. In mountain regions at or above the tree line. For example, the extensive, trail ,network maintained by the DNT, the Norwegian Trekking Association, extensively
  35. Hidden under the dense foliage of the jungle canopy along the Ho Chi Minh, trail , It could also detect the signal from hand-held transmitters used by air
  36. Due to budget problems, but the city says they hope to have finances for the, trail ,next year. Music As Austin's official slogan is The Live Music Capital of the
  37. The flight showed a Command and Service module with its SPS engine firing,the, trail ,from that fire encircling a globe and extending past the edges of the patch
  38. But the best known is the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, a 1150-mile (1850 km), trail , from Anchorage to Nome (although the distance varies from year to year, the
  39. The first goal of the game but poor kicking and too many turnovers saw them, trail ,by 10 points at quarter-time before Jonathan Brown evened the scores at 24-all
  40. It is now officially titled UPC-Arena. The Sun Valley Resort has a short ski, trail ,called Arnold's Run, named after Schwarzenegger in 2001. The trail is
  41. A forager that finds food marks a trail on the way back to the colony; this, trail ,is followed by other ants, these ants then reinforce the trail when they head
  42. Have been shown to search for prey by detecting the UV reflective urine, trail ,marks left on the ground by rodents. The eyelids of a bird are not used in
  43. Features a wheelchair accessible camping cabin.; Trails The park's extensive, trail ,system features over of trail s, including both accessible and interpretive
  44. Street lampposts and the right wing hit a portable generator, creating a smoke, trail ,seconds before smashing into the Pentagon. Flight 77,flying at crashed into
  45. S lack of soil. In Scandinavia, cairns have been used for centuries as, trail ,and seamarks, among other purposes. In Iceland, cairns were often used as
  46. As Top deck Travel were set up to specifically use buses to drive the hippie, trail ,or travel to places like North Africa. In many tourist or travel destinations
  47. Europe is to mark mountain bike and hiking trail s and other cross-country, trail ,blazing, especially in mountain regions at or above the tree line. For example
  48. Photons. Connection to meteor showers As a result of out gassing, comets leave a, trail ,of solid debris. If the comet's path crosses Earth's path, then at that point
  49. Leave the path to explore new routes. If an ant is successful, it leaves a new, trail ,marking the shortest route on its return. Successful trail s are followed by
  50. Horseback riding is enjoyed by many British Colombians. Opportunities for, trail ,riding, often into especially scenic areas, have been established for tourists

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