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  1. Is often used informally in place of" call" and" suit" may occasionally, imply ,inclusion of" no trump" ) The auction starts with the dealer and proceeds
  2. Between the starlight and the observer. Thus, the aberration of light does not, imply ,an absolute frame of reference, as when one moves in the rain. The speed of the
  3. With the present perfect (to express a fact) or the simple past (to, imply ,an expectation). This American style has become widespread only in the past 20
  4. Varies from the downright grim to the cheerfully optimistic, and it need not, imply ,anything specific about the writer's political views. Neal Stephenson, in
  5. Decides which side of the street cars should drive on. The second horn could, imply ,that God made his commands in accordance with transcendental facts that exist
  6. Proceed toward equilibrium. If IS and/or T are small, the condition KG < 0 may, imply ,that OH < 0,which would indicate an exothermic reaction. However, this is not
  7. And played with the Hollis, and also one known as harpist, which seems to, imply ,a" scrimmage" among several players for the ball. These games are known to us
  8. Used the term Allah, though he allows that this 'conception of God' seems to, imply ,that it is different from that of the Jewish and Christian theologies. By this
  9. Commanded it, or did God command it because it is good? The first horn would, imply ,that what is good is arbitrary; God decides what is right and wrong in the same
  10. Where Socrates was the most obvious target). Such caricatures seem to, imply ,that Aristophanes was an old-fashioned conservative, yet that view of him leads
  11. Of their origins. Hofstadter notes that to call this a" myth" is not to, imply ,that the idea is s imply false. Rather the myth so effectively an agrarian ethos
  12. A scenario known as heat death. Modern observations of accelerated expansion, imply ,that more and more of the currently visible Universe will pass beyond our event
  13. Living room furniture might be said to be running amok). Such usage does not, imply ,murderous actions, and any emotional implications (e.g., rage,fear
  14. Have come down to us in such works as the Ὀνομαστικόν of Pollux of Narrates, imply ,little or nothing of such; thus, ἀπόρραξις only means the putting of the ball
  15. Purpose difficult to abstract or quantify to any single concept. This does not, imply ,that the purpose of Art is" vague ", but that it has had many unique
  16. Possible to directly measure the gas temperature in these galaxies. Line ratios, imply ,that gas temperatures are warm (~50 K),originating from dense clouds with
  17. Hence, when physicians tell patients to stop taking NSAIDs, they usually, imply ,aspirin as well. Today, aspirin is one of the most widely used medications in
  18. Syllabics are also an abused rather than a syllabify as their name would, imply , since each glyph stands for a consonant which is modified by rotation to
  19. Gold foil experiment, which was interpreted by Ernest Rutherford in 1911 to, imply ,a very small nucleus of the atom containing a very high positive charge (in
  20. Model. Under Victorian morality the term, used without qualifiers, came to, imply ,a person of low moral character, often someone trying to marry for money. In
  21. Sense on account of Peter's presence in the early community. This does not, imply ,that these bishops are more successors of Peter than all others in an
  22. 25 March AD 9 (Julian)—eight to ten years after the date that Dionysus was to, imply , Although this Incarnation was popular during the early centuries of the
  23. In the sense that, in the presence of other basic axioms of set theory, they, imply , the axiom of choice and are implied by it. One variation avoids the use of
  24. The epithet eudaimonias (" fortunate" ), which may, imply ,that he held the end of life to be eudaimonia. Members of the southeast Asian
  25. Gather) the kings together to .... Armageddon. " The text does however seem to, imply , based on the text from the earlier passage of Revelation 16:14,that the
  26. With the fullness of God ". Wesley was clear that Christian perfection did not, imply ,perfection of bodily health or an infallibility of judgment. It also does not
  27. If NP is contained in BPP, which is considered unlikely since it would, imply ,practical solutions for NP-complete problems, then NP = RP and PH ⊆ BPP. It is
  28. Of his having written it. By citing the poem directly, Cuthbert seems to, imply ,that its particular wording was somehow important, either since it was a
  29. The surplus funds of the state to the building of so large a fleet seems to, imply ,that the Athenians where themselves convinced that a supreme effort was
  30. The abundances of ethane and methane were roughly equal, which is thought to, imply ,that its ices formed in interstellar space, away from the Sun, which would have
  31. Important elements of the given combination of forcing. Detection does not, imply ,attribution, and is easier to show than attribution. Unequivocal attribution
  32. Saul's concubines, an alliance which, according to contemporary notions, would, imply , pretensions to the throne (cf. 2 Samuel 16:21ff. ). Abner
  33. To an American and still to many Britons these usages are passive and may, imply ,that the subject had been involuntarily forced to sit or stand or directed to
  34. Tendency. Problems The arithmetic mean may be misinterpreted as the median to, imply ,that most values are higher or lower than is actually the case. If elements in
  35. The axiom of constructability and the generalized continuum hypothesis both, imply ,the axiom of choice, but are strictly stronger than it. In class theories such
  36. By Eddington For example an Eddington Number of 70 would, imply ,that a cyclist has cycled more than 70 miles in a day on 70 occasions.
  37. That locating the capital in a major city like Frankfurt or Hamburg would, imply ,a permanent capital. Because of its relatively small size for a capital city
  38. When s Λ. On the other hand, the axioms (and the lack of side effects), imply , that push (s, x ) push (t, y ) if and only if x y and s t. As in some other
  39. Takes no arguments and returns this special stack state. Note that the axioms, imply ,that In a functional definition of a stack one does not need an empty predicate
  40. In 2007,they concluded that" the emerging clinical evidence seems to, imply ,that acupuncture is effective for some but not all conditions. " A 2011 review
  41. By man. The gaze of Apollo and the direction of the eagle's motion is meant to, imply ,man's intention to explore other destinations in space. The patch includes
  42. Algorithms, and improve their readability. Note that this definition does not, imply ,anything about the result of evaluating fetch (V) when V is uninitialized
  43. Concept of AHIMA as expounded in the scriptures and law books is not meant to, imply ,pacifism; war is seen as a normal part of life and the natural duty of the
  44. Are equivalent to: x, x,y = 0: y, x,x = 0. Both of these identities together, imply ,that the associated is totally skew-symmetric. That is, : x_, x_, x_ = \SGN (
  45. One-way repeated measures ANOVA. The separate assumptions of the textbook model, imply ,that the errors are independently, identically,and normally distributed for
  46. Astatine" comes from the Greek word αστατος States, meaning " unstable," to, imply ,the created isotope's instability towards radioactive decay; These processes
  47. Throughout the British Isles, and due to the fact that many of the letters, imply ,that Bede had met his correspondents, it is likely that Bede travelled to some
  48. Deeply appealing. If Anne did form an attachment to Weightman, that does not, imply ,that he, in turn, was attracted to her. Indeed, it is entirely possible that
  49. Instance (including other instances of the same ADT) — unless the ADT axioms, imply ,that the two instances are connected (aliased) in that sense. For example
  50. Of the Britons reported in the Chronicle entry for 491; however, it does, imply ,that the invasion was on a scale that left little space for the British. It

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