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  1. Trade with Asia has enriched British Columbia and oil wealth provided a major, boost ,to Alberta and Saskatchewan. The four Atlantic provinces, though once the
  2. And Princeton, thereby regaining New Jersey. The victories gave an important, boost ,to pro-independence supporters at a time when morale was flagging, and have
  3. Membership came from the Social Democratic Alliance. The party also received a, boost ,with the recruitment of former student leaders from outside the Labour Party.
  4. Room, cooling rooms in older homes without central a/c, providing a general ", boost ," in capacity to a home with an undersized central a/c e.g. " A hot upstairs
  5. In New York State is credited by economic historians with giving the growth, boost ,needed for New York City to eclipse Philadelphia as America's largest port and
  6. Cities for men willing to" face a rough and dangerous task ", helping to, boost ,the ranks of the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) in policing an increasingly
  7. Basses are often available with battery-powered" active" electronics that, boost ,the signal, provide equalization controls to boost or cut bass and treble
  8. The rest of the world. When the Soviet Union broke up in late 1991,a major, boost ,to Cuba's economy was lost, leaving it essentially paralyzed because of the
  9. It concluded, among other things, that Head Start programs designed to, boost ,African-American IQ scores had failed, and that this was likely never to be
  10. Locus of a growing fishery. The completion of the railway in 1885 was a huge, boost ,to the province's economy, facilitating the transportation of the region's
  11. Active" electronics that boost the signal, provide equalization controls to, boost ,or cut bass and treble frequencies, or both. *" Jazz" pickups (referring to
  12. Could not make up his mind). Schwarzenegger's endorsement was thought to be a, boost ,for Senator McCain's campaign; both spoke about their concerns for the
  13. Over its neighbors gave Chile and its new political system a psychological, boost , Chileans experienced a surge of national enthusiasm and cohesion behind a
  14. Labor code; a vastly improved judicial system; and political liberalization to, boost ,investment. France is Cameroon's main trading partner and source of private
  15. Group gatherings and self-discovery of the kind Gilbert had. EPL helped, boost ,Bali’s tourist numbers, together with the stable security situation on the
  16. An increased range of 7,980 NMI (9,200 mi,14,800 km),with improvements to, boost ,efficiency and reduce noise. Improvements studied included raked wingtips
  17. Did not end the civil war, but it was decisive and gave Caesar a much needed, boost ,in legitimacy. Until then much of the Roman world outside of Italy supported
  18. Food plant in Africa, amaranth has the potential to improve nutrition, boost ,food security, foster rural development and support sustainable handcar. In
  19. Then entered winter quarters at Morristown, New Jersey, having given a morale, boost ,to the American cause. New Jersey militia continued to harass British and
  20. Feelings that had just begun to hatch in the U. S. were given a great, boost , and a silenced Congress voted overwhelmingly in approval of aid. The United
  21. In the hardware and personnel, and the potential for a significant morale, boost ,provided by a circular flight. The only person who needed some convincing
  22. The mission began with a little-known smaller incident: during the second-stage, boost , the center (inboard) engine shut down two minutes early. The four outboard
  23. Efforts are underway to restore the theater. The live theater scene received a, boost ,during the 1990s when UN sanctions limited the import of foreign films. As many
  24. Weeks after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, representing a remarkable, boost ,in morale for the fatigued city. Arizona captured the Series, four games to
  25. The major league lead with 32 home runs, was expected to provide a significant, boost ,to an offense that has struggled to score runs for most of the season. Dunn
  26. Some English words now in general use, such as hijacking, disc jockey, boost , bulldoze and jazz, originated as American slang. Among the many English idioms
  27. And Champion Audi deciding to go with different tires, and reducing the, boost ,pressure of the turbocharger. In 2004,after years of competing with the TT-R
  28. Of mistletoe have been shown to kill cancer cells in the laboratory and to, boost ,the immune system (the complex group of organs and cells that defends the body
  29. Others. The album remains as one of their most popular works and launched a, boost ,of popularity for Bars Marco during the 1980s. " Armadas Essex" (" My Friend
  30. Notice how the 20× and 5× speedup don't have much effect on the overall speed, boost ,and running time when 11 % is not sped up, and 48 % is sped up by 1.6×.
  31. Themselves and target a large swarm of ICBM warheads in space or in the late, boost ,phase. Development was discontinued later in favor of a limited ground-based
  32. Placed a premium on chamber music for more public performance, giving a further, boost ,to the string quartet and other small ensemble groupings. It was during this
  33. Creation of new parkland and protected areas was popular, and helped, boost ,the province's growing tourism sector. However, the economy continued to
  34. Exchange for Minor League shortstop Zach Walters. The day after, in a move to, boost ,their bullpen strength, consistency and depth, the Diamondbacks acquired
  35. Directly by the software, reducing the amount of work the CPU must perform to, boost ,ILP and thereby reducing the design's complexity. Thread-level parallelism
  36. Combined orders for 33 767-300Fs,providing the aircraft with a production, boost , Renewed freighter interest led Boeing to consider enhanced versions of the and
  37. Bonds made on the issue. Aaron expressed that he felt drug and steroid use to, boost ,athletic performance was inappropriate. Aaron was frustrated that the media
  38. 1961 and 1962 seasons. Oakland took part in a 1961 supplemental draft meant to, boost ,the weaker teams in the league, but it did little good. They participated in
  39. Government plans to expand the role of Genoa port as export-import port to, boost ,Bali's trade and industry sector. To solve chronic traffic problems, the
  40. And Lockheed L-188 Electra inaugurated turboprop transport. The next big, boost ,for the airlines would come in the 1970s,when the Boeing 747,McDonnell
  41. Took over the former Paradise Island Resort and has provided a much needed, boost ,to the economy. In addition, the opening of Breezes Super Club and Sandals
  42. Nimitz issued a directive ordering the formation of a flight exhibition team to, boost ,Navy morale, demonstrate naval air power, and maintain public interest in naval
  43. ½ the original running time which we know is 1. Therefore, the overall speed, boost ,is 1 / 0.4575 = 2.186 or a little more than double the original speed using the
  44. Us, even the crew from Beijing thought this was all weird ". The film led to a, boost ,in popularity of Chinese Julia films in the western world, where they were
  45. Of Cove Bay, although they will be moving to Calder Park once it is built to, boost ,their chances of getting into the Scottish Football League. Cove won the HFL
  46. Role in the economy. The rise of Japan and other Pacific economies was a great, boost ,to British Columbia's economy. Politically and socially, the 1960s brought a
  47. Appearances (five in fifteen years) were widely-advertised attempts to, boost ,attendance. Despite unremarkable pitching numbers, Ruth had a 5–0 record in
  48. Reaped the first few Leila padi stalks, after years of multiple attempts to, boost ,local rice production, a goal which was envisioned about half a century ago. In
  49. As an operator. Carnegie's education and passion for reading was given a great, boost ,by Colonel James Anderson, who opened his personal library of 400 volumes to
  50. Of child care places, the introduction of occupational superannuation,a, boost ,in school retention rates, a focus on young people’s job skills, a doubling of

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