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  1. Seeds and honey, and at the end of the month, it was cut into small pieces so, everybody ,could eat a little piece of the god. After the Spanish conquest, cultivation of
  2. Side-kicks, such as the fat boy, the beer drinker, the bossy girl who checks if, everybody ,keeps to the house rules, and the tramps who use the heated shared hallway to
  3. Or ensure personal safety when a seizure occurs. These are not suitable for, everybody , and not all dogs can be so trained. Rarely, a dog may develop the ability to
  4. Action in a sentence: (Lt) jam genus, visi atishoo - when he walked in, everybody ,stood up, lit. To him having walked in, all stood up; (Lt) JAI meant, visi
  5. Although Prius was found guilty, some jurors voted to acquit, meaning that not, everybody ,believed Augustus’s testimony. Then, sometime prior to September 1,22 BC a
  6. That" Fudge is an extremely flexible, rules-light system. It works great, and, everybody , who plays it, loves it. Why isn't it more popular? I don't know. " Name At the time
  7. And I am writing this in expectation of the end, which is near... God praise, everybody ,who trained and helped me, namely the leader Sheikh Osama bin Laden. "
  8. The period of holding a particular office everyone on the team is observing, everybody ,else. There were however officials such as the nine arc hons, who while
  9. Obedience to God, study the scriptures, ( and share them with others) and love, everybody , believers are not going to need to sin. As Paul says in," love (ἀγάπη)
  10. Magic foul play and what Crowley found when reading Shumway's magical diary (, everybody ,had to keep one while at the abbey for reasons explained in Fiber E) appalled
  11. In episodes full of idiotic puns, absurd dialogue and extreme overacting by, everybody , This dubbing has gathered a cult following in France for that precise reason
  12. Claiming that" In Philadelphia there were great and serious painters, and, everybody , was inspiring one another, and it was a beautiful time there. " It was here that
  13. Jurisdictions they are mandatory, and in others they are not. Their use puts, everybody ,on constructive notice that they are dealing with an entity whose liability is
  14. Him the selection from Living My Life about" the right to self-expression, everybody ,'s right to beautiful, radiant things "; the printer created a paraphrase that
  15. A suit to set aside the $6 million settlement with Day and recover damages from, everybody ,involved in agreeing to the payment supposedly without his permission. 1980s In
  16. Been described in a book published by the Royal Collection as looking" like, everybody ,'s idea of a palace "; name" rob9" /> is not only the weekday home of
  17. Takes action, prompted by his own code of morals; he feels that the plague is, everybody ,'s responsibility and that everyone should do his or her duty. What interests
  18. Of Christians and non-Christians, and he noticed that it had an equal impact on, everybody ,in attendance, unifying them. James Baker also acknowledged this force when he
  19. S irascibility. Paris recalls his time in the Jazz Workshop:" He chased, everybody ,off the stand except drummer Paul Motion and me ... The three of us just wailed
  20. When it opened back in December. Now, a coherent whole has emerged ... With, everybody ,firing on all cylinders,Nunn's spare, twilit staging finally makes sense, and
  21. With nothing except what it must. A despotic Government tries to make, everybody ,do what it wishes; a Liberal Government tries, as far as the safety of society
  22. Wrote for 13 years isn't gay. Denny O'Neil's Batman, Marv Wolfman's Batman, everybody ,'s Batman all the way back to Bob Kane ... none of them wrote him as a gay
  23. These relationships. Also, it is considered to be an oral tale to be told for, everybody , On the other hand, folklore can be used to accurately describe a figurative
  24. About the poem to anyone else. He raced frantically all over town, telling, everybody , that he was not to blame and denying responsibility for Mandelstam's
  25. Bastian (The Law),who wrote," The state is the great fiction by which, everybody ,seeks to live at the expense of everybody else. " Henry David Thoreau wrote,"
  26. And just be distinct ... when you got something that can separate you from, everybody ,else, you have to use it to your advantage. " Production The sound and groove of
  27. Singer Marion Williams summed up its effect:" That's a song that gets to, everybody ,". The Dictionary of American Hymnology claims it is
  28. Window has nothing to do with him being gay. ... He's terrible to his son, to, everybody , " Gibson defended his depiction of Prince Edward as weak and ineffectual
  29. Lasted barely two years. Keith Richards once said Holly had" an influence on, everybody , " In an August 24, 1978 Rolling Stone interview, Bruce Springsteen told Dave
  30. Walked in, all stood up; (Lt) JAI meant, visi Diego - while she slept, everybody ,was working, lit. To her sleeping, all were working. In modern standard
  31. I nailed it in the end, but the reaction I got was the cold shoulder from, everybody , It was like 'Well, just go home,you're not being of any use right now. ' I
  32. Liberal Government tries, as far as the safety of society will permit, to allow, everybody ,to do as he wishes. It has been the tradition of the Liberal party consistently
  33. Warhol carried a portable recorder with him wherever he went, taping everything, everybody ,said and did. He referred to this device as his" wife ". Some of these tapes
  34. Without central authority, a " positive anarchy" where order arises when, everybody ,does" what he wishes and only what he wishes" and where" business
  35. Aimed at reducing the incidence of specific coercion, rather than forcing on, everybody ,some special sub-set of positive goals. More generally, unspecific coercion may
  36. And an unlimited number of rows. What happened on the stage was viewable by, everybody ,in the auditorium but what happened within individual rows, of up to 27 people
  37. So they don't have to look the same... Everybody loves to draw Batman, and, everybody , wants to put their own spin on it. " Equipment Batman uses a large arsenal of
  38. For the certain statements. The Emperor carried out his earlier statement:, everybody ,who refused to endorse the Creed would be exiled. Arius, Theonas, and Seconds
  39. When we say that it touches so many people—or whether it's that tune that, everybody ,knows. " A prisoner interviewed by Myers explained his literal interpretation
  40. State is the great fiction by which everybody seeks to live at the expense of, everybody ,else. " Henry David Thoreau wrote," I heartily accept the motto,'That
  41. Mercenary excesses by saying" What's good for General Bull moose is good for, everybody , " Bullmoose's corrupt interests were often pitted against those of the
  42. Annoyed by his patients, co-workers,friends, and practically everything and, everybody ,else in his world. It showed his everyday life as a doctor working in a small
  43. Utterances of the words was, of,from, what and in many utterances of the words, everybody , nobody, somebody,anybody; the word because has either or; want has normally
  44. Monster Frankenstein speed freaks who are going round stealing and bad-mouthing, everybody ,". In literature The writers of the Beat Generation used amphetamine
  45. When he was nine. He stated in his 1974 autobiography," We were so poor and, everybody ,around us was so poor that it was the forties before anyone even knew there had
  46. When he toured prisons, saying " For the three minutes that song is going on, everybody ,is free. It just frees the spirit and frees the person. " Popular use Following
  47. Re questioning,they're interrogating,there's an electronic trail — but, everybody ,knows it's Leno. " Appearances in other media Letterman appeared in issue 239
  48. The plague, because it gives him a sense of being connected to others, since, everybody , faces the same danger. Cottar and Narrow attend a performance of Gluck's
  49. Partner since he was a kid,he's led the Teen Titans, and he's trained with, everybody ,in the DC Universe. So he's a very different kind of Batman. He's a lot
  50. Covers a wide array of political, religious and ethnic beliefs, and not, everybody ,agrees with what exactly a Chicano is, most new Latino immigrants see it as a

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